Breaking Down ‘Breaking Dawn’: Which Scene Are You Dying to See? (POLL)

Rob & Kristen's Carpet PDA
Couple poses together in London
Rob & Kristen's Last Day
Couple had 'amazing' last day on set
We have had all the fun Breaking Down Breaking Dawn’s epic three scenes: The wedding, the honeymoon and the birth.

Friday is finally the day where you get to see for yourself what the hype is all about! Was Bella and Edward’s wedding as gorgeous as you hoped? Did Rob and Kristen’s love scene push the boundaries? And was the birth of Renesmee as gory and disgusting as you thought it would be?

Vote now for the scene you are most dying to see come to life when Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 finally hits theaters today! In the meantime check out the videos where we break down Breaking Dawn for you.