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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Beyonce fans, you don't want to miss this! 

Celebuzz is giving away six pairs of tickets to attend Beyonce's Live at Roseland DVD premiere in New York City!  The DVD captures her intimate concert series at the Roseland Ballroom -- and you'll be there for the exclusive premiere party! 

Here's how to enter: 

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us where you’ll why you love Beyonce!

PLEASE NOTE: TRANSPORTATION IS NOT PROVIDED TO THE EVENT. You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will close on Friday, November 18th at 9 AM ET.

Get commenting!



Live at Roseland DVD comes out as a Walmart one Disc Exclusive on Nov.21 and then on Nov.29 as a two Disc Deluxe with seven music videos and behind the scenes. You can pre-order the set now on Amazon.

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  • Laura White
    Laura White

    I am a 35 years old CEO, ri;ch and strong but still sin;gle ... now I am see;king a good woman who can give me a real love, so I joined BillionaireFriends.COMit's the first and best club for wealthy people and their adm;irers. Well, you don’t have to be rich ,but you can meet one there.

  • cassandra

    I would love to win because I think Beyonce is such a talented artist. I love her voice and think she is also such an incredible performer whose passion can be seen in everything she accomplishes. I feel that she is a great role model that can be looked up to which is hard to say about a lot of people famous or not these days. I would love to see her in nyc with my best friend who is in town visiting her family during the holiday season later this month. It would be an awesome surprise since she also loves Beyonce. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Buy Jordan Retro
    Buy Jordan Retro

    DIVA!!! I honestly dont think theres anything she isnt capable of doing. i think

  • Ivanna Shannia Philip
    Ivanna Shannia Philip

    Words Cannot Explain How Much I LOVE Beyonce ! She's My Inspiration , My Idol , My Comfort , EVERYTHING <3 I'm A 15 Year Old Aspiring Singer & Beyonce Inspires Me Everyday ! Everyday That I Listen To Her Music , Watch Videos , Follow Up On The Latest News On Her , She's Just AMAZING <3 Her Work Ethic , Her God - Given Talent , Personality , Her Humilty ! I Would Be Honored To Win Tickets To This DVD Premiere , Which By The Way I Did Not Get The Oppurtunity To Go To ! Seeing Her Perform Her Songs Off Of Her Album ' 4 ' , Which I Know All Songs & Choreography's To & Just Being In The Same Room With Her ? It Would Mean A LOT To Me ! Thank You

  • Jamal Walker
    Jamal Walker

    As much as I want to write an essay on how much Beyonce has inspired me, I think it's easier to display my gratitude towards her and what she's done for me in less than 250 words: I would LOVE to experience a DVD screening hosted by Beyonce. I wanted to go last year, but unfortunately I didn't win any tickets to attend, so this would mean the world to much. Fingers crossed that I win this contest! Thanks :) Pick me, please!

  • Breonna Jackson
    Breonna Jackson

    I could go on & on about why I adore this woman but I'll just keep it simple. To me Beyonce' is one of a kind, I mean how many Beyonce's do you know? Even her name is one of a kind. She puts so much into her work and I honestly feel when she tells her fans she loves us, she really means it. It will be a blessing to be in the presence of such a humble strong-willed person. I feel like I've already met the people whose most important to me such as my family and friends. But if I was able to meet Beyonce; the only person that could top that is God himself. I Love You Bey. We Love You!

  • Erica H.
    Erica H.

    I abso-effin-lutely love and adore Beyonce Giselle-Knowles Carter because she is fierce to the 150th power-squared, multiplied...then multiplied again honey! She brings that boom boom kack pow break it down break it down down fierceness in whatever she does! She is one of the 7th wonders of the world and it would be beyond an honor and a pleasure to be able to attend this exclusive premier. Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter is and will forever be that chick! It don't get no better than her! So pick me Micah Jesse!!!! TGIF!!!!Happy Gobble Gobble!!!! :-) <3

  • Rukiya Ross
    Rukiya Ross

    I love Beyonce because she's an amazing role model. Not only is she an amazing singer, but also she does a lot of good in the world. I love her ability to be an international superstar yet still be humble and private. She's amazing!!

  • berri

    Beyonce is my all-time favorite artist! She is not only an amazing performer, but an inspiration to people across the world. I have never gotten to see her perform live nor have I have ever seen her in person, but it would mean SOOOOO much if I got to meet her. Her passion, hard work, and talent are like no other and I love watching her perform. She aces every single live performance. AMAZING.

  • Sean

    This has truly touched me, you are truly beyonce's biggest fan! PLEASE CELEBUZZ PICK HIM! He has dreamt of meeting beyonce so please make his dream come true!!

  • Michael Glenard
    Michael Glenard

    Encore From “THE FAN”. They better “Ring the Alarm”. When I throw on my charm. Have these haters shaking like Beyonce in the “Uh Oh” Song. I said I can “Upgrade U”. Take you to meet my mommy. I got a big “Ego”. So don’t try to “Get Me Bodied”. Come to Paris Theater in the flyest ride. Me & my b#&*h, we like “Bonnie and Clyde”. I said look “Baby Boy”. “Summertime” I be living lavish. So its not a shocker when I say “Ni**as in Paris”. You “Run the World”. The rest better come with that “Halo”. Or get left a “Broken Hearted Girl”. Something like Beyonce. I have em going crazy. That goes to all married women. And even “Single Ladies”. These tickets are mine. There’s no need to stress on it. Be good “Me, Myself, and I”. Go ahead and “Check On It”. Leave you with “Sweet Dreams”. When we make “Love in This Club”. “Déjà Vu” about me. Cause I'm that “Sexy Little Thug”. I’m “Dangerously In Love”. My heart is on fire. If anyone says different. They’re a “Beautiful Liar”. I love you on the “Radio”. Wish I could call you on the “Telephone”. If I could “Smash Into You”. I would say more than just “Hello”. Your nothing like a Barbie. More like a sexy little toy. You would be the greatest rapper. “If You Were a Boy”. My first time I heard you. You left me impressed. I love the way you leave em “Speechless”. In your “Freak’um Dress”. If I don’t get these tickets. That ain’t right. If I do my heads will be up in the clouds. Like “Satellites” I’m “Wishing On a Star” for these tickets. So I can have a lot of fun. But me not there! “I’d Rather Die Young”. Beyonce I know you a woman. But your still the man. Congrats from Michael. Your #1 biggest fan. I should go to the special screening of "Live at Roseland" because I am the embodiment of Beyonce! I use her talent, drive, motivation, style, and sheer greatness as a motivating factor in my life! To say I am Beyonce fan would be an understatement to my love for this great woman and her talents! I support her, even going as far as to have my whole office on ticketmaster pressing the buy now button for her Rosleand tickets so I would have the opportunity to be there. I buy every CD, watch every show, get every Google alert possible and whether I win this or not she will always be the best in my eyes! When she announced she was pregnant, people called me to congratulate me on my girl getting pregnant!

  • Kunal Spears
    Kunal Spears

    beyonce has always been on top of her game since she started! it's soo good to see someone with such a great talent and still be down to earth. not only can she sing but she can act and dance too! a triple threat! she's already a legend and she's just getting started. she's such a great inspiration to men and women everywhere. I would love to meet her and just say thank you for everything that she has done. a thank you from all her fans for giving us such great music and always staying on top of her game! she makes me proud to say that I am a true beyonce fan because she never disappoints. a diva, a legend, a fierce woman, and soon to be a mom! she's done it all ♥ love you B ♥.

  • Hannah Skiest
    Hannah Skiest

    It would truly MEAN THE WORLD to me if i won these tickets! Beyonce is my number one inspiration and she has had an incredibly positive effect on my life! There have been so many times when i'm really upset and i turn on B song and it actually makes me feel so much better! Her music inspires me and brings a smile to my face every day! Every morning i wake up to a B song and shes become the only artist i listen to (her playlist is steadily growing on my itunes) and i especially LOVE the album 4. I'm literally obsessed with every single song on the album! Not only is she an amazing artist, but also a down to earth good person. I've probably looked up every interview of her on youtube and i love each one! (My embarrassing part: I've watched her tour movie (I am.. world tour) like 20 times. I just love watching her because she is such and inspiring person. Not to mention her beauty! She is truly beautiful inside and out and shows this through her generous acts of kindness and willingness to put so much effort into satisfying her fans!!! She has especially spoiled us these last few weeks with all of the new music videos! The best part of beyonce is that i've been able to grow closer to my friend through our mutual love for B. I don't think there has been a single day this year when we haven't talked about her. i can't even explain how grateful i would be if i could see her!! It would CHANGE MY LIFE! and i promise i would never ever ever ever forget this!!!!!!!! THANKS for taking the time to read this :)

  • Ari Martoia
    Ari Martoia

    First and foremost Beyonce is my idol. She is so amazing with all the work that she does and she never lets her fans down. You can easily see that through her hard work she is such a genuine person. She's not just another artist in the industry. Her music makes you feel something like nothing else does and it's relatable. Beyonce is so talented and she shares that with her fans. Not only can she sing, dance and not to mention act, but she is human and the things she does changes our world. She helps me see that my huge, unimaginable dreams really can come true. I've yet to get the chance to see Beyonce perform although I heard her in Central Park over the summer and her voice brought me to tears. She is so normal yet so amazing with a huge spotlight and that is so humbling. She allows her fans to see her for who she is and I feel that a lot of artists lack that "realness". I've watched her "Year of 4" video more then once and every time I watch it I am amazed at the person she is. I just feel that when people are in this crazy successful industry they can really lose themselves in the midst of it all. But Beyonce keeps it real, 100% of the time. Beyonce inspires me everyday. She inspires me to be something greater than what I may think possible. Beyonce gives me hope that I can succeed in whatever it may be that I want to do. She's has created this platform for women and girls all over the world. I want to perform. I want to dance. I want to make a difference. My biggest dream is to one day dance by Beyonce's side on stage, in a video, anything. An opportunity like this would be an honor and I would honestly be grateful for the rest of my life. It would be a little light towards the end of a tunnel telling me that I am that much closer to making my dreams come true. I look up to Beyonce and all that she does. And I would feel so blessed if I was chosen to attend her Live at Roseland DVD screening. God Bless ♥

  • Nikki Saffron
    Nikki Saffron

    I love Beyonce because she is an incredible person. She is a phenomenal entertainer and a woman of class. She is gracious and humble and her music always moves me. I met her last month at Macy's Herald Sq, and it was amazing! I sobbed! I didn't even get to tell her what I practiced the night before because I was crying so hard! I'd love the chance to see her again, and be able to tell her how much I love her! I love you B!

