Kristen Stewart vs. Leighton Meester: Who's the Better Onscreen Bride? (POLL)


There are no signs that either Kristen Stewart or Leighton Meester will be heading down the aisle anytime soon, in real life that is. The two young actresses will both be taking the walk of eternal commitment when their onscreen characters take the plunge, KStew on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 and Leighton on Gossip Girl. 

The very fashionable Blair Waldorf and the converse wearing Bella Swan will both wear white and (hopefully) utter 'I do' to their fiances, Blair's being royalty and Bella's being immortal! Coincidentally, both characters are also pregnant. Given the buzz around these weddings, who is the better bride? Be the judge by voting in our poll!

The first images of Leighton Meester wearing her wedding dress just popped up. Blair Waldrof is set to marry her royal beau Prince Louis Grimaldi in a classic strapless princess cut dress with what looks like intricate beading and a giant bow at the waist. But it doesn't seem as if she'll make it down the aisle! It looks like Blair is running away from someone.

Blair might be having a case of cold feet, but Bella Swan has no desire to leave her vampire fiance Edward Cullen behind. For the wedding, she'll be wearing a Carolina Herrera vintage inspired dress. So far, we've only seen sketches of the entire dress, but you can catch a glimpse of it in the Breaking Dawn trailer. To finish the 1920s dress (complete with long sleeves), Bella will have her hair swooped up in a bun with an uber long beaded veil attached. Even though the Venezuelan born fashion designer created the memorable dress, the series' creator  (Stephenie Meyer) and Kristen herself had the final say

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  • Jewel

    Leightonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn <3

  • xoxo

    she's marrying that prince guy not chuck but still i'd rather a baby that didnt eat its way out-shiver-

  • maroiana


  • Elena

    Bella of course¡¡¡¡ <3

  • Jaimee

    Please you can only be a bride if you make down the aisle...Bella by far. It's a long awaited union and a beautiful one at that. Hands down...Bella!!!

  • Jennifer Svendsen
    Jennifer Svendsen

    hahahaha! Good one!

  • Jennifer Svendsen
    Jennifer Svendsen

    Definitely Leighton as Blair, but ONLY if she's marrying Chuck! Besides, our precious baby Bass won't have to claw and chew it's way out of it's mother!

  • Noah

    My sources tell me that Bella's wedding dress in Breaking Dawn was woven from the crotch hair of really old werewolves. Silky smooth, with just a hint of mesquite smell.

  • mikimol

    leighton as blair!!

  • moerieda

    Jesus christ why is their a poll here? I mean kristin stewart can't compete with leighton meester duh! Blair waldorf

  • Malorie

    No doubt it has to be Kristen Stewart with the gorgeous wedding dress shes waited to long and forever for Edward Culluns :(

  • Jolie

    I haven't seen all of Kristen's wedding dress yet, so maybe this poll shouldn't have come out until after the release of Breaking Dawn? But from the pictures, Leighton's wedding dress looks very pretty.

  • Brandt

    The short answer is I prefer Leighton.