'Breaking Dawn' Style Showdown: Robert Pattinson vs. Kellan Lutz (PHOTOS)

'Breaking Dawn' Premiere
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Two co-stars, one movie, one suit!

Robert Pattinson and Kellan Lutz both stayed sharp this week by suiting up for Breaking Dawn Part 1's big premieres. Robert rocked an all-black outfit (complete with a black skinny tie and shirt) at the UK premiere of BD. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Kellan strutted his stuff in a monochrome three-piece suit for Los Angeles' Breaking Dawn red carpet.

So which Twilight hunk looked better suited up? Check out the gallery above, then cast your votes in the poll! 

But the suit wasn't the only thing the two actors had in common...

Both RPatts and Kellan had their lovely girlfriends accompany them down the red carpet as well!

Robert held on tight to his gal pal and co-star Kristen Stewart while Kellan and his girlfriend, model Sharni Vinson, joked around in each other's arms. Check out Robert and Kellan (and their gorgeous girlfriends) in the galleries below!

 Don't forget to tell us which suit reigns supreme in the poll above!


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  • Daina

    OMG,rob is so SEXY!!!That guy can make any girls's knees go weak.Just look at him-absolutely gorgeous,freakin hot,so sexy,musical,talented,funny and again SEXXXXYYYYY!!!Rob Pattinson is just sex in hair Who can look so hot in that luoruixus locks ilke he do???Rob radiates the sex appeal I love you rob good luck in ur future

  • Aisyah

    kellan lutz is the absolute fesint person in the world and i want to meet him some day b/c i am going die if i ever get to see him he is the only person in the world i would like to meet only if you could fix me a date for him to see me that would be the best day in my life and i dont have a very good life it sucks b/c of the people who are in it but kellan is the MOST awsome person in the WHOLE world.

  • Sevgi

    To those of you hanging on like Rose in the Titanic on her piece of drfoowitd to the notion that they are 'just friends,' after seeing these pics. I have to really question your intelligence, sanity, and state of extreme denial. Grow up. If you're his fan, let the man be happy. It would be one thing, if we only had this ONE thing to prove a relationship - but this man has told you time and time again, how utterly fascinated, in love with, crushing on, and amazed by Kristen Stewart he is. So taking THAT into context, why, WHY - would he suddenly decide, 'okay, I'm single, Kris is single, she loves me, I love her - but we'll just stay 'friends' - really, REALLY?? THIS is what u think?? You remind me of the people that say Brad & Angelina are 'just friends,' who really really wanted to raise kids together. Hahahahahaha. Get a life, and please respect this man's choice.

  • Yossy

    heyy robert how are you my name is Amanda and i just waentd to say i love you and you play Cedric diggory in harry potter and i cryed when voldmort killed you it was sooo sad i couldn't stand being without you it was hard and sad and you played aka Edward cullen vampire in twilight and in new moon and i can't wait for Eclipse , and breaking dawn and i read all 4 books they we're amazing and excellent and i'm a hugeeeeee fan of you and my question for you is 1) how did you feel in facing the realization of this character?2) Did you interested about the story and your character in the moovie?And why?3) where you asked, did your agent advise you to audition ? Greetings from Canada Toronto

  • krazykat

    His amazing smile... those dimples... of course those eyes :) He really is striking... just a beautiful beautiful man!

  • femroc

    Rob looks better in every picture........wears a suit so well.

  • citygirl

    Rob looks so hot in this photo. I like the tall skinny guys myself, not someone who looks to be on steroids.

  • femroc

    Hands down, Rob looks way better. His slender physique is the kind I LIKE. Buffed up muscles don't appeal to me at all.

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    *sigh* just gorgeous. Kellan is a hottie but sorry, Robert wins.

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    my goodness Kellan is strikingly handsome. like damn, dimples & all !!

  • simplydiffer

    They both look supremely hot in their outfits. I really can't pick.

  • amour

    Robert Pattinson is 'drop dead' GORGEOUS in this outfit!