Snooki Answers: Is Conan O’Brien Her Type? (VIDEO)

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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi referred to late night host Conan O’Brien as a “guido” but is he her type? Coco asked the Jersey Shore star that if he and cohost Andy Richter weren’t famous and they tried to dance with her in the club, would she dance with them?

Snooki was brutally honest, telling the middle aged men. “I usually dance with anybody.” Conan was not so flattered by this answer, adding sarcastically, “Well, thank you so much.” 

The reality star laughs, quipping back:

“I don’t discriminate when I dance. … I would dance with you and then I would say you’re a weirdo.”

Check out the video to hear Snooki describe her new perfume, a scent she says smells like cupcakes and kiwis.