  • Billy Gabriel
    Billy Gabriel

    If anyone should get your giveaway he should be Marcus Little because he is your number 1 fan of all time. If you give it to him he his dreams would come true.

  • Aaron

    Beyonce can sing dance and act.. what more could you want in a performer. She is so talented and humble. She deserves all of her success! I love her so much <333

  • Stephanie

    I own every CD and DVD she has ever done. She is an amazing performer and puts on the best show I have EVER seen! i have been to every concert of hers in NYC and own every magazine she has ever been on. She is my idol and I would love to go see this preimere!

  • Deanna

    I love beyonce because she is #1. she makes the greatest songs, videos, DVDs and photos. She is amazing all around and I would literally do anything to get this opprotunity. I have dreamt about the day I meet her and what I would say to her. She inspires me everyday to try my best and strive for my goals. Words can't describe what an amazing human Beyonce is. She is so humble and honest. She never feeds into the media which i love the most. She is just amazing!

  • Mello- Dramatic
    Mello- Dramatic

    I have loved Beyonce since 1998 and have been dying to EXPERIENCE her if I can just be in the same room as her, watching her on a big screen I'll be just as happy

  • Sasha

    I love beyonce because she is one of a kind. Her music moves me, every song I hear her sing I can relate to and inspire me. She is the true definition of a strong determined woman and for that I will always remain a fan. <3

  • Ariel Stephens
    Ariel Stephens

    I love Beyoncé so much, I mean... look at my bedroom --> :) I preordered the DVD from amazon but after watching the trailer for the DVD I can not possibly wait for them to ship it!!! So I will drive to my nearest walmart (an hour away) and buy the DVD on the 29th!!!! It means so much to me that you guys are doing this contest, you guys are AWESOME!!!! I hope you guys chose me, it would mean soo much to me to actually see Bey in person and watch the screening with her in the ROOM!! thanks for reading :) [img][/img]

  • Ebony MizzTinker Johnson
    Ebony MizzTinker Johnson

    Beyonce has ALWAYS been my idol since i can remember. She's talented, beautiful, strong, and most of all HUMBLE! I love the fact that she loves what she does and that, alone, inspires me to do what I love, DANCE! She has definitely touched my heart, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to attend the DVD premier! Please pick me =)

  • Jessica Wilson
    Jessica Wilson

    I have been a fan of Beyonce since 1997 with Destinys Child. It was always something about her that stood out. With her love, passion and positive words she has gotten me through some of my toughest times. She is a part of my life and because of her I am a survivor.

  • Aaron Lubogo
    Aaron Lubogo

    Why do I love Beyonce? Well there's her voice, her dancing, overall stage persona. She's a great role model and apprpriate for all ages. All her songs are more than great ESPECIALLY on her latest 4 album which is why I need to see this showcasing in person. I also love that she is not complacent and is always striving for a new level to claim her stardom. Somehow all the success doesn't get to her head and I don't know. Everything about her I love. I aspire to have a character like hers.

  • Breanna F-Gee
    Breanna F-Gee

    When I was going through problems within my family during my childhood, Beyonce was there. Despite her not being there physically for me, she was spiritually . Her music inspired me to push forward and to stand up for what I believe in. Her voice and sound pushed me to work harder at my music as well. Since I was little, I would always try to hit every note she hit, until that one day I did. It was a refreshing feeling, yet I knew that now I can hit my own notes and that's ultimately what Beyonce spreads within her messages. To always be yourself and don't budge for others. I love her because of that and because despite her high success, she's still humble and sweet. It would be a dream come true to see the live screening since I'm attending college in NY, besides being in the same room as her would be an honor. Besides, I knew I was going to attend college for music after seeing her live when I was 12 years old. She's impacted my life tremendously and I love her for that.

  • catherine naradzay
    catherine naradzay

    you got this! i know you want it more then anything!

  • Taylor Bell
    Taylor Bell

    Where do I even begin!? When I first met Marcus, he introduced himself( with such enthusiasm and that adorable smile), "Hi, my name is Marcus and I LOVE Beyonce!". Being my bestfriend here at school, Marcus has really proved to me that he love her. Everytime I hear a song of hers, or someone brings up her name, I automatically think of Marcus. Saying that Beyonce is his idol would be an understatement. At first, I didnt understand this love he had for her. Then, after a long explanation of how Beyonce has given Marcus the strength and confidence to be the wonderful, true, and inspiring person he is today, I finally understand this admiration. Of course I feel Marcus should get the chance to meet her, not only because it would complete his life, but because everyone deserve the chance to meet their hero! <3

  • Sharisse Carter
    Sharisse Carter

    I love Beyonce because she is the epitome of a woman. She is strong and sassy as well as elegant. I love her music which is so uplifting and relevant. More than anything her spirit of humanity and humility speaks volumes to me. When I see her, even as a 27 yr old woman, I can admire who she is and what she's done.

  • jaybee24

    Imagine being surrounded by people who don't understand why you love Beyonce so much. Constantly hearing “friends” talk about how you’re weird and obsessed with Beyonce and continuously hearing negative things. Well that is me!! Yes it is annoying but I dont care because I will always show my love and gratitude for Beyonce. She has helped me through so many trials and tribulations. Her advice means so much to me. Her bright smile can brighten my rotten day. Her music will turn my frown upside down. Her appearance will make me happy for the rest of the day. She inspires me and I know so many others. Yes she is a very beautiful woman but she is also one who has the warmest heart. She cares about others and shows it. She loves helping the needs of the world and never thinks twice about giving back. Her work ethic is out of this world. Despite all the negativity she receives she still remains calm and continues to excel in her career. She never repeats herself but always finds something new and continues to grow more and more with everything she does. Even on her worst day she continues to give more than a BILLION percent in everything she does. If she’s feeling down she will still stop and talk to her fan because she really does care. She helps me to realize I really can become something despite the many obstacles and negativity I may receive. Because of this I will continue to support her no matter what. I will continue to defend her from all of her haters. I will continue to buy everything that has to do with her even if it means using money that I need for food and even if it means using my college tuition funds. I will always love Beyonce and my love for her will NEVER end. Winning this contest would mean more than the universe to me. I will be happy FOREVER. Beyonce is the true definition of a LEGEND. She will always be the Greatest female performer of ALL TIME. That is why I love the one and only BEYONCÉ GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER!!

  • Faduma Momo
    Faduma Momo

    Beyonce is just THAT CHICK! Legendary already and I love and respect who she is. Period. I would LOVE to go to this screening! So come on and help a sista out and PICK ME! I THANK Y'ALL IN ADVANCE

  • Reeve

    Many words come to mind when I think of Beyoncé, but one stands out: legend. I truly believe she has achieved more than many could in a lifetime, putting her at icon status, but she doesn't make her fans feel subordinate; she brings them along for the ride. Beyoncé inspires me every day with her elegance, her dedication, and her determination. I can't even imagine this world without her. Love you, Beyoncé!!

  • Marcus Little
    Marcus Little

    Awww! I thank you guys SO much for the kind words and support! It really means a lot to me. I love you! <3

  • Seth

    PLEASE let him win! thats all he has talked about for the past hour!!!

  • Melissa Mondesir
    Melissa Mondesir

    I absolutely LOVE Beyonce, and it would be such an honor to be able to attend this DVD viewing. I've been waiting for this DVD to come out ever I left the Roseland Ballroom on Aug 19th.That night was honestly one of the best nights of my life, and this DVD will allow me to relive that day over and over again Beyonce Is such an amazing person with many talents, and she is such an inspiration to me. Through her hard work and tactics, she motivates me to never give up, and keep working hard to achieve success The album four is one of my favorites from her.It would be a dream for me to be able to watch the screening with other big fans, and Beyonce herself.most beautiful, hardworking, talented, and dedicated woman in the industry, Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter. is someone I've looked up to since my younger days. At the age of 30, she's accomplished more than most could in a lifetime. She will only get better w/ age.

  • Ariana White
    Ariana White

    I love this women to pieces and think that she is one of the best performers alive. I will not see her unless I am seeing her up close and personal because nothing else would be worth it. This woman has this aura about her that is out of this world. I would freak just to be in the same room as Beyonce. When I met her husband the first thing out of my mouth was where's your wife?! She's a very humble individual and you don't come across many that has all the talent she has and they're actually nice. I need to be in her presence before I die.

  • Alvin

    Beyonce is amazing. I not only appreciate her not her talent, but also her sweet character, humanitarianism, and humility. This would mean the world to me.

  • Darren Gantt
    Darren Gantt

    I waited 3 hours in line to watch this show live and would love to experience it again! Seeing her live sent me through so many emotions and I really can't wait to see this screening!! PLEASE PLEASE pick me!!

  • Cheddie Wildman
    Cheddie Wildman


  • Joe Ramirez
    Joe Ramirez

    I love Beyonce because she is the definition of a superstar. The heir to the throne of Michael Jackson, She has no peers when it come to her performances. Who else can sing with such ferocity and power while at the same time dancing their ass off in high heels? She doesn't follow trends, she sets them.

  • Whitney Elise
    Whitney Elise

    Beyonce has truly become an icon and to witness any performance she gives is considered life changing! She has become such an inspiration for my generation and I admire her effortless style and performances! I would highly appreciate attending this event beyond words!

  • Gesael

    I love beyonce because we both have a haitian background and a crazy love for music and singing. Im beyond to tears desperate to meet her one day God willing.She's the best thing that EVER happened to me.

  • Gesael

    I love beyonce because we both have lots in common and we both have a music passion and i've been desperate to meet her one day as soon as i'm a star like her..Matter of fact, she's the best thing that EVER happened to me.

  • Lena Raphael Hampton
    Lena Raphael Hampton

    I would like to win tickets not so much for myself but for my 10yr old daughter De'ja-Marie. I know that everyone on here is going to say this and it may very well be true but, my daughter is most certainly her biggest fan. She has every cd, concert cd, mixtape cd.....anything that had Beyonce in it, she has. Everyday, De'ja listens to and/or watches something with Beyonce in it. She has asked me many times to take her to a concert but, to my knowledge, Beyonce' hasn't come to San Diego, CA. I know that you will have many entries and many fans but I hope that I win so that I can see the enormous smile that I and Beyonce' put on De'ja-Marie's face. *This is my second post. I added a picture of my daughter to the first but, it didn't go through so.....hopefully, this one does

  • AbdulAziz

    Beyonce is a beautiful person inside out. She shows us how to deal with success by always being thankful and grateful, and of course to never forget where you came from. I like her because she is human, she loves, she cries, she can be humiliated, she can be vulnerable; She has nothing to hide, and yet at the same time she is sasha fierce. She shows us that she can be all that, but still maintain the sassiness. Since I am a guy through songs like "If i were a boy" and "Irreplaceable" to name a few, she taught me to be a better boyfriend and a husband in the future by simply seeing the relationship from the girls point of view. Therefore encouraging men to be more humble. Finally; Beyonce allowed me to have the opportunity to witness what a legend really is. Beyonce is not any singer...she makes history, thats what I like about her. I am thankful to be alive in this era, because I believe that she is the greatest musician ever born. I can't wait to meet her in person!

