Readers Respond: Jennifer Lopez's Nude Bodysuit (PHOTO)

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez: "On the Floor"
Jennifer Lopez On the Floor
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Jennifer Lopez had everyone talking after her performance at last night's American Music Awards, during which she donned a pretty revealing nude bodysuit.

Naturally, the bodysuit reminded us a lot of the one that Britney Spears wore in her music video for Toxic, as well as the one that Heather Morris recreated on Glee. But who actually wore it best? We asked our Facebook users to answer that very question. The overwhelming winner? Why, Britney, of course!

Reader Adam said, "The fact that there's even a question is appalling. Nobody can ever beat Britney lol."

Yajaria agreed: ""Brit did it 1st & rocked it best!!!! & I don't like her much but she DEF. Takes this one!!"

Collette was also Team Britney, and had some pretty harsh words for J-Lo, as well: ""Britney!! J-Lo had no business wearing that thing. 42 and a mother of two, she needs to grow up and act right," she said.

Still, J-Lo had her fair share of supporters, including Gaby, who said, ""JLo for being in her 40's she looked amazing."

"I say Jennifer Lopez. She has the perfect body and looks amazing for her age :)," added Manda.

So, a pretty safe victory for BritBrit. But hey, at least J-Lo didn't fall again.



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  • Kay Miller Martin
    Kay Miller Martin

    I agree Lina! JLo's catsuit was more refined, and had more coverage. It wasn't slutish. And she looked marvelous for her age. Don't sweat the small stuff people.

  • Lina

    Live ur life people and leave others alone, cuz they don't even know u exist. lol

  • Lina

    PS/ I mean catsuits usually look the same, so it's NOT about copying. She's a mom yeah and then ? It doesn't mean she cannot lie her OWN life as she wants, she didn't go beyond her limits anyway.

  • Lina

    Haters are pathetic. The cat suit is not even the same, catsuits usually look simiar, so it's about copying, and who ? Britney ? c'mon people lol. Britney was almost naked, I bet that's the reason why many people prefer that catsuit, and the reason #2 is that Jen is ageless so she still looks younger like a woman in her 20's not 42 yo woman. It's not age that makes you young or old, I know young people look older vice versa, then it's only 42, not 82. Stop being jealous. This has been a great year for her in so many ways, she does not to wear this to get attention. Even her song OTF is still impacting on your fave's songs to date. This it would be better if u talk about HER PERFORMANCE, instead of typing bullshit. Let's see if Britney can perform like this in her 20's, give me a call then, ok ? BYE !

  • xoxolovergirl

    why is it always x versus x. Britney in her prime rocked the H*ll outta that. Had people talking for years. JLO looked incredible I was astounded by her energy and performance for her so called "old hag" age some tweens like to insinuate. Hey she looks only 32, not 40s so why not? she is incredible looking!

  • Ashley

    Brittney. JLo is too old to wear that.

  • MN

    A woman of her age, with 2 young children, and 2/3/4??? failed marriages behind her name should have more pride and dignity, and should not scream out for attention in a manner like this.........

  • just4this

    JLow looks just plain ole nasty and raunchy, especially the way she leaned her backside against Pitbull!....... Pitbull should have bitten her on the @%^&!!!

  • Amanda Woodall
    Amanda Woodall

    Britney Wore it MUCH BETTER.........J Lo is Copy Catting now..........

  • barbi


  • moonjewel07

    I'm sorry but can't be excited over a huge butt in a see thru body suit. I would bet her ex doesn't like it. But he didn't seem to like much anyway.

  • Belinda Jackson
    Belinda Jackson

    She has a great body and worked hard for it after having twins. But that is more for a younger person to wear. She is 42 not 24 and she isn't Cher so as a Mom I don't think she should have copied of Britney Spears. Has she finally sank low enough to bite off other singer's costumes?

  • meeeeee

    Jennifer looks amazing...But still, Britney is my 1st choice, in Toxic and at the MTV Music Awards.

  • hellcat4lyferules

    Is that all you guys have is that she's too old? She doesn't look wrinkly to me, and that's when you're, your age doesn't make you old. You guys, and any of the idiots that liked your ignorant comments are a bunch of jealous hussies that are probably so ugly, that your profile pics would scare everyone.

  • Ang

    She is too old and big to wear that. How sad that she needs that much attention and that people around her lie to her and tell her she looked good in that and she wore it on national TV. She is too bottom heavy for that! Come on!

  • sammy

    J-HO is too old to be doing all that. She looked desperate on stage

  • Teuta

    I’m glad to see Jennifer Lopez flaunting her sexy curves which probably added to her performance in delicious and wonderful ways.