Readers Respond: Is Bradley Cooper Really the Sexiest Man Alive?

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After weeks of anticipation, it was announced on Wednesday that Bradley Cooper was crowned the coveted cover of People magazine's 2011 Sexiest Man Alive issue. Though no one is doubting that the 36-year-old Hangover II star is a heartthrob in his own right, there are rumblings that "photoshopped abs" Ryan Gosling, 31, or vampire hottie Robert Pattinson, 25, may have been more deserving of the title. 

Celebuzz readers took to our Facebook, Twitter and comments section to answer the question: Is Bradley Cooper really the sexiest man alive? 

Jihan Hanum agreed with the choice saying: "Of course!!! He's definitely hot. Super hot hunk who speaks French fluently. Makes him even hotter."

Allie Woodburn was a little more on the fence, writing: "Maybe not the sexiest but definitely in the top ten!!!"

Kerry Beazley Roberts did not agree with the choice, commenting: "Nope.....disagree! Bradley is cute and all but I'm thinking Ryan Gosling. Have you seen those abs?"

Kelli Winchester Rickett also disagreed: "Why come Blair Underwood never made sexiest alive??? He's delicious!!!"

Ayesha Ali also wrote: "No way .... He is cute ....but Robert Pattz and Taylor [Lautner] are hot."

Meanwhile, other were still Team Bradley!

Christina Colby wrote: "I agree, Bradley's HoT! And he's charismatic too, I think People made a good choice."

Fernanda Ferrari agreed, commenting: "Yes!!! For sure! He is HOT!! Good choice this year!!"

Genna Hasaka also commented: "Have the seen the video where he speaks French... Oui Oui!"

Is BCoop your choice for Sexiest Man Alive? Sound off in the comments and defend your decision!



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  • Stephanie Jonathan
    Stephanie Jonathan

    imo the sexiest men alive in hollywood are Johnny Depp and Kevin Bacon...gimme a night with both of them plz :D

  • courtneybaaaby

    dude, i hate justin beiber and i can even spell his name, and its taylor lautner not lottner

  • rachel

    I know I'm the only one but for me Johnny Depp is still the sexiest man alive ever!

  • Shzaam

    BRADLEY! Definitely earned it! Who can resist those ocean eyes and that breath taking smile?, I know I can't ;;p

  • Dave

    I was disappointed that Lady Gaga was not named Sexiest Man of the Year....buahahahahahaha

  • farahjoi

    Ryan all the way!!! Bradley hot as hell. But Ryan damn...there's no words for this heartthrob

  • Erica

    I agree with Kelli Winchester Rickett, Whats up with Blair Underwood? He's sooo Sexy & Hot, he deserves it, just to Sexy! There's Will Smith, Dez Bryant, Duwane Johnson, ect.... Im not saying Bradley Cooper isnt attractive, im just saying he's cute, but all these Sexy men out here not getting negconized is Crazy!

  • ez

    I agree with the choice,Bradley is sexy.Ryan gosling is hot but he is more of a pretty boy but not sexy although I do love him

  • Jillian
    Jillian FOR RYAN!

  • Crystal Chamberlin
    Crystal Chamberlin

    With the amount of people commenting with sTiCkY cApS turned on or the "omgz i luv u rob and taylor" crap, it's no wonder you're getting inaccurate results, you're asking 14yr olds. (&before anyone says anything, I'm a twilight fan. Just don't have patience for the majority of the fan base.... or Robert Pattinson's face.)

  • Crystal Chamberlin
    Crystal Chamberlin

    Robert Pattinson looks like a foot. He was cute in harry potter, and he still has his angles. Seriously though, foot face. How is he supposed to even be a contender in this? Ryan Gosling is delicious, but what about Cam Gigandet? Or James Franco? His resume is ridiculous.

  • Linda

    anyone who watched crazy stupid love would agree that Ryan Gosling wins hands down! i've seen all the movies they've been in and i love them both but Ryan is the man! photoshopped abs ppl!! he's HOT!! and how can we forget the notebook??? Ryan has been so diverse in his acting, blue valentine, drive?? and this is just all in the last year! how can he not be the winner????

  • julie

    Definitely should have been Ryan Gosling. Cooper just doesn't have the much needed charisma.

  • shannon

    Rob is definitely the most sexiest. Ryan is not far behind.

  • Riley brummet
    Riley brummet

    Taylor swift and Taylor lautner are a good couple I'm saying I love u Taylor swift and Taylor lautner are my fans they r alsome

  • Riley brummet
    Riley brummet

    Taylor lautner is soooooooooooooooooo hott but this guy people thank is hot is not

  • Rachrl



    I love Taylor lautner is hot I love u hottest guy in the world :-* kiss kiss mwa mwa

  • mommadent

    Give me a break! Alexander Skarsgard!!!!

  • not ur fan
    not ur fan

    Ur sooooooooooooooooooooo ugly in sorry. Ugly hahahahahahahahahahahhhahaaaah I don't like Justin beber but he is hotter than u and so is Taylor lottner is the hottest Guy alive

  • mommadent

    Who do they have picking these? Sexiest man alive? Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Robert Patterson? Really? Is this People or Teen Beat? I got vampire for you. How about Alexander Skarsgard?

  • sasha

    bradley cooper is my #1!! ryan gosling is also deserving of the title. robert pattinson shouldn't even be on the list!

  • Rae

    Oh 'Pattinson' I meant -.- whatever -.-

  • Rae

    SCREW Rob Patterson -.- freakin wannabe vampire fairy -.-

  • Anya

    In the A Team Cooper charmed me to bits- I love him, and I think he's a great choice :D

  • Lee

    Not by a long shot.

  • debbie

    I don't think he is attractive at all, much less "sexiest man." Who cares if he speaks French (other than little girls in high school)? And Ryan Gosling is a good actor, but hardly attractive. George still does it for everyone with a pulse.

  • Rebecca Falkenberg
    Rebecca Falkenberg

    people magazine got it soooooooo wrong on this one...yeah, bradley cooper's cute...but we're talking about the sexiest man alive i'd have to say ryan gosling has my vote for the sexiest man alive right now...i don't care what people's magazine says...i don't need them to tell me who's the sexiest man alive...i have my own vote...& it's ryan gosling...i think they only picked bradley cooper as their sexiest man because they picked jlo as their sexiest i think they were hoping for a real connection between them not just a booty people mag could make a buttload of money...why else would they pick brad cooper over ryan gosling?...not only is ryan gosling a helluva lot sexier than bradley cooper...he can act circles around old blue eyes...really, people magazine?, him?...him???...maybe if it was the sexiest gay man alive...then sure...brad cooper has my vote hands down! ; D

  • todtown

    Damn you Cooper!! That's okay. My momma still thinks I'm sexy. No.wait..that's not what I meant.

  • jay

    they pick some1 who is popular, not sexy

  • Jonny

    He's definately hotter than Ryan, but I think Tim Tebow is truly the sexiest man alive.