Lady Gaga Sports Serious Side-Thigh in LBD (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga was very conservative Monday night when she stepped out to surprise Nigel Lythgoe with his International Emmy Award in New York City, with the exception of her entire left thigh (waist to calf) showing even allowing onlookers to catch a glimpse of her underwear.

Wearing sunglasses and her white blonde hair down and to the side, Gaga presented Nigel with the Founders Award, referring to him as her "favortie producer."

What do you think of the "Born This Way" singer's LBD? Is it award worthy? Play fashion critic in the comments! 

This isn't the only surprise that Gaga has in store this week! She tweeted on Tuesday: 

"The video for 'Marry The Night' it coming SO SOON I PROMISE!! Just some last finishing touches. It is so true to my life it terrifies me."
Check out a live performance of this track (also tweeted by Gaga) below!


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  • Briana P
    Briana P

    she look hot

  • Louise

    Pls wats amazing about this woman?? NOTHING absolutely...lil wonder she terrifies inclusive!!! She's a shame&sham 2 womanhood....Repent and amend ur ways Gago or Gaga or whatevr else she calls herself.

  • Gwen Myers Vineham Knapman
    Gwen Myers Vineham Knapman

    Amazing Lady!!!

  • Ashley

    Check out her interview at C E L E B UR . C OM

  • Dennis

    A skank is NOT a Lady!

  • danielleakame

    i think she looks good! hot

  • Kevin

    Uhh, you're a dude, right?

  • Michael Markum
    Michael Markum

    @Bebba: I agree 100%... What is "Normal" exactly. I mean really?!!?!?

  • Bebba

    Look normal? Its a shame that you think there is a normal to look like. She is hot the way she is.

  • Sartain

    It is a shame that she still refuses to dress and look normal. She’s got the most incredible body and she could be so hot if she wanted to.