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Are you a Beyonce fan? Then this giveaway is for you!

Celebuzz got a hold of Beyonce's Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 DVD set and we're giving it away to one lucky reader! This set features a 26-song live concert DVD, plus the album video anthology. Sound like the perfect Christmas gift for yourself of a loved one? Enter our contest below!

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  • Liza Sanchez
    Liza Sanchez

    beautiful woman, the epitome of what a real woman's body should look like

  • Raul Gon
    Raul Gon

    Beyonce has taken the music industry by storm. Ever since she first appeared in DC we have fallen in love with her. I love her music, how real and pure it is. Her music is unique and has evolved tremendously over time. She gives her fans something different all the time without leaving her roots. She is a great person and humanitarian. It is easy to relate to her because she knows and has been through what normal have been through. most importantly, Beyonce is an artist and a performer. It is hard to find someone who will put on a show the way she does. She is a dancer and a great vocalist and never lets fans down in any performance. As a dancer i love watching her dance and i love when she gives us the fans music to dance to. All in all, she is just a great inspiration. Gotta love B :D

  • Shelby Williams
    Shelby Williams

    Oh Lord, here we go. BEYONCE. My Favorite singer OF ALL TIME. 1st of all my twitter name is @Violagirl1996 (Im following you) and my facebook name is Shelby It started in about.....5th grade when her single Single Ladies came out. I saw the video and was ultimately memorized by her performance. I'm an aspiring singer so I just cried that whole day and from that day on I became a Beyonce fan, as the weeks went on, I learned THE WHOLE DANCE. As a 9th grader, I still know it. All throughout middle school, I performed her dance at ALL the dances and I always got a standing ovation :). But the MAIN REASON i love Beyonce is because she inspires me to be who I want to be. Even though I have NEVER had a boyfriend before, her songs inspire me to not let him (and or her whatever i choose) walk all over me without my consent! And in a way, I don't think I will ever NEED one because I know I am a strong woman who will always love myself! Hey wanna watch the vid of me dancing to it? You can try. I'm not sure if you have to be my friend though!..... NEVER MIND. i cant find it but its the thought that counts! :) PLEASE EVEN IF I DONT WIN, WATCH THIS VIDEO OF ME SINGING BECAUSE I SWEAR I'M GOING TO BE LIKE HER AND YOU SHOULD WATCH ALL MY VIDEOS! :) Thank You and i certainly hope to win and IMMA A DIVA! (no seriously, i am one! Beyonce Made sure to make me aware of that!) I love beyonce sooo freaking much! :) Did i mention that i LOVE BEYONCE?! Watch my videos, I know they aren't great (I seriously need to post more) but they aren't bad and I'm finally going to establish something for myself: A career! ANYONE WHO CAN HELP SHOULD! LOVE SHELBY!