  • Ashlea Kulovitz
    Ashlea Kulovitz

    Marcus needs to meet her he is like the ultimate fan, he sings her songs all the time he looks her up everyday just to see what is new with her, if anyone deserves this it would be My Baby Marcus Little <3

  • Olivia Puckett
    Olivia Puckett

    There aren't enough words to describe why I love Beyonce. I am currently a college student and have performed my whole life. I was very close to being a political science major when I realized that I needed to do what I absolutely loved to do, which was perform. Beyonce gave me the strength to make this decision. Her determination and strength is something I've always looked up to. At school, people often call me mini Beyonce, because of how much I am influenced by her. Her talent is beyond anyone in the business right now, and she truly is a legend of her time. She is my absolute idol TILL THE END OF TIME!

  • Arianna Pond
    Arianna Pond

    Marcus is practically a brother to me and if anyone deserves this, it is him. I have never known anyone that cares about everyone as much as he does. Plus I've never met a bigger Beyonce fan. I really hope he gets this because this would make him happier than anything in the entire world.

  • Lena Raphael Hampton
    Lena Raphael Hampton

    I would like to win a pair of tickets in order to take my 10yr old daughter De'ja-Marie to her concert. I realize that just about everyone who comments will say that they are her biggest fan but, De'ja-Marie really is. She has every cd, concert cd, movie and even mixtape cd's with Bey on it. She watches and/or listens to either her cd's and concert cd's everyday. She has asked me several times to take her to a concert but to my knowledge, Beyonce' hasn't been in San Diego, CA. To sum it all up, I would very much like to win in order to fulfill my daughter's wish of seeing Beyonce in concert. [img][/img] <--------- That's De'ja

  • aaron

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE BEYONCE!!! true inspiration. no more to say..

  • Michelle

    I don't think there are enough words in the world to describe how much I love Beyonce. She defines what a true musician is. She is dedicated and a hard worker and I would do absolutely anything to meet her! I strive everyday to become as confident and powerful as she is. Her music makes me stronger and really gets me through my hard times. She is a true inspiration! Love you Bey!!! YOU RULE THE WORLD <33

  • grace

    I have loved Beyonce from way back in her DC days. She always tops herself and NEVER disappoints. I am so excited for this DVD and can't wait to add it to the rest of my collection of DVDs. She is flawless and unbelievable!

  • Stephanie

    Beyonce is without doubt the hardest working person out there and I admire her so much for that! She amazes me everyday and always surprises me. She is a true idol for everyone out there. She is just amazing beyond words!

  • Melisa Tang
    Melisa Tang

    Beyonce is, without a doubt, the greatest performer of her generation. She is an idol to many and leads by example. Beyonce will go down in history as one of the most successful female artists who ever lived and I am proud to have witnessed her continue to grow from strength to strength over the years from her time in DC to her solo career. She is a force to be reckoned with!

  • Natalie Smith
    Natalie Smith

    Out of anyone in this entire contest, Marcus should win. Hands down. Even though I got one year with him in school, I can tell you that he loves her more than anyone I've ever known. She is his true idol & I know it would mean the world to him. (:

  • Lc Thomas
    Lc Thomas

    Beyonce is the best entertainer of my time. Singing and dancing both. She performed earlier this summer on my birthday in central park (7/1) and I couldn't make it. I went to her first solo tour first ladies tour and have not seen her in concert yet. It would be the best thing to meet her. That's on my bucket list . So I hope I'm able to win this. I adore Beyonce she is classy, talented, and most of all down to earth and human. Despite all the glitz and glamor her music shows that she is just like all of us.

  • Sarah Fryefield
    Sarah Fryefield

    I'm "Crazy in Love" with Beyoncé. I've been "Dreaming" of saying "Hello" to this "Irreplaceable" "Hip Hop Star" for forever. Please make my "Sweet Dreams" come true!

  • Jordan Mcallister
    Jordan Mcallister

    I love Beyonce because she is the most talented,beautiful, and sexiest woman that I have every seen. I have been listening to Beyonce since the late 90s because I was born when Destiny child's firs hit No,No,No part 1 came out. Ever since i was a child i have always had a crush in Beyonce and calling her my future wife. I really love listening to her music because each song had a message for men or women, and her songs inspires many people. Also that you can see the different attitude in each songs,and you can see the difference in the fast up beat dance songs and slow calm love songs. Her songs are also like so real and like most of her songs have to deal with real things.So thats why i love her plus i want to learn about the expression on writing music because im trying to get in the music/entertaining business like my cousins.I love you Be!!

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas
    Mina Di Marco Rosas

    Its simple I love her because I can always relate to her music. No matter what's going on in my life I can always find a song of hers to relate to the day or the feeling. Simple as that.

  • Ga'Lahni Maserati
    Ga'Lahni Maserati

    I love Beyonce simply because she's Beyonce.I mean like words cant even explain the way i feel about her & her music, it is everything to me. I feel like she's the true meaning of entertainment anyone whose been to one of her concerts knows that your sure to get your moneys worth and some. She's beautiful ,she's an icon & most importantly she's Beyonce.

  • Christy

    Beyonce is truly inspirational, a role model, and a real talent! yayyy B <3

  • Darshi Patel
    Darshi Patel


  • Monique Jackson
    Monique Jackson

    I love Beyonce. She is hardworking,fierce black woman. STRONG and oh so talented. She works hard. I love her! She followed her dream NO MATTER what I truly am a HUGE fan. I would love to go!

  • Marcus Little
    Marcus Little

    CJ you have truly touched me. Cancer was the cause of a lot of deaths in my family and I am so glad you came out strong and you're still here. I was raised in a family that taught me as well as Beyonce' herself not to be selfish and I entered this contest, you can check out my comment if you like on the second page, but because they have taught me this, I wish you the best at this competition and it would be great to see you win and live out your dream and mine as well. Stay strong and maintain a beautiful soul. You are loved not only by Bey' and your wonderful mom, but by me as well. I guess we'll have to go head and head (nonviolently) about the biggest fan thing. Lol. Just kidding. Good luck!

  • Renae

    No other entertainer or performer in this world leaves the audience panting, anticipating and wanting more. Beyonce combines vigor, zeal and perfection. She is exquisite. She defines perfection and goodness. Her inner beauty and aura combined with her charisma and raw natural beauty is so powerful and so appealing. People respect Beyonce. She is no gimmick, she is not the work of PR professionals, gossip or hype. She is her own person. Her talent speaks louder than any costume. She sets the bar high. She is a bonafide role model. She inspires me to pursue excellence and to become all I can be. I am proud to be her supporter. I see her drive, I see her spirit I see her personality. She is woman personified in all her glory. There is no stopping this force of nature. She is like a MACHINE. She lights up a room with grace and beauty. This woman has changed the course of the pop stratosphere forever!!

  • Janiece Lawrence
    Janiece Lawrence

    i love beyonce because she is a beautiful person inside and out. she inspires everybody young and old. she represents girl empowerment and i love that about her. she is the hardest working woman in the industry. she teaches girls to LOVE their curves, and that thick girls are BEAUTIFUL. Beyonce is a triple THREAT, who else you know can SING,ACT,AND DANCE. i inspire to be like her, i look up to her. my love for beyonce grows each and everyday, i've been a fan for years and to watch her grow is amazing,it feels like i know her at times,her songs have messages and it helps me through a lot. im happy that i'm alive and to witness the history she is making. BEYONCE IS ICONIC !

  • Bobby Bowden
    Bobby Bowden

    I love love love Beyonce! When I turned 11 I made my extremely uncomfortable father take me to see Destiny's Child. It is without a doubt the best memory of my childhood. Beyonce has always been my favorite artist and continued to amaze me "4". I spent all my savings (clearly, I'm a poor college student) on tickets to see her at Roseland. It was the best concert I've ever been too. The Destiny's Child recap didn't hurt either. I would love to see the premiere of Live at Roseland to complete my Beyonce dreams!

  • Jae Stew
    Jae Stew


  • Howard Winchester
    Howard Winchester

    I love beyonce sooooo much. We are BOTH virgos and she's been my inspiration for EVER. I mean, i even wrote my college essay on Beyonce. 10 school's accepted me praising the essay! Beyonce will forever be apart of my life POINT BLANK PERIOD.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Beyonce's '4' era is about experience, about placing yourself in a moment bigger than anything you've ever experienced, and sharing this moment with her would mean the world. Beyonce is a beacon of hope for today's music industry - not only does she continue to sound better and better, but she has moved into a stage of her career where she can do what she wants, on her own terms. She is free of controversy, but always riveting. She is sexy, smart, powerful, iconic. It'd be a gift to share the premiere of this concert with the woman herself, a testament to everything she's achieved.

  • Diane Furchert
    Diane Furchert

    Please choose cj I can honestly say as his mother that he is her all time fan...CJs biggest dream has been to meet beyonce since he was about 8 years old PLEASE CHOOSE HIM!

  • Cj Furchert
    Cj Furchert

    I am honestly beyonces biggest guy fan!! I am 16 years old and just recently battled sarcoma cancer for about 4 months.I underwent 13 & 1/2 hours of surgery and I was on bed rest for 3 months and went through a lot. Beyonce is what gets me through everything because I tell myself one day I will have my own talk show and interview. Sarcoma cancer does usually come bck in 10 years and show no signs until then.This opportunity would change my life and mean THE WORLD to me. I would do ANYTHING to win this. Ask my family friends teachers anyone beyonce is everything to me. Even my PARROT sings SINGLE LADIES!! honestly though i am crying while writing this because i cant even imagine being given the opportunity to meet such an unbelievable gorgeous women. You wont regret it if you choose me because it is my ultimate dream to meet her. I have written to everyone even tried to send fan mail to her guitarist bibi McGill to TTY and contact her... PLEASE choose me! i would bring my best friend my sister Jackie who is 22 I can't say it enough PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I beg you to please choose me!! Thank you so much

  • Danasia Caldwell
    Danasia Caldwell

    I love Beyonce because she is such an inspiration. She is all about empowering women. She is so talented and remains humble through all of her success. She always gives her all when she performs and in anything she does. She is a great person for young girls to look up to, a great role model. She teaches to always follow your dreams. She does everything she can to make her fans happy. She is so giving and a has an amazing spirit. One of the nicest people. I just love her so much. She is my idol. She is everything and more to me.

