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Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian hit NYC on Wednesday to promote their new novel Dollhouse and were eager to speak to fans across the globe about their newest project by holding a live Q&A. 

The sisters posted the video on the Dollhouse Facebook page before signing autographs at a local Barnes & Noble. In cased you missed it, Celebuzz has the transcript from the live interview/Q&A. 

Check out the transcript below!

LS: Hi everyone, I’m Lisa Sharkey, Senior Vice President of HarperCollins Books and I am here with two of our fantastic authors, the Kardashian sisters. We have Khloe and Kourtney and we are here to talk about DOLLHOUSE, which is their first novel and it’s a really fun, really exciting book. And we’re all so proud of it and thrilled to be here answering your questions today—and really responding to what the fans have to say.

So, first of all, before we get started, we know Kim wasn’t able to come on the book tour so I just want to ask you guys, how is she doing?

Khloe:  You know, she’s doing okay. She loves her fans so much, as we all do, and it was really hard for her to take some time off because she doesn’t want to disappoint any of her fans but it’s definitely something that, you know, she needs to do. We really just love and appreciate all the support that all you guys are giving her.

Kourt: That was really hard for her to not come to the book signings because we really love to interact with our fans. But, she needs the time for herself and I just hope everyone understands and respects that and gives her that time.

LS: Well as you know all of us at HarperCollins send her our best. And we’re all very much cheering for your brother Rob.

Kourt: It’s so exciting. Like watching him last night, how the judges picked him to do the dance because they wanted to see his dance—it’s so cool, I’m so excited for next week.

Khloe: I literally cried when they said he was safe. I was like, I’m so lame, all alone in my hotel room, crying by myself, but it’s just so cool to see the growth from week one to whatever week it is now. None of us thought he would last this long—just because he has no dance background; he’s the youngest on the show… He’s definitely confident with us, in the privacy of our own home, but I can see how much more confident he is now. And I’ve loved seeing that transformation.

LS: He never danced as a little kid, around your house?

Kourt: No, never. Like Khloe said they used to do the running man together.

Khloe: Like, play-dancing. But we don’t even do that right. So this is amazing to see.

LS: Well we’re very excited and we hope that he takes it all!

KK: Thank you!

LS: We’re cheering for him all the way. Let’s get started with our questions from the livestream audience. Ethan Walker asks: Hey girls, how do you feel now that the book is released? Love, Ethan Walk from Corpus Christie, TX.

Khloe: Well Kim and I were in Australia recently and it was launched in Australia before it was launched here in the United States, and our very first book that we got to sign—we were both shocked to see it, that someone had it, in another country. Just to see it… it felt like such an accomplishment. That someone spent their hard-earned money just to read what we wrote.

Kourt: Now that people get to read these stories that were such a creative outlet for us, to be able to make up stories and use stories that we’ve experienced or people we know have experienced. So I think finally having people read this novel is so much fun. I got a tweet the other day that said “I’m lying in the bath and I’m reading your book and I’m loving it!” And I was like, that’s cool, that’s what I want to be doing right now. It’s so fun.

LS: Harvey says: Hey dolls, what chapter of the book is your favorite and why? But, the question doesn’t have to be what chapter, maybe there’s a certain story that’s you like; what’s your favorite?

Khloe: Well, for me, the whole book in itself—I love that there is so much juice and gossip in the book. Some’s real and some isn’t; for me, I loved, when I was reading it, trying to figure out if it was Kourtney or Kim’s story. When I was reading it I was like “oh my god”—because we changed names to make it so you can’t really tell—but that’s the fun of it. It’s a fictional book, but maybe there are some true stories to put a spin on it. So I loved when I was reading it I got to be like oooh, that’s a Kim story! or that’s a Kourt story! For me, that was the fun in reading the book.

LS: I remember when we were originally working on it we originally had all J names and then everyone decided no, let’s go with K names.

Kourt: The email chains to decide the perfect K names, which ones we liked and which ones we didn’t like. It’s so much fun. I was even saying to Khloe that I loved the process of doing the book too: like, oh, one of them is sad, so she’s eating comfort food, and so we’re like what’s it going to be? Including the little details really made the book. And one of them has perfume in their room; which perfume is it going to be? That was really fun for us to.

LS: And also, getting your lingo down. The word ‘slore’ is in the book, for fans out there, of the show, of course they know what that means, but for somebody maybe who is picking it up for the first time, there’s no glossary—you’ll have to figure it out.