  • kisswana

    I can honestly say that I am one of Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carters biggest fans. I’ve loved her since I was 8 years old and that was when Destinys Child first came out. I remember sitting down in my lounge with my big sister watching music videos and the No,No,No remix with Wyclef Jean came on the TV. My sister pointed at Latoya Luckett and said that she liked her, I pointed at Queen Bey and said hmm I like this one  And from that point that was it, I loved Beyonce. I would sing all her parts in the Destinys Child songs. She was someone that I looked to and admired from a very young age. I’ve always loved singing so she has always been inspiration for me; she demonstrates such excellence and skill in what she does. No one is as amazing as Bey Bey, NO ONE ! So all throughout my childhood Destinys Child were the band I grew up with. I knew every single lyric, I was in primary school claiming that the shoes on my feet I had purchased myself and professing that I was an independent woman. Till this day I can say that Bey Bey helped mould the kind of woman I am; I am very strong, independent and I take charge when necessary. Life hasn’t always been easy for me and when I was going through things whilst growing up I would turn to DC3. One song in particular that helped me was a song off the Survivor album called The Story Of Beauty. I used to get really emotional listening to that song but it provided a lot of comfort to me at the time and I felt like the song was speaking to me. When Beyonce decided to go solo, I think that’s when she became more than just an amazing pop r&b star but that is when she truly became an icon. My love for her exploded during this point. Everyone around me can see how much I love this woman. Some of my friends call me crazy haha because they have never seen anyone ‘stan’ harder for Bey Bey. Her talent is simply unmatchable; she is the female Michael Jackson as people like to say. She is the GREATEST! Her voice is so powerful, the way she dances and performs. Whenever I watch her perform on youtube I get goosebumps, even though I’ve seen every last performance she has ever done more than once. One of my friends always says to me its so weird you watch her performances each time like you’ve never seen them before when in reality you’ve seen it countless times lol. The Crazy In Love Era; I started to copy and learn Beys dance moves; another one of my friends noticed how I pick up her dance steps really quickly. I really enjoy it. I know all the renditions she does when she performs; how she sings in a different key in different performances; all the dance moves that she does when performing. I really love Beyonce and everyone I know can see that. When Bey Bey came out with B-Day, she took music to another level. She is forever topping herself and doing better than she did the last time. I was in college and I performed a medley of Check Up On It, Déjà vu and Get Me Bodied. On the Beyonce Experience tour that I used to always watch on youtube, she would sing Check Up On It acapella then go into a little cute dance routine; I did the exact same thing at my college music show then went into the dance routine that she did in Déjà vu in the grass after her hubby Jay Z’s rap then I did the dancing bit in Get Me Bodied with my friends to finish the performance off; all in 6 inch heels; it was a fun night. Beyonce truly is my inspiration. I listen to her music every day, watch her movies all the time. Me and one of my friends are always acting out Dream Girls; me being Beyonce and her being Jennifer Hudson. One of my favorite Beyonce movies is actually her first one Carmen; A Hip Hop Hopera. I knew all the lyrics to the songs and I actually have the soundtrack on my ipod. I still watch it till this day. I love all of her movies and you can see she has really grown as an actress. Playing Etta James in Cadillac Records was a big role for Bey and she totally nailed it. When Bey dropped her I Am album, she had once again improved as if that was even possible. Every single song on that album was different but equally amazing. A song that means a lot to me on that album was Disappear. It helped me get through a very tough break up. It was a break up that I thought I wouldn’t be able to get over but listening to Disappear for some reason soothed me and made me put things into perspective; I listened to it every day. When I found out The Queen was taking a break I was so upset but I knew she deserved it, we had no idea the break would be so long though lol. During her break I saw she was able to travel, spend time with her family, friends and wonderful husband. The love Beyonce and Jay Z have is such a beautiful and strong love and I’m really happy for her. A couple months before The Queens return, the Bey Stans on twitter,tumblr,facebook and just everywhere started preparing ourselves. We were so excited, I would stay up extra late just to hear snippets of her new single. I can’t describe how I felt when I heard Run The World (Girls), before the music video was released I had already made up a dance routine and all sorts. I was studying for my university examinations during the time but on the day the video dropped, I was up all night. It premiered on American Idol and I watched a Live Stream; however they only showed half the video. So we had to wait half an hour for it to appear online on youtube. I was SO excited Bey Bey was finally back, myself and all the other Bey Stans celebrated on twitter and I could not stop watching the video. I tried to learn the dance routine straight away but I found it a little difficult lol so I got back to studying and promised myself I would learn it as soon as my exams finished on June the 8th. When I heard Best Thing I Never Had, I was so amazed and proud of our girl. That song is so ICONIC and amazing, I even have my mum singing along to it. Its one of those songs you can sing along to and think of someone. Everyone can relate to it in one way or another. More songs were being released such as End Of Time, Countdown, Party and I just knew the album was going to be one of her best. When I returned home for the summer, I was so upset as I had never seen Bey Bey live but I knew she was going to perform at Glastonbury and I could not afford tickets. One day I was browsing on facebook and I saw that she would be performing an exclusive gig at Shepherds Bush Empire. There were a couple contests that I entered but they were the type where you had to answer a question and there would be 2 lucky winners out of millions. I knew I wouldn’t win those types of contests as I never do. So I kept looking, searching for hours on google and I finally came across another contest with Kiss Fm. It was as simple as this, follow them, tweet Kiss Fm with the hashtag #KissIsBeyonce and you would be in with a shot of winning. On the terms and conditions I noted that it said if you tweet them more than once you would be in with more of a chance of winning. I felt like I could really win this if I gave it my all. On the Friday (the day I discovered the contest and the opening day of the contest) I tweeted Kiss FM non-stop all day, my sister and my little brother kept laughing at me saying you’re going crazy. I said the more I tweet, the bigger chance we have to win. I asked my big sister to tweet them aswell so we had twice as much chance but she didn’t really have faith that we could win either way so she didn’t. I went to sleep and the next day I became even more determined, I said to myself I have to win this so I began tweeting again the next morning. I tweeted from my mobile and my laptop. I was losing followers lol but I didn’t care. I stayed awake from Saturday 9am till Monday 12 noon (the day and time the contest closed). By the end of the contest I had been in twitter jail 11 times and tweeted Kiss Fm just under 2000 times, crazy right? But I didn’t want to leave winning these tickets to chance. Kiss Fm then tweeted that winners would have all been contacted by 3PM. By 3PM I had not been contacted and they tweeted that the contest was over; I began crying. I couldn’t believe it as I really thought I was in with a shot. A number of people on twitter that I didn’t even know tweeted me saying they’re so sorry they really thought I was going to win and that no one deserved it more than me. At 4PM I received a DM saying that I had won and instructions were given to me. I was SO happy, it didn’t even sink in because I had to rush down to London with my sister as we live all the way in Luton. We arrived at the empire at 7PM and anticipated The Queen or should I say KING B for hours. She came on around 10PM and when I saw her I could not believe it. To finally see her in the flesh, I screamed and started singing along to Run The World. I have NEVER seen someone as beautiful as Bey Bey. It took a moment to take in that I was really there, I kept thinking is this a dream? Wow Beyonce is real and I’m here, this is real. When she started singing Best Thing I Never Had I tried to sing along but I ended up crying, a few girls next to me started crying too. It was one of the most emotional things ever. I really couldn’t believe it. Even typing about it now is making me tear up. I’ve admired Bey since I was a little girl. During the last performance of Halo she came down to the audience which was such a wonderful thing for her to do. I knew she had done it in Glastonbury but I didn’t think she would have done it again. I remember her right infront of me and I reached out my hand and slid it into hers, after a second she closed it and held onto it for a couple more seconds. It was honestly a dream. She is such an amazing person. She put all her energy into the performance that night and when it was over; me and my big sister held eachother and cried. We saw a couple other girls crying too. Bey is so amazing that she has that kind of effect on people. Me and my sister said the next time she comes here we have to see her again, we could watch her perform live over and over again and we have to save up and buy meet and greet tickets just to say hi to her and tell her how much she inspires us as people to go for our dreams no matter what; reach for the stars. The next day I rushed out to finally get the album 4. The album is incredible, I have no words for how incredible it is and I cannot stop listening to it. There is a song in particular that I cannot listen to without getting emotional and that is I Was Here. That song really speaks to me and makes me think of my life and the choices I’ve made. Beyonce speaks to her fans through her music in a way that nobody else does. I just watched Beyonce Live At Roseland on Vevo the other day and it was INCREDIBLE!!! No stage theatrics, no change of outfit.. Just Bey, a live band, a couple of dancers & she SLAYED even while being pregnant ! I would LOVVEEE to win this special set! I am honestly one of her biggest fans, I support her in absolutely everything that she does. I buy her records, her movies, her perfumes. I have loved her since the very start of her career and what I’ve written here in this email is only the half of it. Really hope I win this and thank you for such an amazing opportunity and for holding this contest!! xoxo

