Celebuzz Debut! Sammy Adams Concert Footage Set to New Single ‘Blow Up’ (VIDEO)

Boston’s own Sammy Adams (not to be confused with the city’s beer) is making a name for himself these days.

With the premiere of his new song “Blow up”, Celebuzz is excited to debut a brand-new video showing footage from his recent performances, all set to his new song!

“Boston’s Boy” — as he has donned himself — can be seen head bobbing and jumping on stage. 

The song — which features a sample from The Pixies’ 1988 single “Where Is My Mind?” — it is the first release from his upcoming major label release. 

The 23-year-old Massachusetts native has impressed with his indie efforts, quickly becoming a fan favorite of the college set. What do you think of his new song? Sound off in the comments below!