Who Should Demi Moore Date Next? Matchmaker Siggy Flicker Weighs In

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A slew of celebrity women will start out 2012 solo, including Demi Moore who just announced her split from Ashton Kutcher. Also in the Single Ladies Club is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive Rihanna, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez … to name  a few. It seems that this is going to be the year of available women in Hollywood, and matchmaker Siggy Flicker chatted with Celebuzz as to who she thinks would be best suited for these strong women.

Demi Moore

Siggy admits that she thinks Demi, 49, and her 30-something beau Ashton were madly in love but says she would “never match an older woman with a younger man.” She explains, “The thing is, Demi Moore is not too old for him, he is too young for her. … Women are more mature, women develop faster so when a woman who is 25, dates a man who is 32 years old, they are really the same age.”

So, who would Siggy suggest would be good for the super-sexy Demi? “I think Demi Moore needs to be with somebody like a George Clooney,” the matchmaker says. “Demi Moore is young at heart, she is vivacious, intelligent, she has an edge about her. She is not traditional in any way. … I was going to say Ryan Gosling because I keep on picturing him in The Notebook. Somebody who is not typical, somebody who has an edge, and can keep up with her.”

Jennifer Lopez

Siggy compares J. Lo’s love life to that of the late Elizabeth Taylor. She loves being in love.  “Jennifer Lopez’s struggle in life is she always picks the wrong men. And what does she do? She divulges her whole being into men,” she explains. “She picks these men to be in her life and at the same time she really doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship because she struggles within herself to be young and vivacious. It’s like putting her in a candy store. She just wants everything and to taste every candy.”

Following her tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown, Siggy says RiRi may be afraid to love again. “My advice for Rihanna would be to be able to differentiate between her work life and her personal life. … I seriously think that she needs somebody who knows she’s a lover,” she says of the sexy singer. “[Her match] has to be successful in his own right. But more importantly, he’s got to be a lover not a fighter.”

Cameron Diaz
Siggy refers to Cameron Diaz — who recently called it quits with playboy Alex Rodriguez — as the George Clooney of women. “She is not interested in walking down the aisle with anyone,” the matchmaker says of Cam. “She’s like, ‘Honey, let’s play, let’s have great sex, let’s go work out, and I wanna enjoy my life.’ Cameron Diaz is not interested in being in a committed relationship.”

Other single young women in Hollywood include Lea Michele, Mila Kunis and Amanda Seyfried. Siggy’s advice for these starlets is to separate their personal and professional lives. “Listen to your heart,” she advises. “It doesn’t matter if you are going to fall flat on your face, it builds character anyway.”

Who would you match these bachelorettes up with? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to check out Siggy’s VH1 show Why Am I Still Single every Sunday night.