Vanessa Minnillo Takes Husband Nick Lachey's Name on Twitter

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Just as one celebrity couple dissolves on Twitter, another one rises from the ashes!

Vanessa Minnillo has decided to make the switch and take on Nick Lachey's last name on Twitter. Vanessa made it official last night in a special tweet:

So.... I'm making it official, and I LOVE my "new name"! @VanessaLachey.... has a nice ring to it ;-)So.... I'm making it official, and I LOVE my "new name"! @VanessaLachey.... has a nice ring to it ;-)

Mrs. Lachey, who met Nick in 2006 after appearing in his music video, wed the singer in July 2011. The couple had the ceremony filmed by TLC and aired the special day in a show titled, Nick & Vanessa's Dream Wedding.    

What do you think of Vanessa's big name change? Let us know in the comments!
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  • blah

    GOD, these two are so boring.

  • Jessica

    Its nice to see that some celebrities still take the sanctity of marriage seriously! It is such an honor to wed and gain the love of your lives name, in spite of careers or endorsements. GO VANESSA! Way to be a roll model to this generation, unlike some people we know.... kardash...ech echem...ian....


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