Valentina says: Hey, K dolls, is this novel more spicy like Kourtney, more sweet like Kim, or more intense like Khloe?

Kourt: Well, Valentina is one of my favorite names.

Khloe: I was going to say—Valentina, I love that name. And we had a dog named Valentina.

Kourt: But I think it’s definitely a mixture of both—

Khloe: All three.

Kourt: All three, sorry. Because we all three put so much into this novel that I would say there’s definitely those points of all of us.

Khloe: Mhmm, I agree. I also think that even though names are different, I think you can also tell what’s more a Kourtney moment or a Kim moment. Because a lot of these stories, they’re made up stories, too—that’s the fun of this book, you get to try to figure out what’s real, what’s exaggerated—

Kourt: And you may never figure it out, but it’s just like, the guessing game.

Khloe: And even things that I would be too scared or embarrassed to do—this is the best part of writing a novel, something fictional.

LS: Well I remember during the brainstorming process we had worked on so many different stories and we needed a few more and I know that Tessa Woodward who edited the book flew out to L.A. and met with you and Kim—you weren’t available, so we got you on the phone—and you told us some stories and we were just roaring with laughter. And they ended up in the book. One in particular, in the back seat of a car, but you’ll have to get to that chapter.

Linny Boo says: I know you have said there are some stories about you three but are there any stories about the rest of your family members?

Kourt: There definitely are stories that come from all different places of our lives, maybe even old friends of ours, or current friends, or enemies, family members. We took stories and inspiration from so many different people in our lives and so many different situations or things that happened to us or totally made things up so that’s going to be the guessing game.

LS: So I just want to talk a little bit about the book signings that are happening today so if anyone out there will be in the New York or LA areas there are going to the three signings in the New York area today. There’s one in the Barnes and Noble on Fifth Avenue, there’s a private signing that’s happening at a hotel, and one at Bookends in New Jersey. And then there’s a signing in L.A. So that’s all very exciting.

Are any of the characters, Maria Cunha wants to know, inspired by your father or in what way was he of any inspiration?

Khloe: He was an inspiration just for us to be able to work together to write a book, to feel courageous enough, because this definitely isn’t our field. Just to feel empowered and feel strong enough to do something that might not be—that we have never experienced doing—I felt empowered by our dad.

Kourt: He loves to read. I have all of his book in our library. Reading was such an important part of his life, so for our fans to be able to read something that we created, it’s really cool…

LS: [Anecdote about Regis and Kelly, “proud of being a guilty pleasure”]

Another interesting question here from Chris Lopez: Hi Dolls, did you write about how it is to be famous or how real or fake Hollywood is?

Khloe: We definitely did. We definitely do have the highs and lows of Hollywood, and the conflicts and the positives of being famous, and also how it is to be famous with you sisters—because one of the sisters in the book because famous, gets discovered.

LS: By a guy with a Rolls Royce, and she’s so excited but not sure if she believes him. And she becomes the face of the a perfume and then it all explodes from there.

Khloe: Definitely, we don’t want to give everything away because we want people to read the book but we definitely give away some of the tricks of the trade.

LS: This is referring back to what you said earlier: What are your favorite books from your dad’s library, that you now have in your house?

Khloe: My dad read the Bible every day and would read a verse a day, he had the same Bible and would write notes in the Bible, I love reading from that. Also, he read Angels and Demons. He would read a new book ever

Kourt: He had all the books from the end of the world—Tribulation Force, I loved those, I got into those in college. I have the whole series.

Khloe: I like to now read books that I remember my dad reading. Like Angels and Demons, or 48 Laws of Power. There were probably some that I saw around the house when I was younger that I was too young to have an interest in, but now I see them and it just reminds me about my dad.

LS: There was a big difference, and maybe you want to talk about this, between writing a novel and your first book, Kardashian Konfidential.

Khloe: Definitely. There’s definitely the experience of working together with your sisters. Even if a life event happened to one of us, hearing the three different sides of it—because when something happens to someone it doesn’t mean each person takes it the same way. So just to hear the different outlooks on life… For example, our father passing—we each handled it so differently.

And so Kardashian Konfidential I feel like is much maybe more lighthearted, more sisters giving advice…

Kourt: A lot of us growing up.

Khloe: Yeah. A lot of us before the TV shows. Or also, a lot of the stories in this book [Dollhouse] were too racy for Kardashian Konfidential.

Kourt: Or, the stories were about someone else and they didn’t relate to our lives, necessarily, so they didn’t go in that book.

