'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I' -The Reviews Are In!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1' London Premiere
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'Breaking Dawn' Trailer
Breaking Dawn Trailer
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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part I premieres tomorrow, November 18, and Twi-hards are shaking with anticipation over the chance to see Edward Cullen and Bella Swan finally tie the knot! Reviews of the film are out, and experts are weighing in - will Breaking Dawn be the success we all hope it will be?

The reviews seem mixed with Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer giving the film a 24%, while the audience gave it an 89%.

Some of the Dawn reviews read:

"The latest and best of the movies about a girl, her vampire and their impossible, ridiculously appealing - yes, I surrendered - love story." - Manohla DargisNew York Times

"Anyone not obsessed with hair, makeup and lingerie may find the half-hour wedding sequence a near-death experience." - Daily Mail

"Even the fans in the audience at the preview I attended laughed at the wooden acting and flat line readings, especially by Lautner." - Boston Herald

"It truly feels that 40 minutes or so, not two hours, would have been plenty to convey all that's necessary in the material covered." - The Hollywood Reporter.

People has a much less harsh take on the film, stating that Breaking Dawn will please fans of the franchise, as it's "a breathless, faithful portrayal of so much they've waited to see." 

"It still has that awkward dialogue and it seems like the story often contradicts itself, but these are things you just have to accept and overlook if you are going to enjoy it. You take them for what they are, not what they could be." - Examiner.com

"To outsiders, in fact, Breaking Dawn: Part I will probably look like the weirdest, most expensive chastity commercial ever created. But Meyer's massive fan base will see something else entirely. They'll see a faithful, well-made depiction of the most eventful book in a beloved series (or, at least, the first half; the second half arrives in 2012). They'll see the actors they adore embodying characters they cherish." - New York Daily News

"Despite these scientific conundrums, Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is absorbing, if somewhat slow-paced, and has without doubt the most blood-curdling scene of live childbirth in a PG-13 movie." - Roger Ebert

"Breaking Dawn — Part 1, this perpetually sad/sullen/wincing young woman — played as if every scene gives her cramps by the otherwise interesting Kristen Stewart — is a big drip." - Entertainment Weekly

Are YOU reading all the reviews and taking them into consideration, or will you be psyched to see the movie no matter what? Let us know in the comments below!

'Breaking Dawn' Premiere
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  • Tony

    Loved Part 1. Absolutely LOVED it.

  • kittywonghf

    i agree about the part where people who read the books will see the movie different to those who haven't. As a reader myself, the movie made perfect sense and I laughed at places that they followed through with the book (e.g. kristen was annoyed with Alice's choice of lingerie in her bag) -- but those who haven't read the books might not laugh because they do not understand. P.S. if you are one of those who haven't read the books... you are missing out. really.

  • Carson

    I love Twilight movies, but why did they have to end Breaking Dawn the way they did. Its just stupid, I mean they are already done with part2 so why do we have to wait ANOTHER WHOLE YEAR... to me thats STUPID. Other than that the movie was great, Seth is HOT and so is Jaocb!!!!:))))

  • Elena

    I saw Brakind Dawn yesterday and I LOOOVE IT¡¡¡¡ <3 Specially the last scene when Bella is transforming into a vampire. Kristen is gorgeous¡¡¡

  • Mayank Thapa
    Mayank Thapa

    Well, I'm excited for it and nice to share with us. This wonderful blog. http://twilightbreakingdawnmovie.webnode.com/

  • liz

    I think all the way up to the actual wedding, it was super cheese factor and some bad acting as well as agreed poor line presentation, making it overly unrealistic and comical not in a good way. The wolf talking scene was a little off but better then the hard to follow lead up to the wedding. After the wedding, BAM totally diffrent movie! Less cheese and more realistic. Still if you haven't read the books it feels a little thrown together without a good connecting story. Lots more gore and dream scenes. Overall my rating would be 4 1/2 out of 5 for bringing the book to life. 2 of 5 for only watching the movies without the vision.

  • Uredish Straal
    Uredish Straal

    I loved it!!! I can watch it over and over again!! Can't wait for part 2 ^_^ I even cried menn!!

  • Christina

    These are actually the best reviews any of the movies has gotten. I think they are starting to understand it is about the books. If you loved the books, you will live these movies.

  • Becka

    They probably didn't understand the book hahaha don't care I'll be on the movies like a 13 year old girl screaming for Breaking Dawn hahaha

  • Esther terrero
    Esther terrero

    I dont care what anyone says I love movies and I am more then excited to.see breaking dawn..if ya dont like it thats ya problem but alot of us love them

  • Teri

    I am disappointed to see so many negative reviews and now wonder if I will like the movie, but I will still go see it.

  • Shelley Taylor
    Shelley Taylor

    I loved it <3

  • Audrey Cason
    Audrey Cason

    very excited to see it!! I don't listen to reviews I have a mind of my own :P And have loved all the movies thus far, I'm sure Breaking Dawn will be the best. ♥

  • Victoria Barton
    Victoria Barton

    if it totally sucks at l;east i got my tickets for free

  • Clarisa

    All we want is that its as good as the book so who cares what they think

  • kiara


  • Jj

    Still completely excited!! who cares what the critics say..the fans are what matters and we LOVE it!

  • Kellie Gast
    Kellie Gast

    I loved it! thought it was really well made, better than Twilight for sure! If you not a fan then dont watch it, dont hate on it.

  • TheTruthHurts

    ^^^^ LMFAO!!! That is all I have to say to that LOL

  • Robsten Lover
    Robsten Lover

    So siked! You haters should all be shot, so sick of your whining and crappy attitudes towards somethign that is just so beautiful. sorry your life isn't sparkly and sweet like Edward. Schmucks.

  • Johanna

    Yes! Yes! Yes! OMG it’s almost here! Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is going to be huge! I can’t wait!!! I’ll be going on opening night with all my girls! Woooo! :)