Book Review Showdown: ‘The Hunger Games’ vs. ‘Breaking Dawn’

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The Twilight and Hunger Games comparisons are endless, with both teen novels turning into blockbusters. Yesterday the hype and big comparisons continued as the HG trailer debuted on the same day The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiered in Los Angeles. Although the characters can come alive on the big screen, some fans believe there’s nothing quite like reading the books.

We scoured the web for the official book review showdown, so see what they’re saying about the two novels. Which reigns supreme? Find out below!

Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games hits theaters in March of 2012, but how good was the novel? One Amazon customer shares:

“Wow. I was barely able to put this book down for a second after the first few pages got me completely hooked. Suzanne Collins narrative here has an immediacy to it that, when combined with the very dramatic life-or-death plot, is incredibly compelling.”

Another Hunger Games reader wrote:

“I was worried that the book wouldn’t live up to my expectations since I heard from so many people how great it was… Boy, I hated when I had to put this book down to go to bed at night. I wanted to keep reading to see what would happen next because so many different things were thrown at us. I have the second book Catching Fire sitting right here, and I can’t wait to dive into it!”

Of course we’ve come to know and love the Twilight franchise on screen, but just how did it fair in novel form? A reader says:

“What makes the book so captivating is Edward. He is romantic, adoring, protective, trustworthy, and madly in love with an average girl. He is also brilliant and deadly. What girl doesn’t want to imagine a man like that for herself?”

But another Twi-hard wasn’t quite as impressed with the final book, writing:

“My greatest objection to this book lies in the fact that it was a vast departure from what I consider the essence of the characters. I loved the first three books. I loved them deeply… Breaking Dawn, sadly, is a departure from this. I felt that there was a definite agenda throughout this book; namely, that it needed to accomplish a dramatic finale to an epic trilogy. In an attempt to achieve that happily ever after, it seemed that the rules Stephenie had given us from the first three books had to be thrown out the window.”

So which novel do you think was the best? Cast your vote in the poll and give us your review in the comments!