Cancer-Stricken Fan: Why I Asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt Out on YouTube

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By now, you’ve probably seen the heartfelt video by Lindsey Miller that she made for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. After seeing JGL’s portrayal of a 20-something male struggling with cancer in the dramedy 50/50, the UCLA grad student (who is also battling cancer) was eager to meet the actor. 

Celebuzz spoke exclusively Lindsey about how she came up with the idea to ask him out on YouTube, and what her ideal date would be with the Golden Globe nominee. 

Lindsey admits that it was her friend’s idea to post the video. After seeing the success those in the military had with getting Justin Timberlake to their Marine Corps. Ball, the 26-year-old Los Angeles resident made the decision to create a video of her own for JGL. She said she figured it would work better than just attempting to contact the 30-year-old star on his Twitter. 

So, what is her ideal date with the actor. “Just a simple coffee,” Lindsey tells Celebuzz, adding that she’d like it to be “some place private.” Lindsey has placed no real expectations on the date, mentioning that she’s really just looking to chat with him about his “experience playing that part.”

Lindsey says the scene that really resonated with her in 50/50 was the one when JGL’s character Adam goes into surgery and his family is waiting outside. “I had a similar experience when I went in for one of my surgeries,” she says. The scene Lindsey is referring to is Adam’s “make-or-break” procedure.

As of late, Lindsey has not heard as to whether Joseph Gordon-Levitt has accepted her request to meet, but Celebuzz has contacted his reps. 

To see what inspired this young woman to reach out to the actor, watch JGL’s riveting role in the 50/50 trailer below!