Kristen Stewart Ditches Red Carpet Glam for Casual Clothes (PHOTOS)

This is one of the many reason we love Kristen Stewart! Despite being one of the most famous actress in the world, she's just a regular girl at heart. 

Although she has top designers at her disposal -- as evidenced by her many red carpet fashions -- KStew steps out in her own personal style when she's off the clock.

Kristen was spotted leaving her apartment in London (or as they say, "flat") today wearing khaki pants with a white deep v-neck tee and a black hoodie.

Looks like she's taking it easy after an intense promotion schedule for Breaking Dawn!



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  • michael

    She would still be hot sporting a garbage bag. Jealous much?

  • rabbit

    totally hot.

  • brit

    shes prolly going to get more crack

  • brit

    shower much?

  • kammm

    Watching her act is like looking at a brick wall. Nuff said.

  • Maggie

    Doesn't anyone think it really odd and weird - that there are no real pics of Rob and Kstew doing couple stuff - like all the other celebs that are REAL romantic couples are always being photographed but somehow these two are super sleuthy and dodged all the cameras?

  • Maggie

    Sorry, typo - that's tie a KNOT in our tshirt is totally old!

  • Maggie

    Does Kstew know that the whole show the top of your underwear with your pants hanging down and the lets tie a know in our tshirt is not only old but totally BUTCH? Is she trying to tell us something?

  • jim

    oh cuty from any where you're beautiful

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    she is wearing rob's clothes!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jem

    No its not. your right. There is a fine line between being casual and comfy and showing your underwear. Pull your pants up!

  • Laarni

    Uhmmm.... I must be ancient. So, it is accepted now to show underwear in public?

  • kc

    Why does she always tie her shirts? Too big? Buy smaller shirts Kristen.

  • J.

    ehh i dont see what all the fuss is. These people are only getting this attention because of twilight. Before it came out no one made a big deal over them. They are average looking people at most, only the fans make it a bigger deal than it is.

  • Lauren

    She's gorgeous in anything she wears

  • Kim

    those actually are her pants, i saw her wear them once before, long long ago, and his pants would fall right off her waist, but i get why you would think they are his, they are boyish, just thought i'd tell u :)

  • tina

    It's nice to see that she isn't hesitent on being more casual,its reflexes that she is a laid back person.

  • My name is Answer
    My name is Answer

    You've good styles.

  • Anne

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! :) Their so SWEET, ADORABLE! and COMFORTABLE with Each Other! :) Sharing Clothes and Stuffs! :)

  • simplydiffer

    I love it when she dresses in baggy clothes.

  • Belou

    Those are definetly Robert's pants and shirt! Love her!