The Evolution of Bradley Cooper, People's Sexiest Man (PHOTOS)

Years ago, Bradley Cooper was just a fresh-faced aspiring actor with long hair and a gleam in his eye. Today, he's People's Sexiest Man for 2011, and because of that, Celebuzz wanted to reminisce a bit.

Sure, you know Bradley from his recent blockbusters like The Hangover and The A-Team, but what did he look out before all of the fancy Hollywood haircuts, the good tan and all of the other luxuries being a movie star has to offer? Thankfully, Brad's career goes back a good deal --  he even had a role on Sex and the City way back in 1999 -- so tracking down shots of him through the years was a breeze. We especially love the bleached-blond surfer look.

So, cheers to you, Bradley Cooper -- and even though it took 12-plus years in showbiz to earn the honors from People, your sexiness seems to only be increasing.


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