  • Roxana Perez
    Roxana Perez

    Let me start by saying that Beyoncé is my favorite female artist of all time. The reason for that is because I not only connect to her music but also connect to her outside of her music career. She embodies what a hard working woman in our country should look like and does so in a classy way. She stands up for issues that are important to women all over our nation. She has always remained humble throughout her career. She’s everything I aspire to be, she is my idol and hero.

  • Ana Bru
    Ana Bru

    I couldn't imagine music without Beyonce! She's sings her music from her my soul! From Sasha Fierce to Deena Jones to Beyoncé Giselle Knowles! She's AMAZING. Every single song has impacted my life. Whether it be in the gym, after breaking up, making up, having a blast with my girls, or just enjoying life and everything it's bring me. I'd do absolutely anything to have an opportunity to be at Beyonce’s Live at Roseland DVD premiere in New York City! <3

  • Donald Jackson
    Donald Jackson

    I love Beyonce because she is one of the only Artist that makes real music. By real music I mean music that actually makes a person feel something. Her music touches people and brings about true emotions that real people feel. She doesn't just make a song to sell she makes it because it has something to do with her life and to relate it to other people. Another reason why I love Beyonce is because when she performs live she is the artist that sounds better live then she does recorded. When she performs no matter how you are viewing it whether it be live Dvd or an awards show she brings you into the song and the moment and you never want it to be over. Beyonce is the most amazing performer of our time, and to be able to watch her performance with her would mean the world to me.

  • Destiny Deeyonce
    Destiny Deeyonce

    (cont) Whenever I see her on television or think of something she's done, I cry. I just can't help it. She's just so good to everyone and has impacted my life in many ways.

  • Destiny Deeyonce
    Destiny Deeyonce

    I've loved Beyonce since first heard her sing. She's my inspiration, my idol, and my role model. I would be the happiest person on this earth if I got the chance to go see her. She lifts me up with her music when I'm feeling my worse. Whenever I'm going through anything, listening to her always helps me get through a problem. She encourages young girls like myself to go after what we want in life and never give up no matter what. I love how private she is with her personal life. She shows that you don't have to be all up in the media in order to have fun and love your life. She's taught me to be more humble for the things I have and people in my life. I love her more than words can express.

  • Shaneia N.
    Shaneia N.

    Beyonce is The perfect example of the type of woman I aim to be. Regardless of the profession I choose, I want to emulate her hard-working character that is always striving to do better. She is a beautiful black woman with an amazing voice and I would love to attend this premiere to watch the Queen work!

  • Kimberly Walker
    Kimberly Walker

    I love Beyonce because she is the perfect role model. She is inspiring and empowers women of all ages. Yes her talents are out of this world, but she is more than that. She does so much for the less fortunate and people all over the world. Her music speaks volumes and can help get someone through any situations. Beyonce is an idol and rightfully so. I've been to multiply concerts, like the one taped for the dvd, but I have never had the chance of meeting my idol. This would mean everything to me. Pleasssssse choose me!

  • Deanna Dirico
    Deanna Dirico

    There are just so many reasons why i love Beyonce. She is someone i will always look up to no matter what. She is such an inspiring person to everyone including me. Beyonce is not like other celebrities. She likes to keep her personal life to herself. She is kind to all her fans. She is such an amazing person to me. Her music is everything to me. Every lyric means something to me. B's music always has a message that i find. Every time i hear her name i get a tear in my eye because she is such an inspiring person to me. Winning these tickets would make me speechless. Beyonce is someone i have looked up to since i can listen to music. She is a music genius. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and deserves every award. Beyonce will always be someone who inspires me. Thanks for taking time to read this <3 i <3 beyonce <3

  • Aisha Jackson
    Aisha Jackson

    I love Beyonce because her music is truly inspirational! Sometimes her music was what kept me going. I listen to it every morning on my way to school so I can get energized!! :) But I also love her selfless personality. Her laughs and smiles and care for others and her family makes her a special person beyond the music and fame. I would love to meet her, but if I don't I just want her to know that I love her and she has definitely made an impact on my life. Thank you Bey!!

  • Cj Furchert
    Cj Furchert

    I am honestly beyonces biggest guy fan!! I am 16 years old and just recently battled sarcoma cancer for about 4 months. I was on bed rest and went through a lot. Beyonce is what gets me through everything because I tell myself one day I will have my own talk show and interview. This opportunity would change my life and mean THE WORLD to me. I would do ANYTHING to win this. PLEASE choose me! i would bring my best friend my sister Jackie who is 22

  • Alvi Sun
    Alvi Sun

    I have been a huge Beyonce Fan since the beginning of Destiny's Child and have grown up listening to her. I have all her albums and concert dvds. She is the best entertainer in the world and is an incredibly smart business woman. Beyonce is my biggest inspiration in music and dance. Also the first night I started go go dancing, was for the "Party" single release. I have already pre-ordered the Roseland Dvd but to actually see the premiere would be mind blowing. Please pick me!

  • Alyssa

    Beyonce is my motivation, my inspiration, and my idol. She represents everything a woman could ever dream of being, yet she still remains a humble, real human being. It's her motivation and work ethic that make her the amazing, loving individual that she is. Everything she touches turns to gold, simply because she has the mind power and drive to do so. Beyonce's truly an inspiration to all woman. You can do whatever you set your mind to.

  • Anneke Amaya
    Anneke Amaya

    I have LOVED Beyonce ever since her days in Destiny's Child and have really grown up listening to her! She embodies the woman that I hope to be one day. My birthday is on November 24th and this would be THE PERFECT 23RD BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR ME!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!

  • Jennifer Movold
    Jennifer Movold

    I love Beyonce because she is without a doubt the most talented singer, songwriter and performer in the music business. She truly has touched my life and changed the way I view music. Her grace, beauty, and power are breath taking and she is the true definition of a women. I can't help but be drawn to her. This opportunity is the chance of a lifetime and I would love nothing more than to meet the incredible Beyonce.

  • Gotti Malay
    Gotti Malay

    Phoenix, AZ King B Queen B Sasha Fierce Diva GOLD Beyoncé Giselle Knowles born September 4, 1981 16 Grammy Awards Number one Female Artist Beyonce is Music to my Soul she gives me life !

  • greekmamaof2

    I think she is a positive role model for my nieces and my friends daughters to look up to.. She is a powerful woman who knows what she wants .. and has achieved all that she set out to do!!!

  • jaybee24

    Constantly hearing "friends" talk about how you're weird and obsessed with Beyonce and continuously hearing negative things. Well that is me!! Yes it is annoying but I dont care because I will always show my love and gratitude for Beyonce. She has helped me through so many trials and tribulations. Her advice means so much to me. Her bright smile can brighten my rotten day. Her music will turn my frown upside down. Her appearance will make me happy for the rest of the day. She inspires me and I know so many others. Yes she is a very beautiful woman but she is also one who has the warmest heart. She cares about others and shows it. She loves helping the needs of the world and never thinks twice about giving back. Her work ethic is out of this world. Despite all the negativity she receives she still remains calm and continues to excel in her career. She never repeats herself but always finds something new and continues to grow more and more with everything she does. Even on her worst day she continues to give more than a BILLION percent in everything she does. If she's feeling down she will still stop and talk to her fan because she really does care. She helps me to realize I really can become something despite the many obstacles and negativity I may receive. Because of this I will continue to support her no matter what. I will continue to defend her from all of her haters. I will continue to buy everything that has to do with her even if it means using money that I need for food and even if it means using my college tuition funds. I will always love Beyonce and my love for her will NEVER end. Winning this contest would mean more than the universe to me. I will be happy FOREVER. Beyonce is the true definition of a LEGEND. She will always be the Greatest female performer of ALL TIME. That is why I love the one and only BEYONCÉ GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER!!

  • Alexandra

    you can travel across the world, but you will never find a fan like Marcus. Marcus is not just wrapped up in Beyonce looks like many fans, he enjoys her work as an artists.

  • Rodemie Hyppolite
    Rodemie Hyppolite

    I am going to keep it simple. Meeting Beyonce will be a life changing experience for me. I am someone that will give her entire savings money just to meet her face to face. Even if I don't win but I know one day I will get a chance to meet this incredible woman that Inspires me in so many ways. God bless beyonce, and each day I am grateful to be alive and to witness the Magic of beyonce.

  • Heather

    Please let Marcus win!!!! He can tell you every little detail about Beyonce lol...He is deff. her biggest fan ever! GO MARCUS!!!

  • tonya

    I love Beyonce because she is creative, dynamic, black, and a great singer.

  • Ryan Norris Anderson
    Ryan Norris Anderson

    I love Beyonce because she is a true performer. Nobody else can match her talent, her poise, her voice, her dancing, her skill... nobody.

  • Shelby Teal Tomaiko
    Shelby Teal Tomaiko

    Even though I've already commented, I just want to say that if I win, I will take one of you Beyonce superfans with me!! No one deserves to go more than us!!

  • Jaritza Feliciano
    Jaritza Feliciano

    Queen (King) B. is an incredibly talented iconic female beauty. The number one female in the industry regardless of what anyone has to say. When someone asks why I love Beyonce my mind begins to buzz with ideas (no pun intended). I love Beyonce because I believe she sets such a great example to all women. When she wants something she works hard for it, and she shows such determination. She proves to us that as a woman you have the power to do everything and anything a man does and that you do not have to stand under a man. She is unlike many other female celebrities, she keeps her private life to herself and that cannot be an easy task. Her voice is angelic and she is just such a generous person and really cares about and loves her fans. I love that she is not afraid to say what she feels and how she has such a strong personality. I love how she does not allow anyone to make her decisions for her and is her own independent person. She has such positive energy that gives power to her fans. Her music has such a variety it can get you up and dancing and it can make you emotional. Her music can get me wanting to go dance my heart out, to wanting to lay in bed all day eating ice cream . She makes women feel empowered; makes us believe that we do run the world! Her perfectionism and hard work have made her who she is today and if I was given the opportunity to meet Beyonce I think it would be the most amazing thing to happen in my life to this day! Certainly a dream come true I love her soo much she is just my idol! Please allow me this opportunity!