  • Nicole Ordonez
    Nicole Ordonez

    HI! ----------------- I'm a current Twitter follower under: @saucyfbaby ----------------- I'm also a current FB fan under: Nicole Ordonez ----------------- I adore Beyonce because of amazing she is. Not only is she talented, but she's poise, hardworking, humble, gorgeous & inspiring. She has remained true to herself and she respects herself. She's a living legend. I admire & respect her so much.

  • Miranda Ward
    Miranda Ward

    I follow on twitter ~@gtpgirl19 I like on facebook~ Miranda Ward I love beyonce because her music is great and I can relate!

  • Emma Lonzey
    Emma Lonzey

    im a dedicated beyonce fan. I respect her as a person so much. one of my wishes is to meet her in person. she is Beautiful, Excellent,Young, Outstanding, Nice, Caring, irrEplaceable. She always takes the high road, and i look up to her for that. to her it's not about the record sale nor fame, it's about her happiness and fans.

  • Emma Lonzey
    Emma Lonzey

    i like on facebook!!!! i reaallly love beyonce. i have all her albums, know her all her songs by heart. plus i have all destiny’s child’s albums. She is an inspires me to be humble and kind. shes not about the money or the fame, everything she does is for her fans, ansd she makes her fans feel included in everything she does.

  • Emma Lonzey
    Emma Lonzey

    i like on facebook!!!! i reaallly love beyonce. i have all her albums, know her all her songs by heart. plus i have all destiny's child's albums. She is an inspires me to be humble and kind. shes not about the money or the fame, everything she does is for her fans, ansd she makes her fans feel included in everything she does.

  • Daniel

    I love Beyonce because she is amazing. She has a great body and she sings with her soul :)

  • Megan Spencer
    Megan Spencer

    BEYONCE IS THE ULTIMATE REPRESENTATION OF WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF. When she performs live, she is incredibly honest with herself and her audience. Beyonce is not afraid of her success.

