Exclusive: Jessica Alba Talks Motherhood & Staying Fit for Holidays (PHOTOS)

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Jessica Alba and Swarvoski Elements unveiled a custom installation on Rodeo Drive Monday night in honor of the holiday season. Celebuzz caught up with Jessica there, and we chatted about what she has been up to since giving birth to her second daughter — and how she looks so freaking good!

“It’s so nice!” Alba told Celebuzz about being a mother for the second time. “It’s nice enjoying having a newborn instead of being overwhelmed. Instead of wondering if the baby is going to be okay, now I can just relax. It’s just so fun!”

So is her oldest, Honor, getting along with little Haven?

“They are so sweet together,” Jess said with a smile. “They love on each other. It’s a relief!”

Jessica has been hitting the carpet recently and has been looking quite fit while doing it. Any tricks?

“I didn’t gain as much weight with my second, and I think that made a big difference,” she told reporters. “I did prenatal yoga all the way to the very end. I made healthier choices. Then I started working out, not going too crazy, but you know I did what was doctor approved.”

We had to ask Jessica what advice she has for those to stay fit during the holidays now that she has a good healthy regimen going:

“Eat a substantial healthy meal before you go out to the cocktail parties! Then you aren’t tempted to graze on the hors d’oeuvres the whole time!”

Also, in the holiday spirit, Swarvoski is donating in support of Baby2Baby, a charity board member Jessica Alba holds dear to her heart.

“As a mom you can’t imagine not being able to provide basic things like shampoo and conditioner, or a safe place for your baby to sleep or safe clothing for your baby to wear,” Jessica told Celebuzz. “These families can’t provide that, so [Baby2Baby] gives that to them. Especially around the holidays, it makes their lives easier and their holiday season better.”

Baby2Baby is an organization that gives these baby essentials to families in need in Los Angeles area and you can get involved right here.

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