Kristen Stewart Drops By ‘CONAN’ (VIDEO)

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If we’ve learned two things from watching Kristen Stewart’s interview on CONAN on Thursday night, it’s that she likes beards and hates watching herself on camera. 

Conan O’Brien was extremely flattered when KStew admitted that she liked his facial hair. “The beard, I really love it. The character is working.” The funnyman quipped back, “Thank you for liking the beard. Beard stays now. … Kristen Stewart likes it, and it’s gonna stay. Because I love her and she loves me.”  

Kristen introduced the scene of when she realizes she’s pregnant in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, but wasn’t up to watching her performance. 

Conan called her out, saying, “You have such a hard time watching yourself. … You were just squirming while that scene was playing but I really like that about you.”

KStew showed up on the TBS show in a stunning LBD and a pair of pumps. Wonder if she switched those shoes out for some sneakers following the interview. We’ve noticed that Kristen is quite the shoe swapper! Check out that gallery below.