Readers Respond: Is Bradley Cooper Really the Sexiest Man Alive?

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After weeks of anticipation, it was announced on Wednesday that Bradley Cooper was crowned the coveted cover of People magazine’s 2011 Sexiest Man Alive issue. Though no one is doubting that the 36-year-old Hangover II star is a heartthrob in his own right, there are rumblings that “photoshopped abs” Ryan Gosling, 31, or vampire hottie Robert Pattinson, 25, may have been more deserving of the title. 

Celebuzz readers took to our Facebook, Twitter and comments section to answer the question: Is Bradley Cooper really the sexiest man alive? 

Jihan Hanum agreed with the choice saying: “Of course!!! He’s definitely hot. Super hot hunk who speaks French fluently. Makes him even hotter.”

Allie Woodburn was a little more on the fence, writing: “Maybe not the sexiest but definitely in the top ten!!!”

Kerry Beazley Roberts did not agree with the choice, commenting: “Nope…..disagree! Bradley is cute and all but I’m thinking Ryan Gosling. Have you seen those abs?”

Kelli Winchester Rickett also disagreed: “Why come Blair Underwood never made sexiest alive??? He’s delicious!!!”

Ayesha Ali also wrote: “No way …. He is cute ….but Robert Pattz and Taylor [Lautner] are hot.”

Meanwhile, other were still Team Bradley!

Christina Colby wrote: “I agree, Bradley’s HoT! And he’s charismatic too, I think People made a good choice.”

Fernanda Ferrari agreed, commenting: “Yes!!! For sure! He is HOT!! Good choice this year!!”

Genna Hasaka also commented: “Have the seen the video where he speaks French… Oui Oui!”

Is BCoop your choice for Sexiest Man Alive? Sound off in the comments and defend your decision!