Exclusive: Mackenzie Foy Gushes About On Screen Parents Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart (VIDEO)

Rob & Kristen's Carpet PDA
Couple poses together in London
'Breaking Dawn' After-Party
We take you inside the bash!
We already showed you some of our favorite moments from the Breaking Dawn carpet with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner but we also talked to Mackenzie Foy, Melissa Rosenberg and some of the wolf pack members.

Foy, who plays Rob and Kristen’s daughter in Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, could not stop raving about her on screen parents. Seriously, this girl is the absolute sweetest!

“There is nobody in this word like Kristen and Rob — or Taylor!” Foy told us on the carpet. “Rob is one of the most specialist one’s I’ve ever met. He’s just this cool guy! I loved working with him.”

Her love didn’t stop there.

Mackenzie also told us Kristen is the most “awesome” person she has ever met, and said that she thinks she will be a “wonderful” mother some day…swearing and all!

Foy started a swear jar on set, so any time Rob and Kristen (who were the worst offenders) let an inappropriate word slip, they had to put their money where their mouth is:

“There was a swear jar,” Mackenzie told us. “I don’t know how much there was, I can’t recall it, but I got a lot. I donated it all to St. Jude’s. I had prices — sometimes it would be three [dollars] sometimes it would one [dollar] — depending on the word.”

Check out the video above and see what other Twilight stars had to say about the new film, out Friday.