Lily Collins Reveals She Auditioned for Kristen Stewart's 'Snow White' Role!

Lily as Snow White
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KStew on Snow White
Kristen Stewart as Snow White
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Can you imagine Snow White and the Huntsman with Lily Collins? The beauty who portrays Snow White in Mirror Mirror told Access Hollywood she auditioned for Kristen Stewart's role!

“I did read the other Snow White script,” Collins told correspondent Elizabeth Chambers, the gorgeous wife of Lily’s co-star, Armie Hammer. “I auditioned for it, but I’ve been so excited for Kristen. I think that story is so different than ours and the girls are so different. She’s perfect for her version, and I’m really excited to be doing this one and I think they have totally different audiences.”

Judging from the two trailers, these films will not be similar.

“Our Snow White starts off as the fairytale princess we all know and love and then she progresses into a young woman and much of a fighter, but it’s not an edgy version of the story or a darker version," says Lily. "It’s very much a comedic adventure and I think the other one is a little darker.”

See for yourself below!



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  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    in order to have a fan base people need to like her acting and not just her. we just have different opinions about her acting.there are worst actresses out there and i would say Kristen is one of the good ones who has acting ability while lily collins on the other had is a bad one

  • Swiss Observation
    Swiss Observation

    Just because you make money does not mean you have talent. Her acting skills are bad but enough people like her that she gets cast. Just like Meyer is a terrible writer (too many adjectives and poor character development with no research done at all) KS is a bad actress with a fan base. Most people see the movies for E or J or the other people who make up the cast of Twilight. It is not a one woman show.

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    people like you need to stop saying she can't act,she is the one making millions not you

  • emily

    When will people realize that K.S. can't act?

  • Galaxy

    Both movies look good but i will definitely watch SWATH!

  • Cara

    Kristen is the best Snow White for SWATH, Lily fits her own Mirror Mirror SW- boring and plain.

  • Adrienne

    Lilly is to damn plan kristen was justt right for the role

  • CC

    No way. Lily is a good actress, but she doesn't have that edge to play the darker version of Snow White. Kristen is PERFECT for that role. In every way.

  • Liz

    It's too bad Lily didn't get it. I think she would have been much more believable in the role than Kristen. But hopefully Mirror, Mirror is good.

  • bluebird

    Everybody's excited of KRISTEN STEWART playing the role of georgeous badass SNOW WHITE!!! Me and my Twihard friends watched BREAKING DAWN part 1 and we're so amazed that at the end of the movie, after Edward Cullen did CPR and injected his venom to Bella's corpse.... hahaha! Bella woke up as the georgeously beautiful SNOW WHITE!!!! sad thing when she opened her eyes...... SNOW WHITE had sore eyes!!! craaaap!

  • Din Asuncion
    Din Asuncion


  • Asha Parsatoon
  • Tiffany

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  • courtneybaaaby

    snow white doesnt look good with a mono

  • Brenda

    I think they were both casted well :D Mirror Mirror looks like somehting MIGHT watch, but SWATH, I will defenitiley attend the midnight premiere :)

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    Universal Snow White was for Kristen, perfect character for a talented actress! Sorry Lily, but Kristen will be amazing in this film!