'Breaking Dawn' Breaks Records at the Box Office

'Breaking Dawn' Honeymoon
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It's a good weekend to be a vampire. Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 was easily number 1 at the box office, bringing in $139.5 million domestically.

So just how record breaking was Breaking Dawn?

Well, it recorded the 5th best opening weekend of all time, which is right behind New Moon which opened at number 4.

Did you guys see the fourth film? Was it the best one yet? Tell us in the comments!

'Breaking Dawn' Party
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  • kristen

    This was BY FAR the best one!!! LOVED IT. The only part that was cheesy was the wolf scene... but other than that, it was AMAZING. The wedding, honeymoon, birth scene, and the ending was perfect, I just loved it :) I cannot wait until breaking dawn part 2 :) gonna go to the premiere in LA :D

  • mila

    Awww..Really? you are so full of shit! like that movie..no wonder you watch that crap cause you are a dumbass.

  • Alicia M
    Alicia M

    Anyone who disses the Twilight movies seriously has issues. The director did a fantastic job. The actors were stupendous. The story line wasn't completely the same as the books but they never are. I am really hoping that Ms. Meyers writes books curtailing Renesme's adventures. It would be an awesome comeback after such an exhilirating series such as Twilight.

  • lex

    this is the shittest movie of all time!!!! Who the hell is the vampire that sparkles? EDWARD! cause he is fabulous, such a FAG! just because this movie brought in loads of money does not make it the great movie of all time. Its just there is a lot of morons multiplying out the and its scary! you are not giving justice to vamp movies like interview with the vampire, dracula and blade.,,those vampires ROCK and they will eat this twi vamp B*tches alive..GOd, im so sick of this movie just watching its advertisements makes my eyes burn!

  • christina

    Totally agree!! My friends and I were actually laughing at that wolf part. It was super cheesy and over done. Wish they wouldn't have done that.

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil


  • trish22

    I thought it was pretty good, but that scene when the wolves meet up and Jacob breaks away from the pack was terrible. You could barely hear their voices and when you could, Sam and Jacob sounded demonic. It's very easy to see why they had Jacob in human form so much in the movie when in the book he was mostly wolf.

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    Glad they stuck to the book for the most part. It was everything i wanted and more. 2 parts in particular went off course and were not in the book, but overall, I was extremely happy with it and can't wait to see it again.

  • Camila

    It was great. It was way more that I expected. The wedding, the honeymoom, Bella pregnant, the birth everything just perfect and as a Brazilian I can say that Rob did a great job speaking Portuguese.

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    i agree with you,it was slightly cheesy in some parts but overall was still a good film.It was what I expected it to be like

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz


  • kiara

    Yes, Yes, Yes....... Amazing!

  • Emma


  • Emma

    I'm a big twilight fan but it really wasn't great :/ I found myself cringing at parts and laughing with everyone else at parts the didn't wont you to laugh at :)i know its only part one so im hoping part 2 will make up for it and of course im still a big fan love the books always will and loved the other films and am looking forward to part 2 :D

  • Irena Szohr
    Irena Szohr

    Silly boys, you know men when it comes to Twilight, they become such little babies! I love the Twilight series! Breaking Dawn - Part 1 was amazing! Oh, God, the only thing that’s going through my head to describe this movie, it’s like sex with an orgasm at the end of it!

  • Elin

    Yes! Yes! Yes! OMG, Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is absolutely incredible! I can't wait for Part 2! MORE MORE MORE!!!! Don't ever stop making Twilight movies! They've never been better...never! Never better! Woooo! :)

  • Brisa Cruz
    Brisa Cruz

    I cannot express how wonderful this movie is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!! EVERYTHING!!!!

  • Jamie Lieb
    Jamie Lieb

    Awesome! This guy should've directed them all. Couldn't be happier! :)

  • Dominic Mousel
    Dominic Mousel

    OMG I LOVE IT!! I saw it opening Premier Night,its way better then the other ones

  • Dominc Mousel
    Dominc Mousel

    Omg yes i went to the opening premier,I LOVE IT!!!

  • Abi

    i saw it yesterday and YES it was the best one yet... why? because i read the books and it was just like it only slight things were left our which i understood but as a twilight fan that read the books(and im a person with VERY good memory) it was very good(for a movie)