‘DWTS’ Scorecard: Rob Kardashian Finishes Dance Finale with Highest Score (VIDEO)

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Rob & Cheryl Rehearse
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It’s finally finale week on Dancing With the Stars!

Tensions were high tonight as Rob Kardashian, Ricki Lake, and J.R. Martinez hit the dance floor for the season’s final dance episode. With the champion trophy within reach, the three remaining dancers gave it their all before tomorrow night’s elimination show. So how did the finalists fare?

Rob had a shaky start but ended up dazzling the judges with his first dance — the waltz. The judges awarded the TV personality 27/30 for his performance.

“You were flowing and you were glowing,” judge Bruno Tonioli commented. “You just messed up some of the footwork of the crossovers … but otherwise, you were very very good.”

With the entire Kardashian clan in the audience to cheer him on, Rob continued his lucky streak with his second routine. Dancing to “Minnie the Moocher” to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Rob once again impressed the judges.

“A moocher is someone who takes and never gives,” Len Goodman told the contestant, “Rob, you just gave your all!”

Rob received his first perfect score in the competition (30/30) for his freestyle dance.

Meanwhile, Ricki also did fairly well on tonight’s episode. She wowed the crowd with performance of the Cha-Cha-Cha to Chris Brown’s “Yeah X3″. Her routine not only got the judges saying “YEAH!”, but they were so pleased that they awarded her 27/30 for the dance. Judge Len was especially impressed with her routine:

“Hips were working fluidly … it’s a dance deserving of the finals!”

Ricki continued to stun the judges with her second routine. The talk show host scored yet another 27/30 for her freestyle performance (a combination of the quickstep and salsa). 

“You lost it a little bit in the quickstep section,” Len commented, “but overall, what a great number!”

However, J.R. had a tough time pleasing the judges with his first dance. He also had to perform the Cha-Cha-Cha but, unlike Ricki, failed to bring the sizzle to the dance floor. The judges gave him 24/30.

“Tonight your musicality was a bit off,” said Carrie Ann Inaba. “You’ve got three more dances. I know you’ve got it in you!”

And boy, did J.R. pull through for his second dance! The army veteran wrapped up the episode’s final dance with a stunning performance. The routine, which included multiple lifts and finished with the dancers on a lighted pedestal, had the judges going crazy for more.

“Wild, exuberant with animal physicality,” Bruno excitedly gushed, “Yes, period. Brilliant! What a comeback!”

The judges awarded J.R. a perfect score of 30/30 for the season’s final dance before the elimination episode.

Tonight’s overall scores:

Rob: 57/60

Ricki: 54/60

J.R.: 54/60 

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