The Meet and Greet: Real Talk with YouTube Sensation Christina Grimmie

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There’s no doubt that we’ve all been on YouTube in search of hilarious videos, music from our favorite artists or to see someone cover a familiar song. What we don’t always expect is YouTube user to break out and make a name for herself. Well, major music contender and singing sensation Christina Grimmie has done just that and Celebuzz got a chance to talk to her about her journey to stardom!

Christina’s YouTube channel has received over 100 million views and is filled with videos of her recording amazing covers from popular songs. Accompanied by just a piano, she has gained more than one million subscribers on her channel over the last year! At just 17 years old, her first EP debuted at #31 on the Billboard chart and she recently ended a summer tour with Allstar Weekend and Selena Gomez + The Scene.

Recently, Christina was chosen as one of three up-and-coming artists to compete in the Coca-Cola collaboration project. Her fans voted her as the winner and she will now have the honor of performing at the Coca-Cola Red Carpet Live at the AMA’s this Sunday!

How did you start your music and YouTube channel?

When I was little, I always sang — always messed around with the piano. I’ve always been into music and YouTube didn’t come along until I was 15. My friend told me to put a video up and I didn’t want to do it. She said I should just do it and I gave it a shot and, well, here I am!

How has your life changed now there’s all this attention given to you?

I’m traveling a lot now. I have so many awesome fans that I love and they are kind of like family. I’ve really gotten to bond with them and I’m getting to really make music which is what I’ve always wanted to do.

This summer you got to show your music by touring with Selena Gomez + The Scene. How was that?

That was really awesome. I expected to be a lot more homesick than I was. It went really well and just getting to sing every night was really unbelievable. You know you love something when you’re comfortable singing in front of tons of people who maybe don’t know who you are and just want to see Selena. But I just want to sing!

What was something that you didn’t expect while on tour?

I certainly did not expect the amount of fans that I actually did have out there. I would do the signings after the entire show each night and there were so many people and, to me, that was mind blowing. I was like, “Why are there so many people at a Selena Gomez concert for me?” I got a lot of people saying, “I didn’t come here for Selena, I came here for you.” Hearing that is like insane and it means so much to me and I love them.

So you will be performing on this weekend’s American Music Awards! Are you nervous?

Well, I’ve performed for quite a bit of people on the Selena tour so I’m not really concerned about the crowd. Singing with Taio (Cruz) is going to be so awesome, because I love him. I met him and he’s very nice and I’m comfortable with him. It’s just going to be a good time. I’m just anticipating a good time. We’re singing his song “Higher” in a duet.

How do you choose what songs you are going to cover and do next?

It depends a lot of the time on what’s popular. You have to do what’s popular because people are going to search it. But, on the other end, you have to do what you want to do and I don’t always do what’s popular. Recently, I’ve been trying to get back into that groove because I just recently got off tour and had more time.

Who would you want to work with in the future being that you get to perform with Taio this weekend?

I’ve always wanted to sing a simple duet with Christina Aguilera because she is my main vocal inspiration and she has been for, like, two years. I haven’t really been into her super super long but I can tell you that these past two years that I have been listening to her, my voice is a lot stronger than before. She has really inspired me to belt it and push myself beyond what I would.

What’s coming up for you? What’s next?

After the AMA’s, I will be moving to L.A. in January to hopefully get more things done, and in the New Year I hope to maybe, possibly, get a new record out!

Tune in to catch Christina perform at the AMA’s this Sunday, November 20th on ABC. Be sure to visit her YouTube channel for more amazing covers!