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Members of the Fassy nation can now rejoice, as actor Michael Fassbender has been deemed Breakout Man of the Year by GQ magazine. No arguments there, as the Irish-German actor captivated us in X-Men: First Class, and has projects lined up from now until 2014.

Fassbender has made such an impact in a short period of time, that he was the cause of a woman fainting when he made an appearance on screen in his new film Shame, which will hit select theaters in December due to it’s NC-17 rating. Although he’s a stand out with his piercing blue eyes on film, the actor, 34, tells GQ his favorite activity is to “observe, blend in, and disappear amongst the crowd.”

With his hard work and dedication, Fassbender should be a household name in no time, but it’s not necessarily something he’s concerned with. He likes to get lost in his craft  and will read a script as many as 300 times. He tells GQ:

“I like a story that is challenging to me as a reader, and therefore as an audience, and therefore as a player.”

The December issue of GQ will hit newsstands on November 17, featuring Michael as well as this year’s contemporary 2011 Men of the Year. 

Michael’s next movie to hit theaters is A Dangerous Method. Check out the trailer below!