Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Love Hewitt Go to LA Mission (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Love Hewitt went down the LA Mission Wednesday to help the needy the day before Thanksgiving.

Kim and Jennifer were all smiles as they did some prep work together before the event got going.

The girls posed with other stars like Kirk Douglas and the Mayor. Kim happily took food to a table of people waiting and chatted it up with all the guests.

Isn't it great to see stars be thankful for what they have and give back? Keep it up girls!



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  • kidneykraziness


  • tom

    two awful people pretending to be good for the cameras. I wonder how the genuinely unfortunate people there feel about used as props.

  • audrinaa

    ..okay you just made it offical that ur fucking retarded..bitch

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith

    Oh, what a conveniently timed charitable gesture Kim... Fake!!!!!People, sign the No More Kardashian petition at gopetition (dotcom) and help us get rid of this trash. Over 168,000 signatures (with comments)so far!

  • ...

    this is just crazy..

  • Emmett North Jr
    Emmett North Jr

    How gorgeous they look,Emmett North Jr.

  • Kardsahianlover123

    it is great to see kim helping other people not just herself and her family!

  • ashley

    oh lawd, I can't help but laugh at this stunt that kim k & her pimpmom are trying to pull off. Uhhhh, how many times has she done this before? NEVER! Awww haaa, nice try kimmie

  • Nicole

    LOL at this PR STUNT, her pimpmom is actually doing more damage than she realizes. They live in their own little bubble of delusion!

  • NancyF

    Please, this is such a blatant attempt at damage control. Do they really think the public is buying this charity work crap -- well, maybe by her dimwitted, stalwart tween fans. This woman doesn't do a damn thing unless she's being paid. Case in point, she has NEVER been seen (make that photographed) doing anything the least bit charitable. It's all about the photo-op!!!

  • sammy

    PUBLICITY STUNT, lmao at her & pimpmom! Epic fail!

  • Sam

    Kim just lost all her grace...again

  • Fátima Issufo
    Fátima Issufo

    How cute they look!!

  • Alam

    this is true that you both are food lovers, coz ur man always happy when u give them like that food and they make u happy as sign of ur big big boooooz

  • Charlie Zalez
    Charlie Zalez

    Jennifer Love Hewitt has been feeding the homeless at the LA Mission for many years!! Kim, on the other hand, has never once done anything charitable in her miserable life. This is clearly a desperate PR attempt to clean up her tarnished image. So fake!

  • AlaBella

    For someone who's supposedly going through a tough time, Kim seems to be doing really well. Maybe she should admit it was all a sham and she's doing just fine

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    Sorry, too late for me, this is damage control. Over the years if they had extended themselves to help others, and not just about themselves I'd go for it, but no thanks.

  • Jaciann Wright
    Jaciann Wright

    wish i cud help....alwys wanna b apart of givin bk but dnt hve the opportunity to

  • Lion in the Winter
    Lion in the Winter

    Fake fake, phony phony, everyone on the gossip sites is laughing at Kim's ridiculous attempts to clean up her tarnished image. Also, no one is buying her "big, bad Kris Humphries" routine. We're all laughing at the BAD ACTING from the KarTrashian family.

  • Mary Roesler
    Mary Roesler

    Kim I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving

  • Melissa Macklin
    Melissa Macklin

    [img] Kardashian-340_221.gif[/img]

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith

    Blech!! What a fake display only for the benefit of cameras...conveniently during her image crisis...Like we have all along been seeing Kim doing charitable work?? Kim, we are not that stupid!! Go back into hiding! People, sign the No More Kardashian petition at gopetition (dotcom) so we can get rid of this trash for good. Over 167,000 signatures (with comments) so far!

  • jazzmartinez92

    kim kardashian is a very warm hearted person i love her!!!