  • Darius

    PLEASE PLEASE GIVE MARCUS THIS CHANCE TO MEET HIS IDOL!!!!!!!! Beyonce Literally Has An Impact On His Life...NOT ONE OF HER FANS Is Going To Cry At The Thought Of Her Name NOW THATS A FAN!!!!!! He Loves Her Like That Is His Sister..She Is The Most Important Influence In His Life....If Beyonce Wants To Know Is There A Fan Out There Worth Continuing Her PERFECT Career Marcus Little Is That Fan!!!!!

  • Josh Webb
    Josh Webb

    If anyone deserves this, it is definitely Marcus. Good luck Marcus :)

  • Frank Costa
    Frank Costa

    I love Beyonce! She is flawless and the epitome of class. Enough said.

  • Ben Rivers
    Ben Rivers

    This dude deserves it more than anything . My sister always told me when she was in high school that if he could do anything it would be meet beyonce . Like his comment .. HE DESERVES IT !! -Ben Rivers

  • Davin Harris
    Davin Harris

    I would love a chance to meet Beyonce. I would not want to bore her with the usual I love yous.. but to tell her that she is truly a gift from God.. she was sent from heaven and seemingly sent for me. She is someone that stands for a lot more good than evil. I love her because the guidance she would give would be positive, positive for anyone.. not just females, young kids, but for everyone. Males females old and young. She shows a genuine love for her job and work. shows me that hard work does pay off. Shows me that it is good to have a strong family foundation. She helped me and my mom get through the toughest time with Halo. It was when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Her music kept me and mom from sinking. There is so much that Beyonce has done for me to make love her that i can go on forever. Every day my love grows stronger. It is a passion and love for her that seems to be burning a fire inside me that nothing can put it out. Beyonce you have left your mark here in my heart if no where else.. you were and you still are, and forever will be here.

  • Linda A
    Linda A

    love beyonce, she really know how to perform!

  • Josh

    BEYONCE FOREVER. 4 is one of my favorite albums of the year and I love the artistic directions she has gone on this with. Her music has definitely helped me get through things in my life so thanks Bey :)

  • Davin Harris
    Davin Harris

    I love Beyonce because she is inspiratonal. She motivates people all over the world. She handles herself and her business very professionally at all times. Beyonce genuinely cares to be a role model and exemplify good character. I love all of her songs, especially Halo. I have all her cds and dvds. She is extremely talented. I love her because she displays good work ethic and seemingly has her priorities right. There is not enough words and better yet, words cannot explain how much and why I love Beyonce. There is a connection that I can not explain. Like her song "Interlude" on dangerously in Love - "my love goes beyond what i can say, Love Davin (I Love You Beyonce)

  • Jasmine Fowlkes
    Jasmine Fowlkes

    Had the opportunity to meet Beyonce this summer, and it changed my life for the better. I admire her work ethic and determination. Would love the opportunity to attend the premiere of her DVD.

  • Charnae Ja' Nyse Brown
    Charnae Ja' Nyse Brown

    From the 1st time I heard her voice I knew there was something special about her. The way she carries herself to her humble attitude made her stand out. Her strength as a woman she chose to share with us in order to plant it within ourself and be able to feel beautiful and strong. She gave us songs to cry to, songs to dance to, and songs that made us feel like we could do anything, be anything, have anything. She is a woman of class and has held heself to a standard that most don't find it necessary to live by. Beyonce has been a sucessful artist, buisness woman, actress and soon a mother. I love Beyonce because she paved a road for young women like myself so we know that there is a way to have everything we dream of and aspire for without losing ourselves.

  • Uy Tran
    Uy Tran

    Because she has a great emtional voice, an excellent performing abilities, and good heart.

  • Samantha

    I'll make this short & sweet. I live her, she owns, Girls run the world!!! Pick me to go to Roseland please. Life goal will be complete!

  • Louis Filosa
    Louis Filosa

    I love Beyonce because...she is...mine! :D

  • David A. Centeno
    David A. Centeno

    Since I was four or five, I've been in love with Beyoncé and her music! Her beautiful vocals and great lyrics have always stuck with me whether they be on a booming dance record or a soulful ballad! I try my best to see her in person at concerts. I've been fortunate enough to see her perform live! She's the sweetest person, too! She's so kind to her fans and my dreams truly became a reality when I met her at Macy this September. While it was only for a few seconds, it was amazing! Please pick me! I must reunite with King B!!! <3

  • Gabe Alfassy
    Gabe Alfassy

    I'm not gonna write some ridiculously long essay to prove my point. I've loved beyonce since her Destiny's Child days, and now that im 18, that's basically my whole life. She has inspired me in so many ways, especially as a singer, and just has a way of empowering so many people. Now especially when so many ridiculous people are famous for no reason (hey Kim Kardashian,) Beyonce has such an incredible voice and is one of the most talent artists of this generation. in short, i fucking love her. she is even on my wall of legends (which is only her and mariah tbh... lol)! <3 B is my girl. point blank PERIOD. [img] on 11-16-11 at 3.02 PM-340_226.jpg[/img]

  • Frank Colley
    Frank Colley

    theres only one thing that you could class special in your life and a trip in this uncertain world would pick me up no end. seeing a true star of our age would be the icying on the cake good luck and best wishes everyone x

  • simplytaty

    Why do I love Bey?...Well, Beyonce as a singer is simply phenomenal. Beyonce as a business woman is truly dedicated and driven. Beyonce as a person is sweet and giving. Beyonce as a celebrity is humble, respectable, and never gives her fans less than her best. In a society where celebrities are all too often equated with their scandals, party life, drug/alcohol addictions, crimes, etc...Beyonce is truly a diamond in the rough. She is a woman who is celebrated for her talent, her personality, and her positive life events (ie. marriage, pregnancy, etc..), which is how it SHOULD be. She is such a role model and she knows it, and she lives up to it by teaching lessons that we can all learn from: success takes more than talent, it takes hard-work, a good spirit, and humility. As a young woman who grew up loving the legends of my parents' and grandparents' generations, it is such a blessing to know that years from now, I can share Beyonce's music, story, and legacy with my own kids and grandkids.

  • bethany

    I love Beyonce because her music transports you to where and who you want to be. She is phenomenal and gives 110% of herself every single time she hits the stage. In my car the only CD's I have are hers (and 1 Jay album) and I life without her music would be rubbish! She is incredible and a complete icon and role-model for our generation and I am sure many generations to come. No matter where you go in the world, people know and love her music and I truly believe she genuinely appreciates her fans. I could write a million more words on her - I am just completely in awe of the women. But she is a women who needs no words said about her. She is Beyonce. The woman, the performer, the icon...the diva.

  • Shelby Teal Tomaiko
    Shelby Teal Tomaiko

    I LOVE BEYONCE! I consider myself her biggest fan! She is such an amazing person. She does so much for all of her fans and for everyone she meets! She truly is an angel! She has helped me more than she will ever know. When my father passed away a few months ago, her music got me through it. I can relate to all of her songs! It's written on my bucket list "Go to a Beyonce concert or Meet Beyonce" but I have never had the chance. Even though I don't expect to meet Beyonce if I win, just being in the same building as her would be the best day of my life! I thank you so much for this opportunity and I will keep my fingers crossed! I love Beyonce!!!

  • Silviq Dobreva
    Silviq Dobreva

    Beyonce has the most beautiful voice! I love her because of her uniqueness and admire her for her successfully matching career development and family happiness.I hope one day I could manage that too.I would be far more than happy to see her on a concert. :))))

  • Ousha Marie
    Ousha Marie

    i love beyonce because she is such an amazing woman and the greatest entertainer of my generation, i feel blessed to be alive to witness such greatness, a living legend, she inspires me to be a better woman, through her i feel i can accomplish anything i put my mind to, she is the biggest entertainer alive yet remains so humble! she is one in a million! love beyonce for life!

  • shope85

    I love Beyonce because she is one of the most talented people i have ever saw. In my eyes she is the female version of Michael Jackson. When i went to her concert 2 years ago, I saw her magic,people were crying (i was one of them) and fainting. Not many people can do that. She has the type of music that will live on for years.

  • mariana dos santos
    mariana dos santos

    I amoela.Porque the first time I heard her music I did not care anymore after I started to hear more music and clips of her and realized she was my inspiration for dancing career because I love to dance and dance dance. She and her incantarora emeu sonhoo and good to know it and have the pleasure of applauding my idol on her show and be more certain of what I always think of it .. I love Beyonce

  • Jennifer Ceballos
    Jennifer Ceballos

    I love Beyonce because she stays true to herself, loved ones, and her fans! I am so glad she is still putting out LIVE DVD's. I can't wait for this!

  • Jon Shenski
    Jon Shenski

    I love her for the same reasons as everyone else does, put together and multiplied times two!

  • Crystal Clay
    Crystal Clay

    I love Beyonce because I've noticed her ever since Destiny's Child first video. At the time I was mezmorized by Destiny's Child first song, "No, No, No" and not only the song the styling, hair, and of course Beyonce. Since that day it has been a whilwind of my admiration for her. Over the years I have seen her grow not only as a artist/actor/model/empire but also as a business woman, wife, and now her new accomplishment her life beginning as a mother.. To meet her would be a inspiration and a dream. She is a good example of a woman that uplifts us all. Her strength, vulnerbility, sincerity, diligence, dedication to her craft and her ability to stay humble is something to grasp onto and want to work hard on everyday to be. She is a phenomonial woman. Thank you Beyonce.

  • Katy Guilbault
    Katy Guilbault

    I have loved Beyonce my whole life. She has inspired me to become an independent young woman and to be respectful to everyone. I love how Beyonce is one of the few celebrities that did not let all the fame and fortune go to her head. She always stays true to herself and I totally respect her for that. Beyonce is my number 1 role model and I will ALWAYS love her and her music <3 You go Bey!!!

  • Nazia Sadaphal
    Nazia Sadaphal

    I love Beyonce because she is simply amazing. There are very few artists out there who can perform live the way she does and make you feel like, even in a crowd of thousands, you're the only one she's performing for.

