Miranda Kerr, Baby Flynn Go For a Stroll in NYC (PHOTOS)

New mom Miranda Kerr took her baby boy, Flynn, out for a stroll in New York City Tuesday afternoon, and cameras were there to capture every adorable moment.

Miranda looked runway-ready in a tan coat and gray sweater, while little Flynn showed off his cuteness in a blue coat and hoodie.

Celebuzz readers recently named Flynn the cutest celebrity baby, over stiff competition that included Jessica Alba's daughter, Haven, and Neil Patrick Harris' twins. After looking at these pictures, we can understand why.

Check out Miranda and Flynn's family stroll through New York in our gallery now!



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  • Hamou

    The best way I can eulogize this news is to state I have a bag of sededrhd cheese in my fridge that has lasted longer than their union.The cheese also has more personality.

  • Muttakan

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  • cutie

    i'm fallin' in love with flynn

  • Maile Kaneholani-Cummings
    Maile Kaneholani-Cummings

    I so admire your family (Ohana). You folks are real people, you folks tell it, and say it like it is..Cause I'm dat wat too..Aloha from Kauai Hawaii..

  • barbi

    such a cutie pie!!!

  • barbi

    he is soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    how could a very skinny girl like her produce a very round baby like that! hahaha! everytime i see his face i just have to go awwwww. blessed kid. he has an angel for a mom and an elf for a dad

  • julie

    The baby is absolutely perfect, but this girl is always strolling for the paps, it's starting to show. And she already knows the baby is the hit. Is he gonna have a life for the cameras already?

  • mariaw

    she always looks amazing & baby flynn is just adorable! i think he's the cutest baby ever and i saw interview of miranda ive never seen her in other than just pics and she's a sweetheart! i love herr