Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: One Hot ‘Breaking Dawn’ Couple (PHOTOS)

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Steamy 'Dawn' Shoot
Rob and Kristen get naughty on set.
With a slit riding up her leg almost to the hip, Kristen Stewart leaned on her man Robert Pattinson as the royal couple of the Twilight world made their big entrance at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere on Monday night.

Looking as happy as ever together, Kristen flaunted a whole lot of leg — something she’s been quite fond of lately — in a purple patterned dress. Rob, meantime, was cool and chic as usual in a grey suit with a skinny tie, and his toussled hair a bit more tame than usual.

While they’re pros at working the red carpet together, this is the first big appearance together for Rob and Kristen since Stewart finally spilled the beans on their not-so-secret coupledom. She recently opened up while on a GQ photo shoot, saying  “my boyfriend is English” while adding that “so much of my life is so easily googled. I mean, it’s like, come on guys, it’s so obvious!”

That was welcome news for anyone who was Team Edward!