Inside 'Breaking Dawn' After-Party: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Cozy Up

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were stunning together on the red carpet for the premiere for Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, but did their real life love transcend over to the after-party? 

Absolutely! Here is what went down when the couple finished screening the film ...

Kristen changed into converse shoes halfway through the carpet, and greeted fans until the bitter end! Rob followed suit, signing autograph after autograph before he went into the screening with his team.  On the rooftop of the after-party at Nokia Live, Rob, Kristen and Taylor all had sections near the DJ. Quickly after the movie was finished, Rob and Kristen were off.

Pattinson and Stewart left together, with some family at still at their tables, but really they jetted off very early.

So where to, exactly?

Yep, the U.K premiere of Breaking Dawn! While Kristen's attendance had been skeptical, we are told that is where they are headed along with Taylor, who hung tight with some industry friends prior to his departure. 

Meanwhile, Kellan Lutz was at a table down the way, happier than ever with his new girlfriend Sharni Vinson. Nikki Reed and husband Paul were still in newlywed bliss. Catch all our Breaking Dawn scoop from the carpet very soon!



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  • Juventude

    You ladies are hluoriais, It's been very amusing reading your comments. None of you know Rob and can predict what he would do or wouldn't do. I't would make sense to come under the name Rob because no one would believe it's the actor. As fans go out there see the films that's the best way to support my films. and u know what, it doesn't matter if I'm real or not what matter is what you do . thank you all.

  • Cristian

    When you are truly in love or at least in a new love relationship, no mteatr how hard they try to hide their feelings and keep it a secret from the world, you simply cannot hide it.From the looks of it at Comic Con, R & K are NOT together, IMO..I don't even think they ever got together. We don't even know for sure if K broke up w/ her BF, nothing has been confirmed yet. I mean, let's say, if K & M did break up for real and if R & K are truly attracted to each other, they might have talked about the possibility of going out.Maybe R & K needed to talk about that right before he had to fly to NYC.But maybe they decided that it's too early or it just won't work..that they'd rather wait till all the films are finished. Rob, especially will be so busy w/ one film after another and I am not sure about Kristen's schedule. But long distance relationship ain't gonna be easy, and they know it.Also, Rob has made one love story movie and will be in Bel Ami and other future films where he will be w/ other beautiful actressses in kissing/ bedscenes ( God, I hope!!)R & K are absolutely fed up w/ media gossip, the intrusion of paps in their lives, all the lies made about them.Kristen was not that friendly towards Rob during the press conference. You can tell by their body language, she leans closer towards Taylor and puts her arm around him intitially.At the end of the event, when all the cast took photos, she & Nikki looked like they were joking around w/Rob and laughing, but they just look like friends, nothing more than that.Only when you're Rob & Kristen's family, relatives, or close friends, then you will know the real truth whether they're going out, still together or it just never happened. It may only be a wishful thinking by Robsten shippers.

  • Saman

    Ah!.It is amazing how an 'A' list star like Anne would acwgkoledned that Robert and Kristen are the hottest couple in Hollywood..and I'm sure a lot of people agree with her!..hi to my favs!!

  • Adrian

    Wow okay. I think Kristen is good I am curious to see Joan Jett's biipoc. I feel she did a fabulous job portraying Bella the awkward, clumsy, loner type. I'm convinced Rob was the absolute best choice for Edward. I don't care who they are with, be it each other, or no one I just want to know their future projects. I will never promote paps, gossip magazines, or attempt to justify the ridiculous behavior of some fans. I don't care how famous, rich, or successful a person is he or she deserves privacy. I'm damn good at what I do, and I would never tolerate someone stalking me, twisting my relationships, or taking my words out of context. I would much rather stand for something than accept how it is, so to say they deserve this because of their success or career choice is .sad to me.

  • Amanda

    I think Kristen made a flop!! I don't think to many people r going to be rshuing to go see her play Joan Jett But i guess they all can't be twilight!! I totally agree with U Kacee great way to put it!! But i can understand they do deserve there privacy but at the same time if they don't want the fame then don't do the movies!! And since we are all telling the truth I think that when they did the casting for Twilgiht they made 2 mistakes Kristen and Nikki!! I don't think they fit there part!! I don't think Kristen will be able to pull off The changed Bella in Breaking Dawn!! NOt saying she's not cute but thats what she is, is cute and i can't see her as the beauty that Bella becomes!1 ANd Nikki was ugly from the start!! Did u see how big her ass was in Twilight? She didn't look like no sSports Illistrated Swim Suit modle to me.. Unless they are ugly with fat asses!!

  • Marilene

    umm im not triyng umm im not triyng to be mean but those picture that were sent to nick were personal so who realy cares if she knew they were gonna get out and everyone would see them i bet she wouldnt of done it it is her life she wants to that kinda stuff then let her and plus she was were a bra and underware and thats just like weaaring a bikeni

  • chè tân cương
    chè tân cương

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  • Cathy

    All the eye makeup and sequins in the world can't detract from those elephant ears. Wear your hair down, for God's sake.

  • Cathy

    OMG!! The ears, the ears!!!

