Robert Pattinson Teases ‘Slick’ Kristen Stewart, Talks Her ‘Fancy Moves’ During Sex Scene

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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner cover Entertainment Weekly, and they sat down with the magazine right after their hand and footprint ceremony on November 3.

Stewart got a little emotional when reliving the moment, causing Rob and Taylor to start laughing at her.

“You know what? F–k you both right now in the face for laughing at me,” Kristen mocked back (where was Mackenzie Foy with that swear jar?).

Rob smiles, then teases her for how posed she was during the ceremony: “I noticed how slick you were earlier…everyone’s always like ‘Kristen Stewart is so awkward.’ And you’re, like, Little Miss Slick nowadays.”

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, out Friday, certainly delivers on sex and gore, but the stars agree the PG-13 rating limited them on how much they could do. Let’s start with the sex scene…Rob said that Bill Condon kept telling Rob and Kristen to stop going at it (they had to shoot it in pieces). 

Stewart: Bill kept going, “Stop thrusting” [laughs]…I mean, I didn’t want to actually have sex with him on set but…

Pattinson: Why not? [laughs] You can see my -butt crack-why does but crack not make it an R? you see my butt crack the whole time.

Stewart: No you don’t they darkened it or something.

Pattinson: It was really Kristen’s fault it was going R-rated. [To Stewart] Your fancy moves- no one’s seen moves like that in a PG-13 movie! [laughs]

For much more on the film- and more of Rob and Kristen’s funny banter- pick up a copy of Entertainment Weekly today!