  • Marcus Little
    Marcus Little

    When I saw this contest my heart stopped, because just yesterday I posted "Wanna know what's the #1 thing on my bucket list? Can you guess it? Oh, I'll just tell you. It's to meet Beyoncé and just talk to her for about an hour and just tell her how much I love her and how much she inspires me! Gosh, I'd be the happiest person on earth if this came true! ♥" as my status on Facebook. It's always been my dream and still is my one and only true goal to meet Beyoncé. Some people laugh and call me crazy, because they think I love her too much, but they don't know what Bey' has done for me. In school, I was bullied and teased for being who I am and I remember going home and crying in the corner of my bathroom and I just felt like giving up and what stopped me was "I don't know why you love me and that's why I love you. You catch me when I fall, accept me flaws and all and that's why I love you!". Those lyrics literally saved my life, because I felt loved and accepted. She doesn't know why we love her as her fans and that’s why she loves us. It’s remarkable to think that someone who doesn’t us individually, loves us because we love her for no matter what! I know I do. I started college at UNCG this fall and in every class I would introduce myself by stating my name, where I’m from, and saying “I LOVE Beyoncé and if you want to talk to me about anything talk to me about her! She is my life!” and you can ask my professors if you must. In class EVERYTHING relates back to Beyoncé. When I raise my hand to speak during discussion I don’t even get a chance to say anything, because before I even get a chance open my mouth I get stopped by “It’s more than Beyoncé!” and stuff like that by friends. I don’t see it like that! She is Beyoncé! She is life! No one can truly understand they way I feel for her, because I can’t even explain it. I try, like in this status posted on November 11 at 1:56 am in response to her ‘1+1’ rehearsal in the Idol dressing room: “I've posted this video in the past numerous times, but I must post it again just to answer some questions. People always ask me "What's so great about Beyoncé? Why do you love her so much? What makes her different than anybody else" I will post this video over and over as answer to those senseless questions! This is why! This is TRUE talent! Bey' doesn't need to dance around the stage all the time, that's not the reason I love her. To do performances like this just in a dressing room...come on! Should you continue to ask those questions? Are you blind?! Are you deaf?! This ladies and gents is why! She can't and never will be duplicated! This is Queen Bey'! ♥”. See, I can’t be too elaborate about it. It’s more than just a feeling, it’s more than just a thought, it’s more than just admiration, it’s love! I love her. She is a sister and she doesn’t even know me which is is kind of weird to most, but not me. My friend said to me the other day during dinner “Marcus, you praise her like she’s some God.” and I said to him, “No, you’ll never understand because it’s more than that.”. I’ve entered nearly every contest to meet her or to win an album or an autograph, but I’ve never won. I’ve never had the opportunity to go to a show like I’ve always wanted to, but I keep my fingers crossed and my prayers high, because I know one day something is going to give and I will get to see her and I will let her know what she’s done for me and just how she’s changed my life. My birthday is coming up (12/17) and I tell my friends here at college, that the greatest gift of all would be to surprise me with a video of Bey’ wishing me a Happy Birthday, because I know she’d never come to see me just for my birthday. Gosh, that would be amazing! Words can’t describe how my love for her. I can go on all day just listing things, because I love her for so many different reasons. This contest means the world to me, simply because Bey’ means world to me. So, if you would take out time just to show her this if I don’t even win, I will be the happiest person on earth! I love you all! Thanks! <3

  • cmpetree

    shes a great dancer!

  • Holly Milburn
    Holly Milburn

    If I don't win this contest, it will honestly be one of the world's greatest injustices. I don't know how to describe my love for B in any other way.

  • Renée Gaughran
    Renée Gaughran

    I have been following Beyonce since the start of her career. This would be a chance of a lifetime for me. I would love to be there to show my support to Beyonce. She is a positive influence in my life. Through her music I was able to get through some very bad times in my life. This would make dreams come tre for me. Pls pick me. <3

  • Veronica Gonzalez
    Veronica Gonzalez

    Beyonce is a great inspiration to many young girls, my daughter Alyanna is 1 of them. She attends a Arts Magnet School and is a straight A student who strives to be her best when she performs in school. When asked who she Idolizes she responses BEYONCE! She Idolizes B the way my genaration Idolizes Michael Jackson. She has seen every concert DVD and has all of Destiny Childs and Beyonces CD's, she knows every single word and melody to every single song, on point and she's only 13 and knows exactly what she wants to do in life and college she wants to go to, thanks to her dad and I, and Beyonce. I could not ask for anybody better besides myself for her to look up too. She has shown girls of all ages that with extremely hard work and dedication and you can go where you want to go in life. Thank You Beyonce for that. Thank for showing girls the right thing. My daughter and I love you. Awesome Entertainer!

  • Cristina Martinez
    Cristina Martinez

    well i literally grew up with destiny's child and beyonce particularly, i have been with her since day one in her group and day one as a solo artist, and me as a devoted fan. She has a beautiful heart and soul on top of being gorgeous and obviously sexy on the outside :-) When I need a little bit of extra confidence such as during college presentations or just cause i'm having a bad day, i can always think of sasha fierce and create my own alter ego for the short time being, beyonce reminds me that you can have different aspects to your personality and still be grounded and professional and live a private personal life...she's just amazing and i love her music and videos and style of course! I love B!! and my now fiance took me to my first B concert two summers ago in nj !

  • Naomi Bierings
    Naomi Bierings

    The 40 reason´s I love Beyoncé: 1.She is not afraid to wearing RED 2.She is ahead of the trends 3.She is not afraid to try new looks 4.For Destiney´s Child 5.She's so far beyond everyone in terms of knowledge of entertainment. 6.Beyonce manages to have an appreciation for the entire business and still know how important it is for her to be herself 7.She is a True entertainer in all aspects of the word 8.She is up there with the greats already - Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy Cline, Joni Mitchell, Janet Jackson, Lola Falana to name a few. 9.She have them all wrapped up in you and give us a new take on them all. 10.She is a QUEEN 11.she is a real down to earth humble person 12.she cares about her fans and goes out of her way to meet them. 13.she is very close to her family and is very private when it comes to personal relationships. 14.she is someone that most people could relate to and is very inspiring. 15.she admits she is a person just like everyone else. 16.her songs inspired me to be the best i could be!! 17.& stay loyal to all my promises. 18.doesn't sweat about doing it all in heels!! that's real talent!! (: 19.SHE IS PHENOMENON IN EVERYTHING SHE BRINGS FORTH. 20.SHE IS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AS WELL AS OUTSIDE 21.she is the most awesome entertainer in the world. 22.I can't find a single bad thing about her. 23.she does have the best songs to dance to 24.she has the most amazing ballads. 25.She is an icon 26.I don't mean to compare her to MJ, but she's my generation's Michael Jackson. 27.She´s a good role model to women and young girl. 28.She's most awesome chick.. 29.Even when the media try and back her against the wall, she comes out blazing them with vocals that shuts up the negative. 30.I love her to death! <3 31.she’s defeneletly a diva but a classy one at that. 32.Most talented person in the world 33.She is not only the best singer she also dance like the best!! 34.When person´s told me that I coundn´t do something. She made me believe in myself again.. 35.I was afraid to say what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do.. and trough her songs I felt a lot more confident 36.She is a great actress 37.She is everything I wanted to be or that I hope to be some day 38.She worked hard to get everything, she have now 39.She runs the world 40.Her discipline I love Beyoncé simply because... she's Beyoncé.

  • Billy Hutton
    Billy Hutton

    Beyonce is not only the top artist of our time but she's an amazing women, a giver, and truly down-to-earth. She extremely cares about her fans and the work she puts out which creates amazing, emotional, moving, and chart topping hits. Her music suits every mood. It makes me feel happy when I'm down and it comforts me when I need to think. I never knew that an artists music could be so powerful. While she has millions of fans, many of whom will enter this contest, I figured I'd give it a shot. Although I probably won't win, I feel like just typing this comment to show my appreciation for this amazing talent might be worth it. The concert at Roseland was the only concert of hers that I've missed in New York due to family problems and it would mean so much to go to the preview. Though I've never met her, this feels like it could be a step closer! Thanks Celebuzz for giving fans such unique opportunities :)

  • Annie FitzGerald
    Annie FitzGerald

    I love Beyonce. She is, without a doubt, my idol. She has inspired me to love and embrace my curves and has showed me the importance of speaking my mind and saying what I want. She is an incredible performer, and you can tell that she gives it her all 100% of the time which shows how much she loves her job. You can see how passionate she is about her music. She is an icon! She is sassy without being slutty, which is hard to do. She tells us that its okay to be a diva sometimes! He class is off the charts! I love you beyonce!

  • Marko Spindler
    Marko Spindler

    awesome singer...seen her in concert and was amazed. in new york city till monday, would love to do sth special like this ..

  • Novelette Phillips
    Novelette Phillips

    Beyonce inspires me and many others to go for the dream. No matter the setbacks you may face. I trust her and all she stands for. She is a role model, woman and soon to be wonderful mother.

  • Jess Fogarty
    Jess Fogarty

    There are very few musicians in history that have had the ability to touch me the way that Beyoncé has. Her music reaches a new emotional level within every single person that hears her music, and she has the ability to reach every level of emotions possible. Whether I need cheering up over heartbreak or a great song to listen to when I'm getting ready, Beyoncé's is always the first playist I go to. The passion and love that she has for her profession reads across everything that she does. Not only does she have one of the most beautiful voices in history, but she's also such a beautiful person. There are very few female figures who I'm able to look up to these days, but she's at the top of my list. Besides her omnipresent internal beauty, her body peace is something to truly admire. In a league all her own, Beyoncé's class, respect, and concern for others shines in everything she does. No matter what she's doing she has the utmost respect for everybody and her emotional and intellectual intelligence comes across in the most beautiful way. Seeing Beyoncé live or in person tops my bucket list and I would give almost anything to be able to participate in this wonderful experience.

  • Alexa Ashton
    Alexa Ashton

    I have gotta be Beyonce's biggest fan. She is the most talented singer of all time and is amazing beyond words live. I know all of her songs and love each and everyone of them and wanted so bad to be there at the Roseland concert to see her live. She is my role model and someone I love to sing along with. I would be so thankful, appreciative and SO EXCITED if given the opportunity to see this screening in New York. I have already pre-ordered this on DVD but before it's released would be an honor, and in the presence of such a beautiful, talented, kind hearted woman - a gift.

