Jessica Lowndes Talks Boys, Breakups and Her Sexy New Single

Jessica: Sexy Santa
Jessica Lowndes gets into the holiday spirit on '90210' set.
90210 bombshell Jessica Lowndes is ready to take the music world by storm and is already turning heads with her provocative first single, “I Wish I Was Gay.” In the music video, Lowndes, best known for her role as Adrianna in the revamped CW series, is seen dancing onstage in a burlesque outfit while her cheating ex-boyfriend watches on.

According to Jessica, her own breakup actually spawned the sultry tune.

“It’s about girl who finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her, and she’s not going to let him get away with it,” she told Celebuzz at her video wrap party at NYC hotspot, Beauty & Essex. “I was going through a breakup when I started writing the music. It was my therapy, and it was awesome… Almost every girl has had man drama and once said, ‘I don’t understand these men.'”

So how is her dating life these days? The 23-year-old actress reveals:

“Dating life is good. I’m single, but it’s awesome and fun.”

And note to guys —  if you see her out, go up and say hi! “Guys can totally approach me. I like a guy that has confidence and goes after what he wants. It’s sexy!” Jessica said, adding she loves a man with a sense of humor.

“If a guy can give me a belly laugh within the first minute, he’s a keeper. At the end of the day, when I’m a little old lady, I just want to be with my best friend, laughing.”

For now, Lowndes is focusing on her music and just shot another music video for “Nothing Like This” (directed by Olivia Wilde’s ex-husband, Tao Ruspoli) in New York. But Jessica laments that the “retro sixties French video shoot” didn’t quite go as planned.

“It was a little chaotic because we had to find a new guy for the video at the last second… So we went into Abercrombie and got a guy that works there. It was ridiculous! We had a casting, but at the last second everything started falling apart. But we found him, and it worked out even better!” Jessica said.

Although Jessica is keeping busy on the revamped CW series, she’s balancing both roles and plans to keep it that way.

“I’m not giving up acting, but the response to my music has been really cool. I funded this whole music project by myself, and I’m really passionate about music,” she said. “It has been an important part of my life since I was three. There are so many embarrassing home videos of me making music videos in my backyard — the only difference now is a few more eyeballs are going to see it.”

Up next, Jessica plans to release a four-song EP in January and eventually tour, depending on her availability.

As for her dream collaborations, she reveals she’d love to work with Drake, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Enrique Iglesias and Usher (just to name a few!)  “I just like to dance. I want to make music that makes me want to move,” she revealed.

Check out her video for “I Wish I Was Gay” and let us know what you think.