Katy Perry Not Pregnant, Still Loves Drinking & Taco Bell!

katy perry pregnant

Katy Perry is not popping out kids anytime soon. The AMA winner- who didn't look bloated to us- said if she has appeared a little larger lately it's because she loves herself some fast food.

"I like In-N-Out Burger and Taco Bell and if you want to make that pregnant that's your problem," she told The Insider, adding: "I still love drinking alcohol so not [pregnant] yet."

She also told Hollyscoop, "Hell, no!" on Sunday when asked if there are children in the near future for her and husband Russell Brand.

Some reports claimed Perry was going to take a year out of the limelight to get to work on starting a family, but sounds like there is no truth to the family party, at least.

Congrats on your special AMA win, Katy!

Katy's 'TGIF'
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  • danielleakame

    dont forget addicted to the eyebrow pencil as well...girl needs to figure out that business. not her best look

  • jennyjazz

    Go Katy!! I love her answer. Its about time a girl let the media have a truthful answer when pregnancy rumors are swarming. You can't gain a pound in Hollywood as a woman without people thinking your pregnant!

  • James Kragen
    James Kragen

    “Hell, no!” She sounds horrified at the thought of even having children with her ugly old horse's ass husband who can't handle women his own age.

  • sayimsha

    I don't get the medias obsession with celebrities becoming pregnant.