Darren Criss Goes Shirtless for People's Sexiest Men Issue (VIDEO)

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Who knew Darren Criss was hiding washboard abs under all those fierce Blaine outfits?!

In a video that first aired on E! News, they go behind the scenes of Darren's shoot for People's Sexiest Men issue (Bradley Cooper took the crown) and the Glee star ditches his shirt for a frolic on the beach. DC also mentions which Glee lady he has a little crush on.

So, who is the lucky gal?

Dianna Agron! He describes her as a "kindred spirit." Too cute!

Also, Darren isn't the only Glee hunk to show off their perfectly toned abs. Check out some of our fave shirtless Glee moments below!

Who is your fave shirtless Glee guy? Sound off in the comments! 
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