  • sonia

    is wonderful to know that the series is even more if robert this is great

  • anonymous

    Kristen usually grabs from Rob's clothes and by doing so ruins Rob's appearance. Now, look at Taylor!? He is shining :)

  • Lisa

    I cried at least half of breaking dawn.........o can't wait for pt 2......I'm going to cry anyway because it will b the end......this has honestly been the best books and movies that I have seen in a very very very long time and yes I am a 40+ mom who is crazy for the twilight saga and yes Kristin and Robert are ny far the best couple ever.....

  • maryamcullen


  • maryamcullen

    She looks AMAZING!!!

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    Kristen dazzled in all looks, she is every day more beautiful and comfortable! kristen desire much protection against envy and good luck! love you! Robsten is for hearts forts. I love those two!

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    MY GOOdNESS i LOVE THESE TWO TOGETHER. so jelz @ the same time & yet so happy for them toO. *tear* i hope they have gorgeous RobSten babies in a few years, hah.

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    LOVE HER in that dress, so pretty.

  • Sjandre

    dont HATE..just CONGRADULATE..

  • gloht_07

    i just cant stand watching them together,,, theyre actually made for each other just like edward and bella are.... ellen 17: i second in motion...

  • @GC

    That awkward moment when delusional trolls show up.

  • GG

    That awkward moment when Rob flat out denies him and Kristen are dating, but this story is real cute for the fans. Carry on I guess.

  • simplydiffer

    I thought they were cute. Really I did. But Kristen was just so awkward with Rob. Made ME uncomfortable. Usually they seem more at ease with one another, but this isn't the case with Kristen.

  • JJ

    YESSS!! omg taybert!!!

  • im1luckywoman

    If you're not seeing two people who are VERY together when you look at these pictures, it's because you don't WANT to see two people who are VERY together!

  • trish22

    I don't know what pictures you guys are looking at but from what I see are two people who don't seem that happy to be standing next to each other. I have a feeling they won't be seeing much of each other once the movie comes out. All this pretending must be tiresome.

  • RB

    They probably left early cause they wanted some sexy time before they had to fly to London. Hahahahaha.

  • amour

    Grazie Taryn: WE can ALWAYS count on you for updating us on what happened last night with our fave couple. YOU rock!

  • oniszko2

    Go to popsugar, they have a picture up of Kristen going in for a kiss with Robert at the premiere, very steamy, I dont know how they got these but they did.

  • Noah

    Their body language is crystal clear. KStew looks entirely disgusted by Rob, likely because she caught him making out with Taylor Lautner prior to the red carpet. [img][/img]

  • Catca

    It's possible you noticed KStew grimace, but I don't think that was due to Rob. She injured her ankle on the Snow White set and was in pain wearing the sky heels for the red carpet appearance.

  • marwa

    would u people stop arguing about rob and Kris being together or not.some people are just obsessed with the fact that they want them to be together while some people hate to see them together.seriously u guys should get a life and stop worrying about what is not Ur beeswax. they r to live their life not needing people to criticize it.

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    The dress is classy and elegant. I like this look better than the mini-dresses.

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    no kidding. She must be completely exhausted.

  • Kaylin

    Has anyone thought to attribute her being slightly off as being completely and utterly exhausted and feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of the situation. She's been working non-stop for over a year on two major films, and just over the past week has been to London and back to LA twice - about a 10-hour flight. Toss in jetlag and her promotional duties, and I say she's damn well running on fumes.

  • Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober
    Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober

    she is just beautiful! especially in this dress! the look just works in her favour! :)


    Sorry to disappoint you troll. Rob was being his usual self with her.They both are super cute together.

  • R

    Have to say I laughed so hard at half of these comments. They're together and happy and I could link you to a million photos showing this. Go pursue a career in writing tabloids you wannabes.


    @AnonTroll Really? I think Rob was eager to be with her.See for yourself ;)

  • ;D

    @AnonTroll Rob was being his usual self with Kristen Cuteness overload!!! I'm sure you'll luv it ;)

  • sheryl1996

    i love her dress!! and for once, she's wearing a long dress!! and rpattz doesnt look too bad himself!! YUMMMM

  • LJS

    I see the trolls that stink up the AT board at E!, have found their way over here as well. It has been explained, these have been hired by industry insiders to spew hate towards Rob/Kristen/the franchise in hopes to ruin the premier numbers. Not going to work. True fans are true fans my dears. Your hateful words are just building bad karma for you.

  • Alyssa

    I love Rob and Kristen but oniszko2, you annoy the crap out of me with your lies about them. We know they are a couple and you don't have to make up fake stories to prove it. You were not at the party last night and Rob left NYC on Thursday, not Friday. When you lie and make up stories you are on the same level as the nonstens.


    I think Kristen did that herself to attract Rob's attention. Apparently it didn't work so she had to resort to THIS.

  • katieg

    Would be great to know them & it always appears they are really "together", though seem to try hard not to show it. So happy for them & so excited for Nov. 18 & their future projects. Will continue to support the twisaga cast, as they made Stephenie's books come alive for me.


    LOL You sure? If I had to hug THIS, I'd also have panic attacks....

