Exclusive Excerpt from the Kardashians' Debut Novel 'Dollhouse'

Heads up, Kardashian fans! Celebuzz has an exclusive excerpt from Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian's debut novel Dollhouse

The book revolves around three sisters -- Kamille, Kassidy, and Kyle -- and follows the exploits of their high-profile family as they deal with the complicated issues their hectic lives present. 

In this unreleased excerpt, one of the main characters discovers she may be in a family way:

Kass pulled the instructions out of the box and read the tiny print once, twice, three times. She wanted to make sure to do this right. Pee on the stick? How was she supposed to pee on something so small? But, whatever. She pulled down her panties and positioned the stick. And started to pee. And stopped to inspect the stick. And started to pee again, stick in place. Was she doing this right? … She checked her watch and started timing. She glanced at her watch. Thirty seconds to go. Then twenty. Then ten… Taking a deep breath, she looked at the white pee stick lying on the counter.
The obvious question remains: Is she or isn't she? You'll only find out by reading Dollhouse (which you can order on the Harper Collins website). 

Watch the Q&A video with Kim, Kourtney and Khloe for more about the book. 



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  • Lisa Moreialles
    Lisa Moreialles

    everybodys negative comments are appauling , The Kardashians are amazingly stunning and so brave , they are brave because they have had to deal with their fathers death at a young age whilst their mother wanted a divorce from the man that loved her dearly. Khloe has had to deal with a DUY and the media playing with her emotions , calling her a fat and ugly troll , whilst Kourtney dealing with a unexpected pregnancy , Kim only being married for 72 days after all the effort she put into the wedding and you honestly think you could not make them feel alot worse then they already do? , They didnt have the choice to become automatically famous , they just did as their father Robert Kardashian was O.J's Simpsons lawyer , They are just the same as everyone else they are only normal , would you walk along your local town and start shouting the odds at a person you do not even know JUST because you had so much negativity inside you? No you would not so why the hell do you think that The Kardashians are any exeption? , hmm yeah didnt think so , So stop pretending like you all know it all when you clearly don't. because bullys like you dont have a life so they feel they have to ruin someone elses life seriously get over yourself you worhtless piece of crap!

  • gp

    You do realize that the second they aren't in the spotlight they can't handle it. Kim's self imposed hiding while the american public revolts against their con jobs and cheating their fans only lasted less than 2 days. You do know that they call the paps to let them know exactly where they are don't you. They are under a microscope because it keeps them relevent. You should also know that Kim never reads her website. If she did she wouldn't allow the posts showing people where to go to sign the "NO More Kardashians" petition. She would not allow the most negative of posts telling her young fans what it is really like at her store and that she charges for bags after you buy her merchandise. Even tyler perry has a 24/7 moderators on his website to take out certain posts.

  • gp

    Everyone wants to know who Khloe real father is and my guess is the actor best known for his role in a James Bond movie, his name is Richard Kiel, the resembalance is uncanny!!

  • Raaaaaawr


  • Nicole

    http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/no-more-kardashian.html Sign it! No more Kardashian!

  • Nicole

    I can't fall for anymore scams. You're on your own, maybe you'll have better luck with the few fans you have left on your blog.


    half armenian pigs

  • gp

    Kim K and Perez Hilton are in business together under the name shoedazzle. they are now selling animal fur in their line..goes against Kim's stance on animal cruelty. Yet another fake stance from Kim...no lows.

  • gp

    please go to the No More Kardashians petition and sign it to have them taken off the air. There fans have lavished enough love and money on them to last them a life time and we just really don't need to watch a human urinol, her one ugly sister and her half sister Khloe, (that story is in Kris J. book) anymore. They have not contributed one dime to society and their morals are in the same piss tank that Ray J thought Kim was.

  • gp

    well Mary, I hate to burst your bubble but Kim divorcing Kris H was no surprise to Kim. It was scripted and she had her choice of grooms. She picked Kris H. used him as a prop, made millions and then dumped him exactly one year to the day she met him. One year, well that sounds like a contract time period. Oh, and by the way, this isn't her first divorce and apparently she is comparing herself to Liz Taylor so I am sure that you will see more divorces in her future. But hey, we feel bad for your real divorce.

  • Mary Roesler
    Mary Roesler

    Hey Kim I am sorry you are going thru some bad times. I know how divorce feels I have been divorced 2. You are so pretty that I am sure there will be agood man in your life. You have a good support team in your family. Kim you are very sweet lady. I love watching your show on E

  • Sara

    Paris H just was feeding a stray dog two days ago and fed it filet mignon....pix on the internet. and they have the same managemant and Kim is managed by same people..who must be telling them to do this fake stuff ..I wrote in down..here it is..http://www.jlitalent.com/talentusa

  • gp

    check out radaronline.com, interesting piece on the Kardashians. could not be more accurate. I just heard about the fake dog scene from one of their shows. the one where Kim finds a dog who is "sick" but she loves it anyways and finds out it needs to be put down. After the show, the dog went home with the owner but it gave a story line for Kim to cry. How many pet owners really cry when they have to lose an animal. No lows for this family.

  • gp

    I think that you will find that your money is best spent somewhere else.

  • Sara

    Can't find any social redeeming value in the reading of this book.

  • bernadette

    Coming from a huge fan of reading, I don't like what I have read so far. It seems choppy. I think I would lose interest....

  • ziggys

    Gotta go feed the Pigs now.. not meaning ya"ll

  • tammy

    me not lovin on your book now. y'll not givin us the love we and all deserve to know the truth yur show and all because we are fixin to stop reading and seeing your show now

  • Becky Thompson
    Becky Thompson

    It sounds like it will be a good book!! I was always a big V.C. Andrews book reader but I may have to get this book and see, hope it is as good as the show!!

  • kat

    im lookin forward to gettin the book and readin it. you girls keep up what your doin. people are just hatin. they dont understand that ya'lls lives are under a microscope every second of everyday. keep doin what your doin.

  • cameron

    You sisters are so over-exposed. I see you everywhere not sure that is so good.

  • krista

    Get off my screen you scammers..................

  • keola

    yo sista is in a shitstorm

  • cary


  • alijai

    not anytime soon to buy ur book

  • trish

    Somehow I feel like I know you and can tell you that I can't afford your book right now..sorry

  • Jennifer

    Barbie Dolls are out of date, and I hear your Mom call you that and I don't like her.

  • crystal

    I just can't spend anymore money on your book right now cause I just spent all my my money on your mothers book.