Selena Gomez Brings Her Healing Puppy to ‘Ellen’ (PHOTO)

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Gomez takes her new dog Baylor out.
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Selena Gomez has had a lot on her mind lately. Aside from the ongoing drama with her boyfriend Justin Bieber and the Mariah Yeater baby claims, she’s also had to tend to her new dog Baylor and his health problems — but thankfully he’s on the mend.

Selena taped an episode of Ellen, which will air Thursday, and she brought her absolutely adorable new pooch on the show following his health scare that almost required surgery. Baylor sat on Selena’s lap looking cute and happy, despite just days earlier having to pass a bunch of rocks that he accidentally ate.

During the taping, Ellen also asks how Selena is doing with the current Bieber situation without exactly naming it, simply asking Gomez if she’s “been all right” lately. Gomez, always the trooper, admits that it’s “not easy” but that she’s been dealing just fine.

This week, Yeater dropped her initial suit claiming that Bieber is the father of her 4-month-old son, but just days later, hired new lawyers who are saying they’re planning on making Bieber take a DNA test and move forward with the lawsuit. On Thursday, TMZ reported there are alleged text messages from Yeater that indicate Bieber is not the father and that it’s all a ploy for money.

Photos of Yeater and her son Tristyn also emerged this week for the first time. Check them out below.