Exclusive: Nick Carter Debuts ‘So Far Away’, Talks Backstreet Boys & ‘Glee’ (LISTEN)

Nick Carter Talks BSB
Nick talks about the new tour
Matt-Mo & NKOTBSB!
Matthew Morrison joins the anticipated tour.
Nick Carter just released his remix LP I’m Taking Off: Relaunched & Remixed and we have a first listen of So Far Away. We talked to the Backstreet Boys member about his new album, worldwide tour with New Kids on the Block and Matthew Morrison, and if Glee is in his future.

CB: Hey Nick! You have been all over the place, where are you calling us from?
Nick: Japan! Man it’s amazing over here. 

Are the fans different over there? Have you had any crazy interactions yet?
They are similar in some senses. They are a little bit quieter during my shows – that’s just how they are. You can hear a pin drop because they’re really paying attention. You have to perfect yourself because you’re under pressure.

How has the tour been?
It’s great. We had about three gigs in Canada. I’ll be doing four more shows here and then in late January [starting on the 28th] to the 14th of February I’ll be playing shows in the states. The reception has been great, it’s been going really well.

Tell us about the remix album that you’re releasing
I’m actually touring off of the first album. The remix album is out today. I’m doing some old Backstreet Boys songs and some from my first solo record. We’ve created a really cool show.

And you’ve just come off a huge summer tour with New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys. What was it like being back together with your band mates?
We’ve been together and moving on and doing tours. The NKOTBSB Tour put us back in the spotlight, but we had three albums out and three world tours before we did the NKOTBSB Tour. To be together was great.

You’ve all grown up together. Is it more a mature tour now or do you still find some time to get in a bit of trouble?
We’re able to mix it up now and do the right things but at the same time have some fun now and then while we’re on the road. Recently it’s been all business – staying in the gym and taking care of yourself. That’s different! Gotta work out a little bit harder now to stay in shape. We have to do what it takes to keep going.

You have the Backstreet Boys cruise coming up, right?
Yeah, it’s happening in December. We’re going out for three days. It’s going to be a big party with three shows for our fans on that cruise and it’s probably the closest you’ll get to us. P. Diddy does his white party and we’ll have three versions of our own. One is an 80’s hairband night and another is a pajama party night so it’ll be so much fun.

I’m assuming it’s mostly girls, right?
There are a lot of girls but guys would be stupid not to go on the cruise if you’re a dude, because there are so many girls!

You toured a little bit with Matthew Morrison. Would you ever want to do Glee?
We’ve thought about it. If they want to do something with that, it’d be great. I think we have enough hits and memorable music out there.

Would you want to be on the show or just lend your songs to have the cast perform them?
If they want to perform them themselves then that’d be cool.

You have been pretty nonstop for the last year. How do you unwind?
Sometimes I play video games and sometimes I just go out and get a good dinner. Here in Japan I’ll go sightseeing. Sometimes I’ll go out to a club. It all depends.

Best of luck to Mr. Carter! Everyone go pick up the album, it’s available on iTunes now!

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