Exclusive: Mom Camping Out for Justin Bieber Hopes to ‘Make a Change’

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Although you might expect a tween girl to be first in line for the upcoming Justin Bieber Today concert at Rockefeller Plaza, there have been plenty of double takes with one mom who has been camped out and scored the coveted front spot. Braving the cold and rain in New York, Holly Wickline, 44, is proud to be front-and-center.

“I’m running off pure adrenaline. I’m tired, cold and exhausted — and I still have a day to go,” she told Celebuzz on Tuesday (almost a day before JB is set to hit the stage for NBC’s Today show.) “Waiting has been a wild ride, especially with all these young girls in line who keeping saying they wish I was their mom.”

Holly has been camping outside with her 13-year-old daughter, 8-year-old son and her husband since noon on Monday. Although she’s excited to experience Bieber’s live performance on Wednesday, she’s also hoping to make a huge impact along the way.

Clearing up some assumptions about her site, Moms4Bieber, Holly reveals it focuses on charity. Right now, they have “Bieber’s Bread Basket,” which encourages Bieber fans to donate to their hometown food banks.

“We want these young fans to help feed families during the holidays. Justin is very charitable too, and our site is an outlet for fans looking to follow in his footsteps and give back,” she said.

With a great cause behind her, Holly knows camping out for Bieber will be all worth it. “I’ve never camped out for anyone before. I had a rough childhood and didn’t have parents to do anything like this with me. I’m happy to do this with my kids because they’ll be able to live off these memories and never forget this,” she reveals.

Although standing first in line for the concert, Holly admits she wasn’t always a Bieber fan.

“Last year for Christmas, my daughter kept asking for all his CDs and toys. I just rolled my eyes. I thought it was silly. But then, we won tickets to see his Never Say Never film. I came out of the movie dumbfounded, crying. I couldn’t believe this kid’s story and how inspiring it was. His mom really inspired me.”

After the screening, she searched online and found a couple other moms who were Beliebers — but ultimately decided to start the fan site after Justin followed her on Twitter.

“We were all in the Bieber closet, but I totally flipped out when he followed me,” she said. “He’s just so cute and such an inspiration to our young kids. As Moms4Bieber has grown, other moms from around the world have joined in. There are so many inspirational testimonials from moms about why they love this kid so much and how he helped them through so many things. This is much more than a fan site. Bieber has helped us connect with our kids and really create incredible bonding experiences — like I’m doing today.”