‘Breaking Dawn’ Production Designer Promises Film Will Feature “Fairy Tale-like Atmosphere”

'Breaking Dawn' Stills
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Between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s storybook wedding and their romantic honeymoon getaway, all eyes are going to be on the jaw-dropping sets featured in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1! Richard Sherman, the film’s production designer, talked to Architectural Design magazine about the work put into designing the wedding and honeymoon of the century - and even revealed some amazing behind-the-scenes pictures of the sets!

One of the most crucial – and beautiful – sets featured in the film is that of the beach house everyone’s favorite Twilight couple use to celebrate (and consummate!) their marriage.

“I got on a plane to Brazil, hopped on a boat, and went through countless islands along the coastline south of Rio,” Richard told Architectural Digest. “It took us four weeks to finally find the Bernardes + Jacobsen house, which had a tropical modern interior and was located near Paraty on the coast that we liked.”

One of the trickiest things the set designers for Breaking Dawn faced was keeping the honeymoon as true to the book as possible, to keep fans happy.

“What works well on the page doesn’t always work well on film. The location was challenging. Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the novels, set the honeymoon on an island in the middle of nowhere.”

But before the honeymoon comes the wedding, and don’t worry, Twi-hards – the set designers knew that fans would have the highest expectations for that momentous scene and promise it won’t disappoint!

“For the people who know the books and movies, this is the wedding of the century. So we created this very organic, whimsical, fairy tale–like atmosphere—A Midsummer Night’s Dream kind of thing—with benches and seating made of branches that came out of the ground and were covered in moss and flowers. The whole forest floor was covered in moss. The ceiling was dripping flowers.”

Which are you more excited to see: Bella and Edward’s wedding, or their steamy and romantic honeymoon? Let us know in the comments below! For more set pics, check out this AD gallery!