‘The Descendants’ Star Amara Miller: ‘I Didn’t Know Who George Clooney Was’

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Adorable Amara Miller plays George Clooney’s precocious young daughter in Alexander Payne’s newest film, The Descendants — her very first movie role!

The lovable 11-year-old actress recently sat down with Celebuzz for a candid interview where she revealed that she wasn’t nervous at all about working with George, because she had no idea who he was!

“I didn’t even know who George Clooney was. Never heard of Shailene Woodley or seen Alexander’s movies.”

Amara opens up stating that not knowing of George’s super star status beforehand actually helped her not get nervous on set.

“Like you would think, ‘Oh my god, George Clooney, he’s this famous actor, but I didn’t know who he was.’ So it was not nervous for me at all. I thought (the movie) was really fun.”

Despite her role as Scottie King being her very first film, Amara appears comfortable and mature as a Hollywood veteran. After submitting an audition tape, Miller snagged the role after a two-year search for the right actress for the part.

When asked about what it was like to pretend to be George Clooney’s daughter, Amara says:

“He was so friendly. He didn’t act like he was this big star. He acted like he was a comedian and he’s so professional and down-to-earth … we’re like best friends now.”

Don’t miss BFFs Amara and George in The Descendants, which is in theaters now!