Cute Couple Alert! Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Stroll in NYC (PHOTOS)

The adorable factor between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone seems to grow daily, as they are quickly emerging as one of Celebuzz's favorite young Hollywood couples!

Emma and Andrew were spotted taking a walk in New York City together on Sunday, and there was no shortage of couple-like behavior. Emma held onto Andrew's arm as they strolled down the street, laughing and enjoying the company of her man. Garfield seemed to be cracking jokes in the direction of photographers, which Emma got a kick out of.

The duo met on the set of the upcoming Spider-Man movie, which they both star in.



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  • Spark

    Wow!! He looks sooo gay. Is Emma his beard? Are there going to release a movie together soon or what? It's a pitty to live in facades, but I guess thats how that industry works...

  • Joely Mason
    Joely Mason

    Romantic stroll? Ewwwww!! That guy is gross! His hair is bigger than his head. I like her in movies, though. I hope she has better taste than to date this geek.

  • dustglitterrain01

    aha, I love how he's looking towards the camera.

  • tammy


  • Robsten_Fan

    Love them... <3