Inside ‘Breaking Dawn’ After-Party: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Cozy Up

RPattz & KStew Kiss!
The two stars smooch on set.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were stunning together on the red carpet for the premiere for Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, but did their real life love transcend over to the after-party? 

Absolutely! Here is what went down when the couple finished screening the film …

Kristen changed into converse shoes halfway through the carpet, and greeted fans until the bitter end! Rob followed suit, signing autograph after autograph before he went into the screening with his team.  On the rooftop of the after-party at Nokia Live, Rob, Kristen and Taylor all had sections near the DJ. Quickly after the movie was finished, Rob and Kristen were off.

Pattinson and Stewart left together, with some family at still at their tables, but really they jetted off very early.

So where to, exactly?

Yep, the U.K premiere of Breaking Dawn! While Kristen’s attendance had been skeptical, we are told that is where they are headed along with Taylor, who hung tight with some industry friends prior to his departure. 

Meanwhile, Kellan Lutz was at a table down the way, happier than ever with his new girlfriend Sharni Vinson. Nikki Reed and husband Paul were still in newlywed bliss. Catch all our Breaking Dawn scoop from the carpet very soon!