Reviews Are In For Rihanna’s New Album ‘Talk That Talk’

RiRi Goes Topless
Rihanna causes a stir on video shoot.
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Ri-Ri is a pro when it comes to provocative.
Rihanna’s sixth studio album, Talk That Talk, released today, November 21, and critics are already weighing in! Is it an improvement on 2010’s Loud, which featured hits like “S&M” and “California King Bed”?

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New Musical Express doesn’t seem to think so, saying the album “leaves us with the impression Rihanna has spread herself so thinly that she doesn’t have time to record a cohesive album. Her usually perfect hit-rate of sonic surprises is disappointingly low.”

“For all the innuendo and introspection, Talk That Talk contains little sweat, slobber or fluids and a lot of plasticized, inflatable insinuation,” says LA Times.

“I’m happy to report that Talk That Talk is much more lighthearted than her previous efforts. It’s not completely carefree — have you seen the video for ‘We Found Love?’ — but at least she doesn’t sing about murdering anyone, anymore,” says Time.

“Eventually she’s going to have to introduce a few new wrinkles, because she’s played the sex angle about as hard as anybody can. But for now, she’s taking the tough girl act back to her usual perch on the top of the charts. Expect to hear songs from Talk That Talk on mainstream radio straight through 2012,” says NJ Star Ledger.

MTV loved the album, stating “Rihanna’s Talk That Talk might be the defining party album of 2011. Released Monday (November 21), the singer’s sixth studio album in nearly as many years is the kind of record a DJ can play straight through at a club, filled with pulsing bangers about all things sexy.”

USA Today says “Rihanna may talk dirty when she’s trying to lure you into the bedroom or out on the dance floor. And when driven by the intoxicating rhythms of her sixth album in six years, the sultry star compels you to listen.”

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