Khloe: So it’s definitely different. That one was much more And this one was, maybe some stories where we didn’t want to sell our friends out or sell each other out. We were younger, growing up, people getting to know us before the show, and this one is stories where we didn’t want to sell our friends out, or sell each other out, or were even just too embarrassed to say. Just things that I, or we, oversaw growing up.

Kourt: I think this one too we were able to be creative because we were making things up so it was just a mixture of this; it was just more creative, the process.

LS: And Jessica says, what was the most challenging part of writing; was it stressful? Love ya’ll!

Khloe: Well we love you too, Jessica! I think anything that you’re putting you name on and you’re putting your whole heart into I definitely thing is stressful –about the outcome, and how people will take it. Like I think that part is stressful. Writing the book in itself is fun and it definitely gives you another creative outlet. The edits themselves are not stressful, but we are so meticulous –for example, the perfume, we didn’t want just any perfume or comfort food named in the book. We are so crazy about the names, little things that might not matter to someone else but we make it harder on ourselves. Even our dogs’ names in the book, someone might be like who cares, let’s just move on. But we like to have control over it.

Kourt: We’re perfectionists.

LS: Well also I experienced that in a good way when you were coming up with the cover because our Art Director Jimmy Iacovielli designed this really beautiful one in pink and you [pointing to Kourt] wanted YSL pink—and later we switched to leopard—but we were online googling it, to find YSL pink.

And I just want to show this to everybody, it’s something really fun for your fans as well. It’s a poster on the inside.

Kourt: Which I love, it’s so fun.

LS: Just a little added attraction to those who are picking up the book.

Khloe: A bonus. And I love that the cover is leopard but it looks like fur; it looks like a really great coffee table book.

LS: And it almost feels like fur or like suede.

And Stewart wants to know: As busy as your lives and careers are, how did you make time to coordinate and write a novel? You are so inspiring!

KK: Thank you!

Khloe: We are girls that utilize every hour of our day. So when we’re sitting in hair and makeup, for whatever we’re doing, we have our writers meetings typically then. Maybe it was awkward for you guys; I’m sure you weren’t used to having those meetings when others are getting glammed, but we have to use any hour that we have, so that’s what we choose to do.

LS: Natalie Star is asking: How did you choose the name for the book? And that was fun, wasn’t it?

Khloe: That was fun.

Kourt: We actually did a contest on our blog and on Twitter and we asked everyone for ideas so the fans could help us pick the name and then we narrowed it down and then we picked the best one.

LS: We did a hashtag called “#titlemeK” which was pretty fun, and we put a cover up of the book but instead of having it say “Dollhouse” it said “Title me” and then we came up with 5.

Kourt: And then we let the fans pick from those, right?

LS: Right, we decided we’d be happy with all 5. And 4 of them started with K, and one of them was “Dollhouse…”

Kourt: I love “Dollhouse”

LS: And the fans voted for “Dollhouse,” and we were worried you guys might not like it.

Khloe: No, we love it. And, one, our fans are so important to us, so I love that they got to name the book. And then two, our book is dedicated to our fans. Because, without them…

LS: Absolutely. And I think it’s important for people to know—everyone is asking this question—will there be a sequel for Dollhouse? And the story ends with a dangle at the end…

Khloe: Yeah, I was going to say, there is definitely room to grow for our characters, I love that it leaves you kind of on edge.

Kourt: The characters are young, too, so I love that they have so much growing up to do, that the readers can really follow their stories.

Khloe: And it is up to the fans as well. Obviously, we pray that they love Dollhouse and they want more. As long as they want more, and are buying the book, of course we’ll keep writing—it’s fun.

LS: And one thing that I was thinking about is everyone wants to have a Dollhouse under their Christmas tree, every little girl. So, if you’re a grown-up, you can still have a Dollhouse under your Christmas tree by of course picking up a copy of Dollhouse.

So I really think this has been a great conversation. Just one final thing: Natalie Iglesias from London simple says: I love the book!

KK: Aw, thank you! Natalie, we love you!

LS: Well from all of us here at HarperCollins, from everyone in the Kardashian family, we look forward to you picking up a copy of Dollhouse, it’s available on all the online retailers. You can actually go to your Nook or your iPad or your Kindle and you can immediately order an online edition or if you want to actually feel that soft suede and get that poster inside you’ll have to go to a bookstore and pick one up there. But they’re on sale now, and thank you all for attending.

Khloe: And we’re so grateful and thank you to everyone, we see all your Twitter comments and we really appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

Kourt: Thank you!

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