George Clooney Jokes: ‘It Sucks’ Playing a Dad

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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler step out.
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George Clooney at the ‘Ides of March’ premiere.
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George Clooney and Stacy Keibler vacation in Mexico.
George Clooney attended a screening for The Descendants at The Bing Theater at LACMA on Wednesday night, and stayed for a Q&A after. The moderator asked the notorious bachelor how it was playing a father on screen.

“It sucks,” George joked, causing the audience started bursting out in laughter. “I didn’t like it.”

Amara was the only kid I had to work with, Shailene was the adult on set,” continued George, where he continued to tell a funny little story about his parenting skills:

“Amara was funny because she never worked on a movie. She showed up for one of the first days we were shooting at the club and they put a big plate of ice cream in front of her. She just starts scarfing it down! She doesn’t understand there is going to be ten takes- and I didn’t tell her!”

The crowed continued to laugh along.

“I thought it was fine, you know. She didn’t make it to the next day though. She got her first sick day,” said George then causing some people to awww in the audience.

“Oh- come on!” he teased the crowd. “You have to learn somehow.”

No wonder Amara Miller told Us Weekly she didn’t think George was the father type!

In all seriousness The Descendants is amazing. It’s a must see, especially with awards season around the corner so after you see Breaking Dawn why don’t you make it a double-header?