  • Ariel Stephens
    Ariel Stephens

    I love Beyoncé so much and I would love to win tickets to her screening! She is such an inspiration and teaches me to continue working hard at whatever I do! I love her music and I can not wait till this DVD comes out (I'm driving all the way to Walmart the day it comes out which is an hour away) I love her 4 album so much that there is not a song that I dont like, I love how she experimented with this album and put new sounds & she actually worked hard on this album and put her heart into it and that makes it such a beautiful album.. it so meaningful I know this album means a lot to her. She is such an amazing artist It would be a DREAM for me to be able to watch the screening and see her in person! Thank you Celebuzz for giving me this opportunity :)

  • Aisha Williams
    Aisha Williams

    I LOVE Beyoncé because her music speaks to my soul. I feel like I have a deep spiritual connection to her. Every since Dangerously in Love in 2003, I have been drawn to her music. Everyone that I know, KNOWS that I am in love with her. She gives her all in her performances, I watch them over and over again, and it makes me cry. I am so proud of her and I support every album and product that she comes out with. I FREAK OUT when any song of hers' comes on the radio. People who ride pass me, think I'm silly because I dance like a maniac! I have the B'Day album from 2006, and I play it everyday, just like it came out yesterday. People who ride with me grow tired of me talking about Beyoncé ALL DAY!!!! Beyoncé has a tattoo of a "IV" on her left hand. I decided to get THE SAME TATTOO of a "IV" also because that number means so much to us. She gives me so much hope and inspiration to give life my all, and never give up. Beyoncé works when she is tired, hungry, sick, or even when her feet start bleeding! Her level of sacrifice and dedication is unmatched in the entertainment field. She will ALWAYS have my SUPPORT and LOVE. I WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE, HONOR, APPRECIATE, BE SO THANKFUL, AND COMPLETELY JOYFUL FOR A CHANCE TO SEE HER AT THE PREMIERE!!!!

  • Joshua Blane Huffman
    Joshua Blane Huffman

    I love Beyonce because she is a true artist. We live in a world today where true talent is overlooked for sterotypical reasons. I really love the fact that not only is Beyonce has been blessed with such a gift, but that she is strong in her beliefs and wants to share her gift with the world. She has been working since she was a child to get to the iconic status that she is at today and she deserves every ounce of fame she gets! She is true to herself and all her fans. I have been a fan of Destiny's Child and Beyonce since I was listening to "Survivor" in 4th grade. She is a role model, and going to this screening would be an amazing opportunity. :)

  • Lauren Harrison
    Lauren Harrison

    I have loved Beyonce since the days of Destiny's Child. She is an absolute inspiration and a true role model for women of all ages around the world. She has an absolute passion for music as well as acting. She inspires us all to dream big because you can accomplish anything. She has also taught women to take control of their destiny's and their relationships. There are no words to describe how big of a star Beyonce is and how successful she has become. She preserved and worked her butt off to get where she is. Again I just cannot say enough but Beyonce is the most amazing performer that I have ever witnessed and I would LOVE the opportunity to attend her premiere just to be in her presence!

  • Deanna

    I love beyonce beacuse she inspires me everyday to wake up and be the best that I can be. She is incredible beyond words and is hands down the greatest singer to ever live. She is so humble and not into the media. I love her amazing sense of style and how caring she is towards others. I feel like Beyonce is the only person to be generous and donate her money and take time to meet her fans. I can listen to her music all day everyday. Her concerts are the best I have ever seen and I never pass up an opprotunity to see her perform her talent. I could go on and on as to why I love Beyonce but mainly I love Beyonce because she is wonderful in every way.

  • Arão Nascimento
    Arão Nascimento

    Why I like Beyonce? Because it's all in my life, whenever I'm sad she has a song that makes me happy whenever I'm glad she has a song that comforts me. On my birthday she came in Brazil looked like she knew, her son will be born on my birthday, so can not help but like her, she is everything in my life, she is a diva, but the woman is sexy the world has a beautiful voice a beauty that only she has, in short it is all my life and a little but!

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    It's hard to explain why what Beyonce means to me; I resisted for a long time becoming attached to a female pop star because it was so expected. It feels like every gay guy needs to be obsessed with a female pop star, and I didn't want to play into that stereotype. I enjoyed her music a great deal, but my admiration for her increased ad infinitum after I saw her perform live in Madison Square Garden in June 2009. There is simply no living performer harder working, more talented, and more committed to delivering upon every ticket sold. I admire her private lifestyle and commitment to maintaining that idea of celebrity that we've lost in the days of US Weekly. Also, because I'm trying to win a freakin contest here, I'll lay it all on the line: I'm at college very far from home. Like as far as you can be in the continental United States. I've recently undergone miserable and draining medical treatment totally by myself, and driving to and from the various offices can be awful. This might sound totally crazy and is not the normal type of thing I share with friends or most certainly not strangers, but I listen to 4 in the car almost everyday. There's something about the trio of "Love On Top", "Countdown", and "End of Time" that is ridiculously life-affirming. Once I've exhausted 4 I'l l go through her artist catalog, looking usually for one of her upbeat entries from B'Day. They always work, pretty much without fail. In short, I've never entered an online contest before. I try to keep my Beyonce love on the somewhat downlow-- at least the real depth and omnipresence of my use of her music. She is awesome, and it would be a an absolute dream to get to attend this event on my first night back in New York in 3 months. Thank you!!

  • Aarão

    Por que eu gosto da Beyoncé ? Porque ela é tudo na minha vida , sempre que estou triste ela tem uma musica que me alegra , sempre que estou alegre ela tem uma musica que me conforta. No dia do meu Aniversario ela veio no Brasil parecia que ela sabia , o filho dela vai nascer no dia do meu aniversario , então não tem como não gosta dela , ela é tudo na minha vida , ela é uma diva , é a mulher mas sexy do mundo tem uma voz deslumbrante uma beleza que só ela tem , Resumindo ela é tudo na minha vida e um pouco mas!

  • Kiellaa Moniquee
    Kiellaa Moniquee

    I love Beyonce' because she Is the Most Incredible woman I have EVER seen in my Whole ENTIRE LIFE . She is a Hard working women who sings , acts , dances etc . WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR ? . God has really blessed her . SHE is such a Humble Person . Her music speaks to many people . So Many People can relate , even me ! & SHE is an AMAZING Performer . Like She performs in HEELS and doesn't fall ! I Bet if I did that I would BREAK my leg . HER VOICE ... LAAAAAWD have MERCY !! I LOVE BEYONCE soo MUCH . Like words can't describe how much I love her . (: SHE is a Role Model to each and every young girl out there . And I feel like we have so MUCH in common. She got discovered by her dance teacher and SO Did I . Like It's just those lilttle Things (: If I got to Meet her LORD KNOWS I would be the Happiest PERSON in this WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD . Love You Beyonce' ! she is SUCH A STRONG WOMAN !

  • Andres Chaves
    Andres Chaves


  • Jillian Brown
    Jillian Brown

    PLEASE. It would mean so much to me if you all gave me this opportunity to attend the screening of the DVD! I've been a Beyoncé fan since I was 9 years old and saw the video for Bills, Bills, Bills. The first CD I ever bought was Writings on the Wall by Destiny's Child, and Beyoncé has always been my favorite member of the group. I even remember spending the summer of 2000 in Houston, TX and looking for Beyonce every where I went lol. Basically, I go WAY back with my love for her :) I'm originally from Memphis, TN so I haven't had that many opportunities to actually go to all the events that Beyoncé has for her fans seeing that they're usually in New York. However.....I LIVE IN NYC NOW :D I moved here recently for school and it would be awesome if I could attend the premiere since I'm actually here!! You'll be glad if you doooo, it would make me so happy :)

  • Eva Vitovičová
    Eva Vitovičová

    BEYONCÉ you are amazing ! I´m Slovak and will winter in New York and I would really want to see you! I would was very very happy and I hope I succeed and fulfill a dream to me.I hold thumbs and once more the goddess..I'm sorry for my English :)

  • Patience Tait
    Patience Tait

    Hello Bey I have always admired you and your strong family values. You are a beautiful person within and on the outside. Your talent is tremendous. But my baby girl is your bigest fan; she is 15years old and is a wonderful daughter. Anyone can ask her a question about you and she knows the answer she calles you her sister. Her bigest wish is to have you at her 16th bday party next year I tell her to stop dreaming. But I know she will go crazy if she gets the chance to meet you. I can't wait for the Elements 4 to drop I will be one of the first to purchase it. Keep on smiling and take care of the beautiful gift that you are caring inside of you. Peace and Blessings to you and your family!

  • Jackie Fata
    Jackie Fata

    I wanna say that i wish everyone the best of luck entering this giveaway to meet Beyonce, I am keeping my fingers crossed myself, I like all her music and just the way she is, She is a very Talented person and i wish her the best in her career and in her motherhood/marriage life, The main reason why i am entering this wonderful giveaway is for my 21 year old sister, she is the biggest Beyonce fan ever, she know's all her songs and she is just so happy with the awesome giveaway that she asked me to enter cause i be having lots of luck with winning giveaway and i pray that this one will be a good one too. I know for a fact that she would be so happy if i won but only luck can make me win, so Good luck everyone and Keep ur fingers crossed. :-)

  • mrtrentsir

    I love Beyonce because I have ears and eyes. How can possess those and not be totally in love with this woman??? Who can deny that voice, those moves, that hair, and don't even get me started about her "Gif"ability! She's King B and still is the sweetest gurl in the game.

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez

    I love Beyonce because she inspires me to be the fiercest b----- in the game

  • Amanda Ducatel
    Amanda Ducatel

    I love Beyonce because she is phenomenal she inspires me to be true to myself and that i shouldn't let anyone tell me i can't do anything. She has a very big impact in my life i love her and everything about her. She is my role model and i love her music, her style, her personality. As humble as she is she makes me want to be just like her in so many ways that i cant help but listen to her music to get me motivated.

  • D'Wayne McCoy
    D'Wayne McCoy

    I Love the Queen Beyonce because she is "BEYONCE", a hardworking, humble, hungry, talented human being that has redefined super-stardom. She is at the top of her game and inspires so many of us everyday. She gives her all in everything she does and with me being a fan I can't ask for any more than that. That's why I don't mind paying top dollar for her concert tickets or for anything that she indulges in because I know that every single penny is well worth it. Not only does Beyonce have the look that everyone loves, but she has proven that her talent is indeed the reason for her stardom. Whether it be acting, producing, writing, singing, or dancing, Beyonce does it all. She makes an average American like me want to dream bigger and want more for myself. That's why I love Miss Beyonce. #TEAMBEYONCE

  • Jerry Walker
    Jerry Walker


  • Tiana Marie
    Tiana Marie

    From Destiny's Child up to her solo career I have been a Bey fan. Her music inspires my motivation to dance. Her music captures the emotion and reality of women's everyday lives. Her lyrics are so personal and that's what makes her real, she's successful through her circumstances. She's her own manager and producer, she can handle her own with or without a man and that's how every woman should be. She is an inspiration to every age girl and boy. She's always more focused on what is pleasing to her fans and what works for her instead of fighting for the number one spot on the charts. She supports other artists and is never in a competition with them. Her musical influences have made her who she is today and I'm so glad she is getting the chance to start her life with a family and experience what every woman should experience. She dated, married, then got pregnant. Something not most women do, but her faith to the Lord is so evident, that she knew it was wrong any other way. Her relationship with God is her own and she doesn't need to talk about it. The way she performs has nothing to do with that relationship and that's why I honor her so much and would be honored to share an experience like this with her. Lots of love to the queen! <3

  • Vancey Pants
    Vancey Pants

    We all know Bey is one of the hardest working women in music, incredibly talented, humble, and passionate about what she does. What I love the most about Beyonce is her PR! You never hear anything bad about her, and the few controversial issues she has had get shut down immediately. Not to mention any unofficial videos of Beyonce are removed right away...typically for "copyright claims by Ms. Beyonce Knowles." Love it!

