Paris Hilton Flaunts Bikini Body in Bali (PHOTOS)

As we all know by now, socialite Paris Hilton isn't afraid to show a little skin. The Simple Life star stepped out on the beaches of Bali, and was all smiles (obviously) as she frolicked in the sun and sand as cameras snapped. 

Dressed in a teeny knit bikini and a floppy hat, the 30-year-old heiress was joined by a few friends who also enjoyed all that the island had to offer. 

When she wasn't taking in some much needed R&R, Paris was giving back. She tweeted about visiting orphans in Bali, writing: 

"The orphans in #Bali are so adorable. Loved being with them today. ... It's the best feeling in the world to give back to those in need."
A source close to the London Daily Mail said the starlet has fallen in love ... with Bali that is! "She's the happiest she's ever been right now and loving being single," the source said.

In other bikini news, Britney Spears was also spotted flaunting her sleek physique this week. Check out those pics below!



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  • HiltonFan

    PARi$ = $$$ + XXX = 8====/) ---

  • Zoe

    i meant poor *

  • Zoe

    why is she in bali that would be to posh for her.

  • Brandon

    Hot hot hot. Fuller figure? Real woman? Lol. That is a "real woman". Having an athletic build, small because you eat right, or just plain healthy because you dont make McDonalds your one stop shop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner doesnt mean you arent real. It means you aren't fat. If healthy built real women aren't your thing, heres a link for you. Enjoy

  • Noah

    Comment of the Day award... ^ this guy.

  • T&A All Day
    T&A All Day

    If that's what a 10 year old boy looks like, consider me Jerry Sandusky

  • Kim

    I LOVE the fact that people say she has a body of a 10 year old boy or that she needs to have a "fuller" figured body. Just because you aren't 800 pounds and over weight doesn't mean you aren't healthy and fit. That annoys me! Sorry you're not skinny & that you're jealous!

  • Comment

    She has the body of a 10 year old boy. Aren't thee any real women you can show photos of?

  • lizzie


  • Brandt

    Paris is really gorgeous but she would look so much better if she was fuller-figured.