Exclusive: ‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast Touches on ‘Hunger Games’, Sex Scenes & More! (VIDEO)

Rob & Kristen's Premiere!
The couple cuddles up on the Breaking Dawn carpet
'Breaking Dawn' Premiere
Robert & Ashley at 'Breaking Dawn' Paris prem.
Have you all recovered from your Twilight fangover? Monday was crazy at Nokia Live for the premiere of Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 and Celebuzz was on the black carpet for all the action!

We caught up with stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, and Tinsel Korey to get the scoop on the anticipated film. Kristen, looking gorgeous in J Mendel, made it down the carpet even though she has an injured foot from the Snow White set.

“I don’t know man, I lose it” she told us on the carpet about how she’s always injured. “I kind of go into a zone and I hurt myself, it’s ridiculous.”

We also asked Kristen with The Hunger Games around the corner if she thinks there could ever be a phenomenon quite like Twilight:

“I hope it happens again. Honestly, you would have to be a sociopath not to be affected by the energy here. The reason I do this is to have shared energy — to love something — you have it with directors, you have it with writers, and to have it with this many people is an entirely unique experience. I don’t know if it will happen again, but I hope so.”

Rob kept a bit mum when asked the same question, telling Celebuzz: “No one said Twilight was the next anything, so I don’t know.”

Meantime, Dawn hottie Kellan Lutz said that he hadn’t seen the movie before the premiere, and while all of the Twihards were eagerly anticipating seeing Bella and Edward get it on during the honeymoon scene, watching it would be a bit weird for him. When asked if he was looking forward to seeing the sex scene, an embarrassed Kellan laughed: “It’s like watching my brother.”