  • Mika Timpson Archer
    Mika Timpson Archer

    Her discipline is to be admired, the control in her voice is awesome. I haven't seen her do a song that was too big for her, she's usually too big for the song. If I could meet her, I'd ask her for one pearl of wisdom she can't live without... To watch someone so driven makes me get off my lazy butt and dive into my creativity. There's a lot one can learn from her.

  • Dīva Fīerce
    Dīva Fīerce

    i love Beyoncé because her voice is amazing, and she is working so hard on her performances... I love every single song of her and know all her lyrics, she's just amazing, in her beautiful way <3 she inspires me so much, and her album 4 is awesome, i think every single song is great...and if i could meet her, i would be so happy i could die <3 <3 <3

  • Taylor Siyon
    Taylor Siyon

    I love Beyonce because she's one of the BIGGEST inspirations of my life. I have been her BIGGEST fan for at least 10 years now and I'm 17 years old. And I have been loving her since 1999. I have been her biggest supporter through everything. I know everything there is to know about her and I haven't met anyone in my life that loves her more than I do. Whatever is going wrong in my life, I know listening to her music will cheer me up. There has not been a day that goes past that I have not listened to Beyonce There's nothing that she has done that I have not been proud of. I love Beyonce with all my heart like she's a second mother to me. And I just want to thank her for all her hard work and effort and EVERYTHING that she has done and every lyric she has given to us. She's the hardest working woman in the entertainment industry and I just want to thank her for that and sooo much more. I love Beyonce with all my heart. <3

  • Sarah Zabel
    Sarah Zabel

    Beyonce has unmatched energy that she delivers both on and off-stage. Her songs represent all aspects of life; she inspires girls to be fierce and sassy, to love without restraint, to courageously pursue their dreams, and experience hurt and sadness without embarrassment. Beyonce is also an incredible role model, presenting herself in a classy way, especially in her relationship with Jay-Z. She is truly an inspiration.

  • crystal

    I love love love love Beyonce i am her biggest fan! She is the definition of DIVA!!! I honestly dont think theres anything she isnt capable of doing. i think she beautiful in and out. <3 Love Love her!!! <3 Definietely my favorite out of anyone whos out now :)

  • Monique Bell
    Monique Bell

    When I think of Boyonce, I think Phenomenal Woman! Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them, They think I'm telling lies. I say, It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. I say, It's the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my feet. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me. They try so much But they can't touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them They say they still can't see. I say, It's in the arch of my back, The sun of my smile, The ride of my breasts, The grace of my style. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. Now you understand Just why my head's not bowed. I don't shout or jump about Or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing It ought to make you proud. I say, It's in the click of my heels, The bend of my hair, the palm of my hand, The need of my care, 'Cause I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me.

  • Greg Weissman
    Greg Weissman

    I love Beyoncé because... well... "'Cause she can back it up!" Need I say more? She's got talent, creativity/ingenuity, fearless leadership, unyielding drive, and genuine love for her fans and what she does. She worked hard to earn her seat on the throne, and she deserves the prolific acclaim she gets. And she never stops! I've had the honor of watching her perform live several times - breathtaking! She's most definitely my inspiration as an aspiring musician. Ever since "No, No, No," I've been a devotee of Beyoncé!

  • Adam Wayne Geggatt
    Adam Wayne Geggatt

    I love Beyonce because of so many reasons. I remember always love Destinys Child but I remember really clicking with Beyonce when Dangerously in Love was released I was working painting fences. I would listen to the album 8 times a day then I would know the work was over. All of my friends know me as the biggest Beyonce fan they have ever met. I have her entire discography. I daily track her Record sales and radio impressions as well as provide constant promo through my facebook and twitter. That’s love! I could go on forever but what it comes down to is she inspires me to work hard and thats what I love the most

  • Danielle Gore
    Danielle Gore

    I have loved Beyonce since i was 8 yrs old and i honestly thought i would grow out of it lol, but clearly not. She is a hard worker and a great inspiration to all. Bey is never in scandals and does her best to keep her private life private, the way it should be. Her voice! oh gosh indescribable . She is a triple threat and damn good at it too! She is humble. Her songs so relatable. Bey has never done wrong! She shows her flaws and is simply real.

  • Adam Geggatt
    Adam Geggatt

    I love Beyonce because of so many reasons. I remember always love Destinys Child but I remember really clicking with Beyonce when Dangerously in Love was released I was working painting fences. I would listen to the album 8 times a day then I would know the work was over. All of my friends know me as the biggest Beyonce fan they have ever met. I have her entire discography. I daily track her Record sales and radio impressions as well as provide constant promo through my facebook and twitter. That's love! I could go on forever but what it comes down to is she inspires me to work hard and thats what I love the most

  • Alyaa Ahmed
    Alyaa Ahmed

    I love Beyonce because she's one of a few current artists who actually has a talent. She knows, she talented. She doesn't abuse the talent and works hard to keep it new and fresh. She is always reaching out to other girls and women and tries to empower them. That is why I love her!

  • Aissa Diallo
    Aissa Diallo

    There is a reason why she's been number 1 for the past 15 years, there is a reason why her songs inspire so many in such different ways, there's a reason why the minute you see her on stage, performing in videos, all you want is give your all and your best to whatever it is that you were born to do and to love. Beyonce is has it all, gives it all and push us all! That's why i love her.

  • Kyle W
    Kyle W

    Beyonce for me is the embodiment of growth and change. I have listened and loved her music since I was a child and now as a young adult watching her grow as a writer, a musician, and a young woman constantly reminds me that I have the power to accomplish anything I put my mind to. In this world of many distractions and short cuts she has always stayed true to her values, and that is beyond inspirational. I support her every move, and the 4 album was one of the best moves of her life. Congrats B!

  • Marissa Mellan
    Marissa Mellan

    Beyonce is truly a diva! She gives one goosebumps when she sings/performs! I love all her songs...I have been to her tour, video shoot, and Roseland night and I'm a true dedicated fan! I would love to meet Beyonce!

  • Lisa Crosby
    Lisa Crosby

    I just love Beyonce have all her Cd's and listen all the time. She is a great perfomer, actress and I am sure will be a great mother. She is humantarian. I would love to see her at the Roseland Ballroom.

  • Shaz Mona
    Shaz Mona

    Beyonce is a phenomenal artist who is truly blessed. Her voice is a true gift from God and the fact that she acknowledges that is remarkable. It shows her true humble nature. In all her interviews, acceptance speeches, she always thanks God. Also, she's a great daughter, always mentioning her mom and she even runs her company with her mom and sister which is great, it is hard to find artists that have such a phenomenal bond with their family these days. She's also a great wife, always speaking so highly of Jay-Z and I love and respect the fact they kept their personal life out of the limelight. God bless their marriage. Lastly, she has a baby on the way and I must say, her annoucement at the awards made me cry so much, I was so happy for her! That is going to be one proud and blessed baby! Nonetheless, Beyonce keeps hard at her word, her music is subliminal. Her new album 4 has taken her to new peaks and I wish her all the best in everything she does. Love Love Love Beyonce <3 .

  • Harley Diven
    Harley Diven

    I follow and like Celebuzz - I'd love to see her because she is the epitome of fierce...

  • Shanelle Ceasar
    Shanelle Ceasar


  • Ossiea Lake
    Ossiea Lake

    I love Beyoncé because she is a real down to earth humble person and an amazing performer. I love Beyoncé beacuse she cares about her fans and goes out of her way to meet them. I respect Beyoncé beacuse she is very close to her family and is very private when it comes to personal relationships. I love Beyoncé because she is someone that most people could relate to and is very inspiring. I love Beyoncé because she admits she is a person just like everyone else. I love Beyoncé simply because... she's Beyoncé.

  • Marquale Ashley
    Marquale Ashley

    I love Beyonce and would love to attend this event! Everytime her music comes on in the club I stop dancing with whoever I'm with and dance to the music by myself because at theta moment it's all about Bey. I've alway wanted to go to a concert but could never get there, so this would be an amazing opportunity and I would be a good time at the event :D

  • gina melecio
    gina melecio

    Words can't really say why or how much i love beyonce. She give me so much hope her music give me life but it not just about the music for me the kind of person she is the kind of heart she has is really the reason besides the fact that she can sing like no other and i dont care what anybody says 4 i have to say is the best album to me i was here makes me cry everytime i hear it but i have been through some crazy stuff in my life and beyonce and her music has helped me get through it about a year ago i almost lost everything when my house was set on fire and if it wasnt for be listening to beyonce everyday i would have lost my mind beyonce music has brought me back from alot of dark places. I can only hope to be the kind for person the she is with the kind of heart she has.I had a baby 3 months ago and the whole time i was in the hospital i had beyonce on the ipod dock the first thing my little girl heard has beyonce music playing in the room i cant even picture my life with out beyonce music and talent in it she is truly the best to me beyonce isnt who she is because of her music the music what it is because of who she is and i truly love her for that so for me to say why i love beyonce i cant really do cause there are not the many words to help me say why

  • Camille Williams
    Camille Williams

    I love Beyoncé for so many reasons. Her voice is a gift. Musically she takes me places I have never been. Her new album "4" is everything to me. "4" is exactly what the music world has been missing. Beyoncé is the embodiment of every thing a woman should be. I have gained so much strength and confidence from her example. Beyoncé sets the trend, she doesn't follow it. She is defined by no one other than herself. Beyoncé is simply the best!!!

  • cheleny

    I love Beyoncé because she's incredibly talented and an all-around nice person. She really loves and appreciates her fans which is great. Her music and tireless work ethic are inspirational!!

  • Annie Kemp-Goode
    Annie Kemp-Goode

    I love beyonce because she is one of the most talented, creative hardworking women in music. She gives me motivation to never give up on my dream. Her music gives women empowerment, she is definitely a positive influence on all young girls today!!!! I love Bey!!!!