Readers Respond: Jennifer Lopez’s Nude Bodysuit (PHOTO)

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Jennifer Lopez had everyone talking after her performance at last night’s American Music Awards, during which she donned a pretty revealing nude bodysuit.

Naturally, the bodysuit reminded us a lot of the one that Britney Spears wore in her music video for Toxic, as well as the one that Heather Morris recreated on Glee. But who actually wore it best? We asked our Facebook users to answer that very question. The overwhelming winner? Why, Britney, of course!

Reader Adam said, “The fact that there’s even a question is appalling. Nobody can ever beat Britney lol.”

Yajaria agreed: “”Brit did it 1st & rocked it best!!!! & I don’t like her much but she DEF. Takes this one!!”

Collette was also Team Britney, and had some pretty harsh words for J-Lo, as well: “”Britney!! J-Lo had no business wearing that thing. 42 and a mother of two, she needs to grow up and act right,” she said.

Still, J-Lo had her fair share of supporters, including Gaby, who said, “”JLo for being in her 40’s she looked amazing.”

“I say Jennifer Lopez. She has the perfect body and looks amazing for her age :),” added Manda.

So, a pretty safe victory for BritBrit. But hey, at least J-Lo didn’t fall again.