Kourtney Kardashian Takes Mason Out and About in Calabasas (PHOTOS)

It's all about family time for Kourtney Kardashian and little Mason!

The mother-and-son duo was spotted out and about in Calabasas, CA earlier this Friday. Kourtney looked cool and casual with an oversized tee, leggings, and sneakers while younger Kardashian bundled up with a black jacket.

Don't you just want to pinch Mason's chubby little cheeks?

Although Celebuzz readers recently voted baby Flynn Bloom (the son of model Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom) as this year's cutest celebrity baby, it looks like Mason might have taken the prize had he been in the running!

Don't think so? Check out more Mason pics below!



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  • sammy

    benjamin button Jr. boy looks old

  • bethenny

    an ugly one at that.... they need to cut that scrappy hair too

  • Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro
    Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro

    How can you ask why a toddler is making a face? HE IS A CHILD DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrmaleski

    Mason is an innocent child. Stop causing him to be a target for critics by making absurd comments that he is just soooo cute. He is neither that nor is he ugly. The same goes for the K sisters. None of them are all that great looking. Kim is attractive, but is far from the great American beauty whom many butt slurpers in the media try to portray her as. That said! BRAVO for the news flash that Kourt took Mason for a walk. Did you people have to find a use for some photos you probably over paid for?

  • hateuglybabies

    that baby should not be in pictures. ugly as fuck.

  • bethenny

    he is not a cute baby but im sure the family think he's adorable

  • jacksteen

    Little Mason looks exactly like Robert Kardashian - the evil, short-fingered Armenian thief that was instrumental in getting OJ Simpson free to walk the streets. Kid would've been better off taking after his job-free Daddy.

  • GoodGrief

    I think he's adorable. You people saying something mean about a baby. For God's sake knock it off. He looks a lot like his father but has Kourtney's skin tone.

  • Rose

    why are they still in the news? i mean really! now there wh*ring out their babies for press? i mean really. AND will you come out already Kris Jenner, and tell Khloe that Bruce is her REAL father! i mean its pretty obvious considering her and her 2 teenage sisters look just the same! like tranny giants.

  • nicole

    that's just sad! I see it

  • nicole

    come on Celebuzz, you can't be that blind. This kid is far from cute, maybe in time he'll turn out ok, but right now he has a ugly old face. Bless his heart!

  • Kardsahianlover123

    kourtney is looking very sporty!

  • Kardsahianlover123

    how badly doezx he need a haircut"?

  • ashley

    just hit zoom and look for yourself. why is he making that ugly face?

  • ashley

    I hate to say it but he is not a cute kid. He looks like an old man if I'm going to be totally honest, when he smiles he looks really old. poor thing

  • thetruth

    Likeaboss is right - this was never a cute kid and everyone acted like he way. Nice looking parents, what happened.Thanks for the honest post. Don't forget to boycott KK Take NY on Nov. 27 - don't watch any shows or buy any products and they'll soon be gone.

  • Pseudy


  • OlyS

    OMG you said what I was afraid to.

  • likeaboss

    That baby is ugly as fuck. Look like a brunette Chucky doll.