Nikki Reed on Early Party Girl Rumors: 'I Was a Virgin'

Nikki Reed on Seventeen

Nikki Reed's years as a Twilight starlet have brought her into Hollywood's A-list, though many may not remember that she got her start in the gritty film that she wrote called Thirteen, about rebellious and provocative teens living out their wild years.

That film and Nikki's association with it caused many to stereotype her as a Hollywood wild child, but in the December issue of Seventeen magazine, Reed says that those preconceived notions couldn't be further from the truth. Nikki opens up, saying:

“I got typecast as a party girl when Thirteen first came out. The funny thing was, I was a virgin, I didn’t do drugs and I barely drank.”
With her teenage years (and those pesky rumors) behind her, Nikki is now a married woman and is enjoying the impending success of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, which will be released on November 18. Now that the Twilight filming is all over, she reflects a bit on the process, saying it was less like work and more like being with friends.

“In the beginning, it was innocent and fun, and we were like one big happy family – it was like being at sleepaway camp. And then success comes along and changes the dynamic. We’re not all best friends, and we’re not all going to hang out together after the final movie is done," Reed tells Seventeen.

Seventeen will be available on newsstands on November 22.

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  • Ady

    I know I'm way L2P on this :x Idk how I missed this gem lol When 'Thirteen' was released Nikki was the first one to confirm that the movie was based on her life experiences and co-written by her.This is the first time she is denying it but still I'm not surprised cause Nikki is proven to be a compulsive liar several times and she's trying way too hard to build a "good girl" image that no is willing to buy.

  • Laura

    So either she's now or she was lying then, because it was supposed to be based on her real experiences. My guess is lying now.

  • laneti

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  • Jeanne

    What happened to my previous posts? Anyway, I pity this girl, there is so much bitterness every time she opens her mouth. She can't let go. Obviously she was ousted from the Twi friendship because she was discovered to be the rat on set when she was calling the papz and telling Lainey her false stories for her advantage during New Moon filming. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that her famewhoring ways costs her to be an outcast. Kristen, Rob, Taylor, Ashley and the rest are still friends. She is left out and her only friend for the last films is Elizabeth Reaser. I wonder if her sudden and whirlwind marriage is another PR move to resurrect her career... She seems to be promoting her relationship with the Idol guy every chance she got like its her career now and not the acting part. LOL! Will she be making a reality show like the Kartrashians?