  • lasark

    it's very obvious that they don't know anyting,thats why they spew the vile vomit on all the fan all boils down to JEALOUSLY and thats all.rob and kris could get married and have a ton of kids and they still would not believe it.they dont have to declare anything to any reporter or pappo.they do not have to /need to make a statement written or on tv...IT is not our business or need to know.why they cant just sit back and enjoy what they do (entertainment) is beyond me.

  • Crizomar DaSilva
    Crizomar DaSilva

    woa here come the knows at all people who just know nothing at all pitty,pitty they are happy togheter can you see it no you are envious specially the fat ones and lots of them yelling, rob, rob rob ]it so sad those poor ugly ,fat girls get over it he loves kristen and that is that

  • BabyDollz

    Rob and Kristen looked fab @ the premiere.Rob was giving her quick loving glances like always and was eager to be near her.It was lovely! Can't wait to go through all the pics :)

  • Ady

    Hi "John". I see you've already started trolling here and coincidentally "Dean" is doing the same thing.Its really funny when certain "males" start commenting like jilted 13 yrs old fangirls when it comes to Kristen,whats even more funny is that they do it around same times on different boards.

  • Ady

    @Jojo -Are you blind? Did you see the way Rob was looking at her at premiere? Maybe you are just plain dumb but still keep saying that yourself,it will help you sleep better at night.

  • oniszko2

    JoJo You are absolutely positively wrong in your accessment he was on his way to LA friday night, I should know. Again, don't beleive all the garbagae on these boards they are together, and in this for the long haul. They could not get enough of each other the short time they spent at the afterparty. Rob does not pick up random women at bars, he is with Kris, if you knew them you would know that.

  • Valeria

    So this is where the trolls congregate now.As you can see in a lot of pictures last night,Rob is hugging Kristen like theres no to morrow,he can't stop looking at her boobs too,at one time.he hugs her so tight so that he can feel her body close to his, i don't know about you trolls but that looks like love to me.

  • Casey

    "he likes her too"?? What are you, twelve? Just when I think the nonsten contingent can't get any more ridiculous, y'all prove me wrong again. You people are just trolling, right? Tell me you're just trolling, because I can't imagine anyone actually believing Kristen and Rob aren't together, not after all the evidence smacks you in the face.

  • Fran

    I will never understand mankind. Always hating on people that didn't hurt or disrespected them. We should really keep this couple in prayer.

  • Jeanne

    Hi Dean, I see you are the nonsten troll spamming the AT boards with your doormat phrase. Please leave your trash there. You are transparent girl and its very in the early morning to fill your body and mind with hate.

  • Jojo

    Too bad he was in a bar in NYC in wee hours of Saturday. Deny all you want but Robert Pattinson has made a point NOT to return Kristen's gesture and say anything to tell the world he likes her too...

  • oniszko2

    You people are idiots, they spent some time at the after party, and then left for London together, their famlies stayed at the afterparty. How do I know we were there, so no garbage they left together he with his arm around her and her hugging him. There is no Caitlin or anybody else, Rob went to LA Friday night, he was not out with anyone. Sorry to burst your bubbles. But they are and were together....

  • kvaughn75

    lol love the nonsten trolls on here. Don't you have a new home to flock to crap all over? Thanks Taryn, I have hard time believing they wouldn't at least attempt to show their gorgeous faces before getting on a plane. Pics would've been nice but doubt we'll see any.Black carpet pics are great, some really cute shots of them. K's foot must have been killing her! Shaun Robinson was so cute to allow her to take her shoes off.

  • kikii

    Oh look ( the slit is at the exact same place. Before making stupid comments, look it up!

  • Dean

    Ofcourse he would be. Rob spent his entire weekend in NYC with Caitlin, Candace and Reese getting the sex hair from them. He deserves some rest now...

  • Dean

    Ok so Rob has officially decided not to reciprocate the feelings that Kristen accepted she has for him, in public. Kristen Stewart can officially bear the title of DOORMAT now.

  • Lisa

    What are you blind? The fans have spent the ENTIRE night talking about how cute they were together and there are a lot of pics with both of them smiling and close. We get it though. You don't like her. But he won't ever be yours.

  • kiara

    Kristen is always nervous on such a ocassions (thats what she is)! But they look happy and content and stunning! (Rob is so tired)- Wish you all the best AMAZING COUPLE

  • JOHN

    Kristen was acting extra clingy today. No wonder Rob forced Taylor to go along with them so people dont link her ass to him anymore.

  • Jules

    Its obvious he dumped her

  • EL

    Cool story, bro. Have you not seen the gazillion photos of them clutching at each other? They're as affectionate as always.

  • Patricia Rose Belikov-Camus
    Patricia Rose Belikov-Camus

    can i just say that slit is to high for her and it look like it was ripped to make it higher

  • Jaimie

    kristen's dad told someone she didn't even go to the after party but left straight for london. taylor was there so if they were all flying together then why didn't she and rob attend for at least a short while? also she was acting weird and distant toward rob on the red carpet. she wouldn't even smile at him when they were posing together. she seemed pissed off all night.