Chloe Sevigny Turns 37, Check Out Her Craziest Fashion Statements! (PHOTOS)

Chloe's Style Slip
More outrageous fashion from Sevigny.
If you were never a fan of ’90s fashion or anything out of an episode of Little House on the Prairie, then chances are you’re not a fan of indie star Chloe Sevigny’s quirky (and sometimes outright weird) sense of style. 

Chloe’s first breakthrough role came with the 1995 film Kids, but it was her edgy outfits that got everyone’s attention. The fashion icon even designs her own line—Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony.

Today (Nov. 18) Ms. Sevigny turns 37-years-young and to celebrate her big day we’ve dug up some of her craziest outfits. Take a look at the gallery above to honor Chloe’s wild style!

The Connecticut native has a Big Love for all things eccentric. But, if there’s one thing she steers clear of it’s polyester. Back in 2007, Chloe opened up her closet to People and admitted that she avoids the fabric like the plague. 

Another thing this trendsetter isn’t a fan of? Jersey Shore! Though she’s probably not down to GTL anytime soon, she wouldn’t mind if Snooki wore her clothes. In an interview with Bullet Magazine, Chloe even confessed that she finds JWoww sexy: 

“It’s like that sexy, dirty kind of girl—not dirty, but like a hot mess.”

Next up for Chloe, she’s set to star opposite Abigail Breslin in Innocence. According to IMDB, the movie is about “a young woman discovers her private school houses a vampire sect.” Sounds interesting!

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