Justin Bieber Gets Plucky with Puppets Amidst Paternity Suit Drama (PHOTOS)

Biebs: Hola Brazil!
Justin Bieber greets fans.
Looks like the baby momma drama hasn’t gotten to Justin Bieber.

The singer appeared to be in good spirits with a lighthearted appearance on the TV show El Homiguero in Madrid, Spain today. The show is hosted by puppets, which Justin playfully interacted with during his segment. 

Holding a pair of scissors in one hand, he combed his fingers through the dolls hair, apparently sizing the little guy up for a trim.

Also getting the cut, so to speak, is the woman who claims that the Biebs is the father of her baby. Mariah Yeater was dropped by her lawyers and quit her lawsuit against the pop star. 

Yeater has apparently hired new lawyers who are “negotiating with Bieber’s counsel, to reach a confidentiality agreement and to get private testing and results,” one of her new lawyers, Chicago-based attorney Jeffrey M. Leving told People.