Donald Glover Joins the Celebs Who Rock Club (PHOTOS)

Donald Glover is one funny dude. He’s carved out his niche as the wry and dry funnyman on Community and previously 30 Rock — though now he’s taking a much different turn in his career: He’s a serious rapper.

You may have heard the singles “Bonfire” or even “Freaks and Geeks” a while back, but Tuesday marks the official day that Glover — aka Childish Gambino — makes his commercial music debut with the release of his album “Camp.” While the first single “Bonfire” is straight up angry, in-your-face rap complete with references to Human Centipede and Casey Anthony, the rest of the album is surprisingly chill — with R&B and sentimental overtones throughout. There’s even a bit of a dance jam with “Heartbeat.”

So, Donald, kudos on the accomplishment, and may both of your Hollywood careers thrive like the other fellas and ladies in the gallery above. Let us know your thoughts on Childish Gambino and other actor-musicians in the comments below!