  • ilovekardashians44

    I love Beyonce because she is absolutely beautiful inside and out! Her music is amazing and she is an outstanding artist! Love her! P.S. I have already liked you on Facebook and already follow you on Twitter! Thank you! Good luck everyone!

  • wheat636

    She's always fabulous, but seems down to earth - not in the spotlight unless she has to be.

  • Liza Sanchez
    Liza Sanchez

    very beautiful woman, my husband absolutely adores her

  • Brook Carter
    Brook Carter

    I've been a Beyoncé fan since Destiny's Child's debut, my older sister was a huge fan and she converted me as well. I love Beyoncé for the fact that no matter how famous she is or how much money she has, she's still very humble and down to earth. I've never had the chance to meet B, but from hearing other fan's experiences they all say the same thing. She's an absolute angel and beautiful, inside and out. I've seen her glide gracefully through all the hate she's encountered throughout the years and to where she is now makes me so proud to be a fan. The respect the industry and legends have for her is amazing. There is NO ONE like Beyoncé. She's a class act and I will ALWAYS be a Beyoncé fan.

  • juliannex18

    I love Beyonce because she's the best performer in the industry and her voice is still amazing when she's dancing and running around on stage!

  • cardashian

    i admire her effortless beauty and the way her songs can light up your day

  • Gloria Walshver
    Gloria Walshver

    i like Beyonce because she's a amazing singer.

  • Gloria Walshver
    Gloria Walshver

    I like you on facebook

  • Gloria Walshver
    Gloria Walshver

    I follow Celebuzz on Twitter. Glorwal61

  • Cheri Murphy-Hinton
    Cheri Murphy-Hinton

    I love Beyonce because she is always true to herself. She is an amazing entertainer and will be a great mother.

  • linds82

    I love Beyonce because her integrity is honest and humbling!

  • Wendy Scott
    Wendy Scott

    I love Beyonce because she's a super sexy, powerful black woman who rocks it and works her ass off!

  • shirazalyson

    Because she's herself. Not trying to some diva or be like old divas,she's doing it on her own way and gives her all. That's why i love her since i 9 years old. Thank you B!

  • Martina McKenna
    Martina McKenna

    she is brillant at everything she does

  • Shabnam Arzani
    Shabnam Arzani

    I love Beyonce because she has an amazing voice, the songs she sing are incredible just like everything has something to do with her life and others lives. I also like her because i love her style, her makeup, her hair their just so so so perfect, well the best i can say is that she is perfect, with her amazing voice and her amazing style!!

  • Yoli Flores
    Yoli Flores

    I love Beyonce because I've followed her throughout the beginning of her singing career and she not only has become more beautiful, but she has managed to keep the respect of all fans, sings about the true things in life, she inspirational, loving and she will be a great mom!

  • Misty Compton
    Misty Compton

    Have always followed on twitter and liked you on facebook!! Beyonce is a very kind, simple, honest, down to earth, and truely loves to give all that she has to make EVERYONE happy! Her voice is great and her music always comes from the heart and hits home for alot of fans! And her performances always amazes me she sure can dance the dance and sing the tune and all in high heels! Shes got the moves, the voice and the great personality what more could you ask for in a singer....SHE'S THE BOMB!! Love you, Beyonce!!

  • tina41

    I love B because she's always here for her fans, & her family is #1 for her, that's most important thing... I love her because she is famous, but she is down to earth, and she knows how to appreciate the true values in life.... I love her because she is an example for me, and for all young womens around the world how you can succeed in life if you are hard worker and if you believe in yourself like she did.... She is real example of 21st century women: she is great business woman, she knows how to organise business and family life, and she still have time to show her humanitarian side... & i love B because i think that she is simple, honest, funny girl.... i just LOVE her...

  • Stormi63

    I luv B because she's a Virgo.....she's smart, honest,a hard worker and an extremely decent human being!

  • Kaniya Knight
    Kaniya Knight

    because we're virgo twins and I've always love her plus she's a badddddddd badd

  • Larissa Hite
    Larissa Hite

    I have to say that I was a beyonce fan every since she was in the group destiny's child. I have all her ablums and all the destiny's child ablums. My little girls love her music and they walk around singing and dancing to her songs. Beyonce is a smart business woman and I just know she is going to be great mother, because she learning from the best Ms. Tina Knowles.

  • susan smoaks
    susan smoaks

    i love beyonce because she's pretty and smart!

  • Heather Speaks
    Heather Speaks

    i follow on twitter.... i liked on facebook.... i'm a longtime fan of Beyonce..since Destiny's Child days.